Someone Came to my Restaurant at 3 AM!!!
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Someone Came to my Restaurant at 3 AM!!!

August 26, 2019

Hey guys it’s Karina and we’re back with some more Roblox today We’re back inside Bloxburg and I’m just sleeping in my bed. It’s one in the morning and I’m like (snores) Yeah, just watch me sleep I’m just sleeping like this and then like groaning why can’t I sleep. Why can’t i ever sleep Maybe because I need a shower. Maybe that’s the reason, that probably is the reason I’m just gonna shower. Yeah, and while we’re showering guys, oh sorry This way everywhere, but while I’m showering I’m going to tell you I got merch checking this out with hashtag sis team from sis vs bro go get it merch link in bio cause’ This is pretty awesome. I would wear every single day So all right I’m done showering I feel very clean I Don’t feel very very happy You know I feel happy but Bored so I’m gonna play some of this my favorite computer game It’s really great and now I feel great I’m gonna go check on my daughter this person I Don’t know her name really, one day Could could could we play this with Ronald Mmm maybe maybe hmmm a Maybe hello mommay Go-to sleep go to sleep, now. I’m leaving Goodnight Okay, alright alright If people say i see you from your door okay people no no I don’t wan’t people just jumping at the barrier like no I wan’t Karina, i wan’t Karina, Karina Love you All right, but there’s a person there, hide All right, it’s 2:00 in the morning, and I still can’t sleep so you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna sleep. Why is it so bright in here! it seems to be because of this alarm clock, i’m pretty sure it is That’s what make you that’s what making that is what make it? Yeah? That’s what’s making my room bright but I’m gonna just paint We don’t even have the painting thingy magig we can’t change colors were just painting nothing I was like pretending to paint (opera singing) I feel like an artist, cause’ i am one Painting with nothing on an already painted picture. I’m such a good artist All right, that is a pretty good picture picture I could never paint that actually I could maybe I wasn’t it I don’t know. I’ll try it. I’ll try it you know man. I’ll try it Could be fun, could be a complete disaster probably will be but Give it a shot All right, but it’s 3:00 in the morning Okay one no people staring at us just a bike a Very random bike and you go see it’s 3:00 in the morning so maybe a ghost place that bike there probably oh It’s a dark here Use it I’m using a bike at three in the morning. That’s for I don’t know why but me see, but I also please these open signs these light up open signs So people know it’s a cafe, or a restaurant Because it says open a house wouldn’t just have open on it. You know just weird so Just park your bike or your car On the side like that and then you go in oh No, there’s a person. There’s a person no oh My alarm Wait that’s not my alarm no, it isn’t it’s somebody else’s Just gonna pretend making breakfast not like I ever went out alright. I’m making breakfast I Make breakfast make a make a breakfast making breakfast yeah, I’ll make a breakfast Alright, this gonna be my seat All right usually I see on the other side, but today. I’m sitting on this side All right oh My god make some pancakes Two ingredients, pancake ingredients I knew that making, making pancakes making, making pancakes making making pancakes making making pancakes way too loud I can’t sleep yeah Sad face, what are you so sad? That’s weird Alright done, that’s done breakfast alright breakfast the Sun a Bit to make it pancakes not anymore Yeah, I’m bacon bacon pancakes makin bacon pancakes yeah, alright. I’m gonna go change right here and the hallway Not a good idea usually, but I’m still gonna do it Like man, I command and manage me in the way like me with me. I’m Alright, and it’s gonna Um ain’t good take my morn shall oh, you’re – did here huh and now I’m gonna Brush my teeth yeah Oh alright doesn’t that now I’m just hungry. Oh come on stop Wakey wakey eggs and Bakey Their rise and shine darling ah Alright you were sleeping in her clothes wonderful. You scare me Sorry sorry I Made food Tukey I made food I mean I made toast and I also made pancakes alright come on over here yay she’s smiling Let’s go down my elevator cuz I love my elevator so dark here. I’m gonna turn on the lights All right over here I made breakfast Mmm I’m gonna eat this yummy, yummy yummy in my tummy Oh Take portion You need some eggs, thank you mommy no problemo I Can eat that I can take this and put it here when it’s time All right gonna take my coffee No a little while till wick Burger here, I don’t know why you watch the news with my cafe All right, I got some cafe my hands and colleagues Hopefully nothing bad happens Yeah I’m Going to you work you can stay Here I’m gonna gonna work goodbye Then I’m gonna work What I hope I hope nothing bad hopefully nothing bad happens on the news because there could be aliens what they could be aliens There’s gonna be aliens? I better watch out I’m gonna get my motorcycle because it’s the quickest vehicle And I’m a little bit late just a tiny bit I don’t wanna be anymore even more late, so that’s why I’m taking my fastest vehicle Whoa work alright, I need to be the janitor you work up with my promotion stuff alright Okie dokie Clean this up Sweet just stop sweep sweep sweep there. We go sweep up the stress, and I’m stepping it up Yeah, but this is my outfit my janitor I don’t really mind or do I Spray this. I’m gonna wash the air Just like that Oh God sweep sweep a spell why am I sweeping sweeping a juice Nestle sweep up juices Supposed to secret to trash and get up I Don’t know what you’re supposed to get for that sucker juicy. I was I don’t know alright Alright alright, I got three hundred and sixty-four dollar. Oh my god so much money I’m a Jenner like ring clean I’m gonna spray this I’m gonna wash that and I’m gonna be finished without even touching it alright I’m gonna wash up this I’m gonna spray that and I’m gonna wash that without even Using my feet Cuz I’m not really stand them like in air yeah, that’s not very funny at all we I’m gonna spray that and I’m gonna wash that I’m gonna sweep that I’m gonna throw it out. I’m gonna do that and finish up my job because I don’t wanna do it anymore It looks like looks disgusting Look really disgusting sweep up juice Stepping in it. That’s my wife cleaning step in it and then sweep my feet help it chameleons. You know like soaks up and sponges in there Alright, I’m gonna spray that I’m gonna wash that Yeah, yeah all right I’m getting low zamani’s from spreading and washing and Doing a bunch of things Where are others like everything nice, sweetpea sweep sweep sweep Alright so gruffly to you peace darn kids graffiti too much I’m gonna spray that I’m gonna wash there oh Yeah, I’m gonna do that yeah all right? What time’s it it’s muffin time? It’s muffin time. What time’s it? Whoa uh-oh it’s my I just realized I could see the sky in its cloud It’s weird That’s the Sun Down there, but there’s also a sign up there or the reflection Maybe all right this would be beautiful day today I’m gonna be heading home now You can read me head in oh Just one more. I’m just gonna clean up on the way. It’s pink It’s pink all right gonna sweep up like this spit Ella And I’m there I got 1166 dollars – good – pretty good Why’s my bike parked over that okay, let’s go All right I’m gonna go this way. I’m gonna. Go that way I’m gonna do this net oh, that’s cool. How they’re doing it All right there we good Can I be your Roommate quick please no no no no no. I don’t even know you you’re like a stranger to me I mean I need a take care of my back my permissions I Got I don’t want people just Weird okay there we go done What Ma’am am I? Like this meow meow meow meow meow meow meow mmm yummy milk Yeah, I like that Yeah, yeah Yeah, mmmm mmm mmm mmm. Mmm. Yum, yum yum yum yum yum yum? Yum, yum yum yeah me me me me me me Me me me me I mean me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me all right take ingredient I mean I’m making hot dogs Let’s make some hot dogs today, yeah, let’s make some Hot dogs today. Yeah, let’s make some hot dogs today. Yeah, oh That’s nice All right, please can have a shower What oh that’s not mummy? What all right? I was just reading this thing right here Hot dogs Take portion It makes a coffee Take portion Gonna get some no no I’m grading some contents get some lucky Cola Lunch is ready and Steady oh I’m late for work whatever eats Nummy nummy nummy no. Yeah, mommy’s how? Why I’m not gonna go to work anymore. I shouldn’t go to work because I don’t want to spend some time with my daughter Take this. Thanks mutant lips All right You were so sneaky Do you want to go – What – go to the pool or not Okay All right, I’m gonna change my of it to my swimming outfit Okey-dokey, I got my swimsuit on All right do I have to bring anything? Yes, I have to bring some shifts. I mean like of course I have to bring some chips I’m gonna be some continents gonna get my potato chips And then get my potato chips I Hear the TV here all right, I need to go turn off the TV Like seriously seriously, yeah me it’s very cool Meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow meeow all right enough meowing we don’t want your mouth anymore we Have some fun Mommy where I you? I’m right here darling hmm Finally some you sing quite sort of I don’t know if you Realized I put this barrier here Syd ball doesn’t go random places I don’t know if I show you do, but in case I didn’t there it is Can’t go in fool Yes, you can Yes, you can You can go to the pool Kids these days wanting to go to the pool Actually, it’s quite natural all right, so it’s gonna be my hot tub Oh my god, there’s people honking at us and Unsubscribe why are you un – ouchies I’m trying to enjoy my life here. Why are you honking at me? All right stop honking Don’t wanna hear your nasty honks I’m gonna play soccer by myself. I win I Wanna make it louder, so I could hear the goals oh No no no no no No, it’s not a goal oh stop honking you people No, I didn’t make it Go Are you taking volleyball I’m gonna be locking my Nets No you didn’t Like soccer I’m not I’m not bored like me. I’m so fun. I’m having so much fun all Right no go go out No you went no, no I didn’t mean no I didn’t mean you going out out mommy Yes, darling Go can I sleep in your room tonight? Okay, that’s all right. I guess all right. I’m gonna make some ice cream The computer, I haven’t actually went into pool yet, so I’m gonna go cuz it’s six o clock Wait where’s ducky I had a ducky. Where did my ducky girl My Stucky on my ducky my little ducky okay, right all right wait my ball go okay? It’s spinning so fast It’s going a hundred degrees no 100 kilometres per an hour a million kilometres per hour so fast ouch I Can jump on it Shh Oh What’s happening with this ball the weird ball Where’d it go now. I don’t have any pool toys anymore All gone hi this area right here It’s like underneath it This bit so I wish I could do like Pavements paving here so look nice all right time for Dinner In 10 min you chose for dinner. We’re having hot dogs I’ll have a hot lunch with Dena All right Wait why do I make a coffee and I want coffee I hit Okey-dokey all right you’re getting some drinks Thank you darling, thank You darling Delicious looking I need my hot dog I’m gonna eat my chips And I’m gonna drink yes, what should we do tomorrow? Watch a Movie what no movie movie All right and change up into my pajamas Okay, I’m gonna turn off all the lights save electricity All right There we go we’re going on a trip inside an elevator or My funny thing is very low Alright, I’m gonna brush my teeth like things that they’re All right, I’m taking a shower interesting all right I’m gonna turn on this light And I’m gonna Um reasons man missing last seen pokey um all right top Stories, I can’t quite read that Know what’s meet you? Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me Me me Wow okay I Wanna write book instead write a book to me famous Okay now I want to play Pong Boop boop Boop Who’s gonna win red or blue boo boo before I pop her blue boop boop boop Boop Boop Boop boop Okay, okay, okay. Let’s get out here What’s your favorite animal because I haven’t I he’s I have an idea friend no, because I haven’t I don’t for any what a picture for picture frames What whoa That makes no sense um My favorite animals are unicorn unicorn unicorn How could you not know that all right guys I got a bit sick tight little I don’t even know your name, right? Alright, well guys while I’m sleeping so nice in my bed. I am in this video I really hope you like this video if you did smash that like button now see guys next time goodbye

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