Solomon islands – head hunting history in the Marovo lagoon!
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Solomon islands – head hunting history in the Marovo lagoon!

February 14, 2020

All right guys so we’ve been in Uepi for a few days now So today the plan is to go to an island called Telapi The issue is that, it’s raining It’s never a good thing to navigate through a lagoon when it’s raining because we need to be able to see the bommies But we are gonna give it a try regardless we have waypoints and that sort of things so maybe that will work, we’ll see! The chief of this village showed us a replica of a war canoe which he uses to explain the history of the head hunting times This is just a replica yeah? of the war canoe so this is the only war canoe here in the Marovo lagoon and we we demonstrate this I explain the cultural part of the history for educational system in our days that young generations I have to explain to them because The history was very well known but how the war canoe looks like and how the canoe why the ancestors use it and what is the significance of all these decorations So now I’m trying to promote this culture so that the young generation now they can understand the history This is the oceaning going so that’s why these white curvy shells They’re very smart people who designed these 100 years back They go on the ocean so they have to have something representing the ocean This one used to be a kaka feather that white bird so all white on top of the prow, front prow, they have Two gods, one is facing the back one is facing the front One facing the front it’s to defend to defend the trip and to see the enemy coming in the front And that’s also another ornament down here We call it dekideki But I was missing it When the boat is moving Dekideki run on the surface Just to protect the front of the boat that there will be no any object hitting the front This one is called Erengue Erengue used to be found in the taboo place where they have the sacrifice before they went for war The chief warrior So the Erengue is Something that refer back when they go on ocean they refer back to The sacrificial area where the warrior leaders sacrifice He gets the answer yes or no Before they went for war In advance he knows that The war is can be won or loose It just means now they start to get a ritual, a powerful spirit This one it’s very important Triton The man who gives the timing for the paddlers The first sign everybody hold their paddle up They start to move the boat slowly he marks the time, the paddlers maybe get tired Now come at the back The same significance on here The difference is this See this bird Willy wiggle tail This guy when the boat moves He is turning like a wheel Which means he is watching the 4 directions That’s what the warriors believed with a spirit god Turning, turning, turning like a wheel Willy wiggle tail So he can also watch Because from – Veriverikana from the front prow He looks back see the enemy coming at the back and the one in the front look, see the enemy coming in the front boat These days the locals obviously don’t use war canoes anymore but they all use dug out canoes to travel on water! Bye bye bye! Byyyee!!! See you later!
See you later! See you later!
See you later! Storm is coming In this new village we went literally through the jungle to discover 4 very important history sites And yes, we were wearing flip flops Hum hum, no comments First site In this first site the legend has it a giant was living there whose goal was to protect the village He would through rocks at enemies! And one day, doing so he created a source of water which is now the only source for the entire village Second site: Vaributo Vaributo Where we kept all the 7 heads They are heroes of this island They are the heroes of this island because they protect the chief of this island Third site: hidding wall There is a place where all the women and children When the enemies would come the watchman would blow a conch shell to give a signal to the village people that the enemies are coming for fight So all the women and children would rush up to the wall stone up there on the mountain Fourth site: sacrifice stone During head hunting times all the women and the men ran away and they left little kids that is the one they will go and bring to take it back here Once a year they will do the sacrifice They will play with the little kid until the little kid was getting weak and tired and then they will slap 3 times on the ears so that the little kid was deaf They will bring the little kid right up to the stone They will cut him here and drain all the blood Then they will get the body and put it on a stone ornament for the offering – sacrifice to the evil god just to make them strong and give them better victory in the next battle If you want to learn more about these sites this is the book you need to read Okay, history lesson is over Time for fun! I asked them “is there crocodiles?” and they said “Yes!” Okay… Time to go now but it looks like some people want to come with us! This dive site is very particular because we are actually diving in an old lava tube from a volcano! It’s quite scary because for a minute or so you are completely in the dark! But just as you think you need a torch the light comes in from the other side of the tunnel And on the other side, you can see a beautiful coral wall which unfortunately used to be a lot prettier or so we’ve been told All right guys this is our last day in the Marovo lagoon Now the plan is to go back to Lola for a few days and go to Noro to check out and then back to Australia we’ve picked up Yann’s bro and cuz on the way! Next episode

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  1. Vraiment géniale cette vidéo. Super intéressante et magnifique. Vous avez rencontré des gens très passionnants, très accueillants et très souriants. J’ai adoré cette vidéo. Merci

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