South Korea archery team adds more gold to the medal haul
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South Korea archery team adds more gold to the medal haul

August 14, 2019

No one stays on top forever. But in the case of Korean archers… the aura
of invincibility has been intact for the longest time. Continuing the legacy of their predecessors
is the group competing in this year’s Asian Games. Seo Bo-bin zooms in on their gold rush. More gold medal news coming from South Korea’s
archery team on Tuesday. The first gold came in men’s compound archery…
where they beat India in a tie-breaking shootoff. There were high hopes for Korea’s archers,
who missed out on gold when compound archery was added to the Asian Games four years ago. The South Korean women, as defending champions,
also won gold in compound archery. Again, a win over India, 231-to-228. In the individual events, South Korean archer
Kim Woo-jin won gold in the recurve archery event over his teammate Lee Woo-seok. The number-one ranked Kim beat Lee 6 sets
to 4. As for the women’s recurve archery, Kang Chae-young
won bronze, beating her opponent from Chinese Taipei 6 sets to 4. In women’s table tennis team event, South
Korea had to settle for a bronze medal. They couldn’t get past China and lost 3 sets
to 0. But it was their first medal in women’s team
table tennis at the Asian Games in 8 years. More events are lined up later in the day
with the men’s 110-meter hurdles final at 8:35 PM, Korea time,… and the women’s synchronized
10-meter platform diving at 8:35.

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