Spain World Cup Loss From Goalie’s Hot GF?
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Spain World Cup Loss From Goalie’s Hot GF?

October 21, 2019

as you mentioned yesterday stain lost the
world cup to switzerland uh… people were super shocked about it and now they are speculations
flying around as to why i think it lots and my favorite speculation is that at the goalies
girlfriend distracted and and that’s why he missed uh… catching the ball fetus can we call speculation so there’s a
girlfriend right there her name is derek uh… cargo in a row and it she was apparently close to the sidelines
and also apparently distracting him and uh… it she said that these claims are disasters indentured exaggerations amenities for social it incredibly sad about
that i think it’s gonna be alright it’s gonna be
a uh… et cetera wallet like she’s obviously super hot and sexy but she did but there’s a lot about uh…
you know that’s why she’s super hot and sexy yet it’s on the little here like that in a little use that i’ll take care of you on and your call popping your utility or her her face is like a little everything is a little too close
together this buffer looks likely but relativistic
philip this is not security it’s not like he was by the field and she’s
like or and those that were and then the golf comes
it now c was on appeal before and after the game and and then what imi i saw the goal it was like a fee loophole that was this bounced off like eight
different people and went in nothing to do with her he was looking at ur just the fact that she exists somewhere in the vicinity of the field is good to strike that now at just such a
limb excuse that is land by the way she threw him under
the bus during an interview because she’s a sports reporter until after he lost the
game apparently actually went over there and interviewed him and ask uh… how did you look this up well good for such a seasonal that this is
apparently shes on american girls okay she’s executors elena has condemned the
top budget is balanced diarrheal typecast your point of a tough question well somethin there then they get the blame
on deduct that’s for sure argued about nua but uh… you know the english
goalie and was accused of a salute they probably he’s the one that all respect that usually fridays that an overlay
into the goal that was the one american gore reaper uh… and they stated he was torn up by split
with his young was a rare model and the best what u effect that up paraguayan again that’s crazy so what did you could use an excuse for any
right of you know what uh… his mom had the at corral it is really picking up
in his dad had arthritis notice really went on and on the news pat
dot was second there that’s why he let the golan good not
believes is the clout and that’s why donated of the reasons i think this is just about
uh… uh… hands of the spanish uh… stop it seemed just trying to make excuses
they don’t want it meant that yeah they failed

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  1. they didnt lose the world cup D: they lost 1 out of 3 group games. and people make excuses like that every time someone fails. not really worth reporting….

  2. spain lost the world cup? i MISSED THE FINALS?! "he missed catching the goal" LMFAO this show should NEVER EVER EVER cover sports or this so called "news", between anna's ignorance and cenk's continues epic fail predictions idk why they keep trying. LA won and deserved to, where's boston's heart now? HAHAHA good job on last years NFL predictions 😉 oh & hockey is by far the best and hardest sport to play, maybe u should think before u speak. all ur BS makes me doubt ur thoughts on other issues

  3. i stand corrected… i wrote my post before that entire clip played. if i dated her, i would try my best to keep her happy. if she got sad, i would have to break up with her. her sad face scares me lol

  4. I don't believe that a professional soccer player would be distracted, even by his girlfriend. Not buying it!

  5. To be fair, several goalie's and field players have "mucked" it up in this World Cup and it is probably due to the fact that the new ball is unpredictable and doesn't behave the same way the other balls have.

  6. So what excuse to the defense, midfielders and strikers have for not controlling the ball and missing shot to goal?

  7. @Clembo you mean soccer? that is what we call it in america, but everywhere else calls it football, which makes more sense in my opinion, but w/e.

  8. @DeagleBeagle
    American call their rugby style sport as football because they suck at the true "foot"ball. They just can't kick ball. So they invented a game which is played only in their country and call it football.

    I don't know about you, but for me this is sore loser. They suck so much in it so they invent another game to replace it and play it alone instead of training harder and get better in the true "foot"ball game the rest of the world is playing.

    That is America for you.

  9. @odannyboy000
    Sure, and you seems like an American. Why? Cause what you all famous is flame flame and flame when you can't argue in a debate.

    That's America to you. Arrogant, Ignorant, Overindulge, Immature, and war mongering nation. I'm actually counting the years to America downfall. I'll miss all the great movie and pc games from you all though. 🙂

  10. @odannyboy000
    …because you never win. Have you seen a game of basketball? It's like noughts and crosses. Will he score after they get possession? MOST PROBABLY! Exciting stuff.

  11. @zubawanga our girls team does not suck, we just play all games well unlike most other countries. They didn't invent football because they sucked at soccer, you sound like you really are jealous about america, calm down man, I hate foreigners just talking shit about other countries they have no clue about. Remember how many medals we got in the olympics, to be a good country at sports you need to be good at all sports.

  12. @Clembo don't give a damn about soccer becuase there are far better sports out here to worry about. soccer is plan z and the sad thing is that countries that only play soccer CANNOT beat us in their own game.

  13. Here face is too close together? WTF does that mean? I thought all faces were close together otherwise we would be like that alien from honey I shrunk the kids who eat with his bum. Also I'm asuming there are faces too separated out there? lol

    And.. Tough questions? Yeeeeah right.
    Ok seriusly what is a tough question for women in the world of sports?
    What kind of sport bra are you wearing this season: a) Versace or b) Lacoste?
    I mean c'mon man.

  14. These guys are professional athletes.

    Typically, by the time you leave highschool, you're not going to be distracted by women when you're in the middle of the game.

  15. @XGMoney93 Yes… although a loss in group play is almost synonymous to an exit in the World Cup.

  16. @jfkjrlover First off I didn't say she wasn't hot, I was commenting on the fact that "she's so hot" it distracted the goalkeeper and consequently that's way Spain lost. Second, relax bro I didn't mean any hostility I just meant that it wasn't an excuse. Lastly, what the fuck do you know about my standards you don't even know me so chill the fuck out.

  17. @510jesus
    I don't know what countries you are talking about. If it's England they play Cricket and Rugby a lot, too. Not bad at those. Unfortunately the sport it invented they are totally shit at.

  18. @DeagleBeagle
    in term of viewer, real football world cup top all other including olympic. beside, olympic is many many many sport combine into 1 while real football world cup is 1 sport.

    You do know what the meaning is "foot"ball right? see the quote "foot" ? You didn't make american football but in fact you steal the rugby idea, juice it up with many type of steroids, hormon even armored up the player and call it football when it is more similar to rugby. All these is propaganda. 🙂

  19. @zubawanga I in fact did not steal anything, it is funny when people like call something that another country does like it is specificly one person's fault, the person who talks about it. I never said american football was an original sport, all I said was that soccer is just one sport, so you people should stop bragging about it if that is all your country is good for, also steroids are rare in football unlike baseball.

  20. @DeagleBeagle
    LOL. steroids is rare in american football? You got to be kidding me when all the player look like mythical hercules. XD

  21. lol TYT knows fuck all about the world cup – "spain lost the world cup"???? they lost 1 game!!!!! do research!!

  22. @XGMoney93 world cup loss. a loss during the world cup is a world cup loss. you could also have two word cup losses. grammour nazi fayul.

  23. world cup loss. a loss during the world cup is a world cup loss. you could also have two word cup losses. grammour nazi fayul.

  24. you idiot. it was the first game of the group stages which Spain ended up on top in the end. The thing you catch is called a BALL. A goal is the what your score with the BALL. Jeez!!!

  25. Im so amused by how Americans seem to lack that basic knowlege about soccer.
    Im not hateful or bitter, Im acctually smiling. "I saw the fluke goal that bounced off like 8 different people and went in"…"caught the goal".
    Its a ball guys.
    xDD Love TYT man, huge fan. No sarcasm.

  26. now what??? Spain Rules!!! and i also give you this… Spain won the wold cup! Thanks to Casillas!!

    Casillas ponla a mirar a cuenca!!! VIVA ESPAÑA!!

  27. she lost them the game show , now lets see the she won them the world cup,
    these talk show hosts are parasites ,
    so happy for spain ,
    lots of love
    liverpool fc

  28. Sooo yeah… about Spains loss in the World cup… I could of sworn I just watched them win the world cup last night… awkard?

  29. SPAIN RULES!! Iker Casillas, the best goalkeeper of the world anda Sara carbonero… well, she is the super beautiful and the best os the sports journalists.
    From Almería (Andalucía, España), Fran 🙂


  30. ana just said spain lost the world cup about 3 times, when they ended up winning the thing. PLEASE stop talking ana!!!!

  31. SPAIN LOST THE WORLD CUP TO SWISSCHEESELAND LOL? I am pretty sure spain beat holland in a boring match filled with diving.

  32. Why they didnt do a follow up on this,when the goalkeeper kissed his hot girlfriend during a live TV interwiev after the match.
    It was a very SCHMOOPY-PAPOOPY moment.

  33. Spain failed? No. Spain was defeated in match 1 of the World Cup. They proceeded to win the World Cup. You failed- to deliver accurate commentary- again.

  34. @colombobogota Yo! I was baffled, too, dude! Apparently, these misguided fools didnt explained properly…
    Spain lost their first match to the Swiss in the opening group stage in the GROUP STAGE!!!


    And yeah… Spain failed? Um, did they not win Euro 2008, World CUp 2010, and now Euro 2012? Fucking idiots.

  36. Spain lost that game, but Ana omitted "in" in the phrase "Spain lost in World Cup to Switzerland". Of course, TYT did not mean that Spain lost World Cup in whole — it was like two weeks before the finale. Cenk is football fan since his childhood in Turkey, so he knows the thing.

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