Sonic Forces – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Chadtronic

September 21, 2019

Did you know? Sonic Forces began development in 2013 Around the release of Sonic Lost World With this new game, Sonic Team wanted to explore a more serious world moving past the series typical fantasy setting The games story initially came from the idea of Eggman ruling 99% of the world and going to war with the Resistance Force The title Sonic Forces was meant to play with the idea that force meant both power and an army A new engine dubbed Hedgehog Engine 2 was developed hand-in-hand with the game. The engine was intended to make lighting behave realistically, saving the artist from having to render light and shadow manually While the team were capable of creating almost photo-realistic images with the new engine, they were instructed by art director Yoshitaka Miura to stylize the world to make sure that it worked with the series exaggerated character designs. To further give the idea that this was not a human world Alien writing was added to the backgrounds rather than any recognizable alphabet or symbols. Miura jokingly lamented that players would miss some of these details as they sped past. The art team were also guided by director Morio Kishimoto, and would design each levels themes and aesthetics around how the level was meant to be played Many levels were changed between their initial concept and the final game The Resistance hideout was originally in a casino in the middle of a forest. As the stages and story developed, the hideout became more conventional but the casino forest idea seemed to have been reworked into the level Mystic Jungle for the final game Another concept was for a prison camp in Green Hill Zone. the idea was intended to subvert the levels iconic appearance being dark and eerie rather than sunny and refreshing. This idea was scrapped for unknown reasons and Green Hill was instead given a desert theme Forces was partially inspired by the success of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations Sonic Team didn’t want to just retread old ground though They wanted to come up with new features like the custom hero Producer Takashi Izuka had received a lot of fan art work over the years and knew that Sonic fans enjoyed creating their own original characters The custom hero was inspired by the passion of these fans Asuka wanted to let players bring their own characters to life in the game It was also intended to appeal to younger children who enjoy customization features in games The Custom Hero was designed to accommodate people that wanted to take designing of their own original Sonic character seriously as well as those who wanted to make something more comedic However, it was still limited enough so that characters would still feel like an authentic part of Sonic’s universe When designing costumes that the player’s avatar could wear Sonic Team exchanged a lot of ideas with the overseas Sega staff Western staff came up with a number of concepts that wouldn’t have occurred to the Japanese team such as Cowboy and Pirate outfits Some have speculated that the third playable character in Sonic Forces was originally intended to be a third Sonic This one from the Sonic Boom sub-series Evidence to suggest this includes the 25th anniversary poster Which included all three Sonic’s, a similar body shape of the custom hero the fact that the classic Sonic was retconned to be from an alternate universe And the grappel ability, which bears a resemblance to the enerbeam used by the characters in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric However, this was never the case. According to Sonic Stadium contributor HogFather The custom hero was pitched early on in Forces’ development cycle The feature was not well received with many staff members having little to no faith in the idea Originally the avatar was to have played a much larger role in the game, to the point of being a main character But these plans were scaled back due to the internal misgivings Bonus costumes for the custom hero reference other Sega and Atlas properties Namely Jet Set Radio, Persona 5, Puyo Puyo, Super Monkey Ball and Nights Additionally, a Sanic T-Shirt was released as free DLC referencing the popular meme The Custom Hero’s Wispen weapon was intended to encourage sequence breaking and speedrunning By choosing different Wisps to fit the weapon, the player could come up with their own paths and strategies to advance through the level The team even figured out shortcuts of their own while designing and testing the game While Sonic Mania entered development in 2015 Two Years after Forces, Mania had some influence over Forces Takashi Izuka acted as a liaison between the two teams, which otherwise remained seperate for the most part Izuka would make suggestions to the forces team to tie it In more closely into Mania One ability that seems to have originated in Mania was the Drop Dash which was later incorporated into Forces The two games weren’t intended to compete with one another Instead, Sonic Team hoped to entice fans of Classic Sonic by including him in Forces Which would then lead them to trying out Modern Sonic gameplay as well Forces was set to appeal to fans of Unleashed, Colors, and Generations with its Modern Sonic gameplay But Sonic Team also wanted to please fans of the adventure titles by including episode shadow as free DLC The game marked the first time the fan favorite character had been playable in a mainstream Sonic game since 2006 In the lead up to Sonic Forces the Sonic Twitter account released four short tie in comics by Ian Flynn and Adam Bryce Thomas Both of whom who had worked on the Archie Comics adaptation before it’s cancellation Flynn asked Thomas to include a sneaky reference to Bean the Dynamite in the comic Moment of Truth The bomb that the Resistance Soldier uses is colored Red, Green, and Yellow, like Bean who is known for using explosives Bean was one of Flynn’s breakout characters in the Archie comics earning a lot of appreciation for the otherwise forgotten character Thomas also added an Easter Egg of his own, a cameo from the character Poppy Opossum from the web comic of the same name When Orbot and Cubot are naming the Phantom Ruby in the comic Rise of Infinite two of their suggestions are nods to the other gems from the series Anarchy Barrel are the Chaos Emeralds from the parallel universe Anti Mobius from the Archie Comics and Precious Stones are the main collectible in the Dreamcast party game Sonic Shuffle To promote forces in Japan, Sega teamed up with Hooters, a restaurant chain known for its use of sex appeal The chain employs attractive young women as waitresses who are known as Hooters girls The Collaboration saw Three of the Six Hooters restaurants in Japan serves sonic themed food between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Such as Chili Dogs and Blue Carbonated Drinks. The restaurant also used Sonic themed coasters In December 2017, Sega also released Super Sonic as DLC Free for a limited time This attracted ire from the community who argued that Super Sonic had been a 100% free staple of the series since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Many considered Forces to be lacking in content, and paying for Super Sonic was seen as more evidence of cut corners Sega responded to the complaints by confirming that Super Sonic would remain free forever Did you also know that Sonic 3’s get blue spheres message at the start of special stages originally said get blue balls? Or that many Sonic games have been censored? For more facts check out the Didyouknowgaming? video on Sonic Secrets and Censorship Speaking of chili dogs and customizable characters you should check out this video on my channel that showcases an invention that turns a hot dog into the shape of a person. That’s on my channel Chadtronic Thanks for listening friends

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