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SONIC.EXE (Teens React: Gaming)

September 26, 2019

(Intro Music) (three air gun “pops”) Sonic? Sonic? The food place right? I only know the little stuffed animals of Sonic. He’s a blue hedgehog and he’s got to go fast. Sonic the hedgehog. How classic was sonic replay? (scary music) What is happening? (scary music continues) Is this scary game? It seems kinda scary. Ugh I can only use tails? I’m not huge on tails though. Oh I want the cute little Fox. (sinister laughter) (sinister laughter) So? You- (sinister laughter) Ok, hill one. No, hill act one Alright? So I guess I have to move? (ominous music) It’s Sonic, why does it have such menacing music? The game looks normal but… the… the music is kinda of you know, getting me. (ominous music) Do I just go straight? Am I just gonna… ok? (Snickers) How- I don’t know how to get rings. Are all these people dead? Oh there’s dead- oh no… Is this gonna scare me? What is the point of this? ‘Kay… Music stopped. My sound just went off. No… why did the music stop? Oh my gosh. (Nervous laughter) Wait I can’t move… Oh there’s Sonic. (Static noise) What the hell? What the hell is going on? (Static noise stops) (Laughter) That was so loud. … Hello. Hello do you want to play- no! That’s… scary- okay… Boy that sounds creepy. Who am I playing with? I don’t know what to- Oh hide and seek! I like hide and seek. What is this? Where do you guys find this stuff, man? I’m like in hell right now Now we’re in the depths of… …a firing abyss. This is the easiest game ever but the sound makes it so scary. This is a different type of Sonic- I don’t remember this. The music is really creepy. Super creepy. (Very loud evil laughter) Um… (Very loud evil laughter) she gasps Oh what just happened? (laughs) (Very loud evil laughter) I don’t understand! Is it like- (bone-chilling scream) (sword clashes) (bone-chilling scream) It’s so violent! (sword clashes, he snickers) Is Sonic like, the devil? (sword clashes, bone-chilling scream) That’s not the cute little hedgehog I remember! Okay what-? (Sinister laughter) You’re too slow, want to try again? Oh, now you’re gonna be knuckles. Can I punch you? I don’t even get what I’m supposed to do. (Sinister Laughter) It’s scares me every time. I don’t do anything, I just die (laughs) This is a really weird video game! You can’t run. Oh yeah? Watch me What am I supposed to be doing? I feel like I”m just doing the same thing over again. And Sonic’s going to – (static noise) Yeah, see. (static noise) No- ok, now it’s happening again. (Static Noise) What am I doing wrong?! Why is there blood everywhere?! Why am I enjoying this so much?! I can’t jump anymore! What happened? (Beeping Noise) (Static Noise) What the heck?! Found you..? Who found..? I think this is supposed to be scary but… …it’s not really workin’. Hehehe Demon. Come at me. Come at me. Come at me Oh my god, it’s literally being exorcised by a demon Is that Sonic? (sword clashes, bone-chilling scream) (screaming noise) I do not like that. I don’t like that screaming noise Still don’t understand what my goal here. So many souls to play with- So little time. Would you agree? I mean, I guess so. I don’t know if I’m passing levels or not! I don’t know- (laughs) Am I winning or am Iosing? This guy looks a little, you know, heavier set. So we might like, fight them off. (melancholic music) Dot dot dot. I’m gonna go this way. I was just kidding I can’t. Dr. Eggman can’t jump? That’s lame. I don’t… know what I’m supposed to be doing. Feel like I’m doing something wrong. Can you just keep running? What kind of Sonic is this? Like… …what the heck? Are there rings that I should be collecting? This guy’s really fat, I feel like the rings means onion rings. Eggman run faster. It’s like the never ending stair- (sinister laugh) What- (sinister laugh) Weee- (sinister laugh) It gets all quiet and it’s gonna start up again. This is so weird. Nothing’s happening. (Beeping Noise) (Static Noise) Spooky… There needs to be like, a punch function so I can fight back. (Static Noise) I’m so scared. (Static Noise) This blur’s lasting longer than usual. Okay this has going on for way too long. What’s going on?! (Gasp) What is this? (nervous laugh) I am God? What the hell? Is this like some Illuminati game? What is that? It looks like my brother’s dead hamster. I am so confused. (laughs) I feel like this is like a- (Static Noise) (Deep sinister laugh) (laughs) (Static Noise) Literally, I’m about to start cussing. What the ****? I’m sorry, but like what the **** is this? Am I ready for round two? Round two, React? Oh no It knows who we are! Who created this? (Ominous Music) What the hell is going on? (Static Noise) (whispers) what? What??? I don’t get what the story is. Probably the most boring Sonic game I ever played. I expected it to be like one of those Paranormal Activity video games but it wasn’t scary at all. Comes across as if somebody is like, a Jesus freak and they put this together and they’re trying to brainwash people. Like the Westboro Baptist Church. Creepy pasta type stuff They say like if you play this game you can’t escape it. After they watch it like they stab their eyes out and stuff. Is this one of those games?! Am I possessed now? Am I cursed? (Sinister Laughter) The ****?! Thank you for watching us! Accept Sonic as our new ruler here on the React channel. Subscribe to the react channel ’cause there’s new shows every single week Have you any other games that you want us to play? Leave ’em on the comments below. I’ll see you later I gotta get the image of Sonic smiling at me out of my head. Now!

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  1. Plz plz plz can you make them play Sally.EXE IT would be a great video and it would make them scared so plz make them play this game as a would 2

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