Society Said Girls Couldn’t Play Football — They Do It Anyway #BeFierceTakeControl
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Society Said Girls Couldn’t Play Football — They Do It Anyway #BeFierceTakeControl

September 30, 2019

“You’re too pretty to play football.” “Oh, is it for the Lingerie League?” “Why are you playing football? It’s not for girls.” “You mean soccer?” No. American Football. Real tackle football. My name is Nhandi Brown.
I’m a football player. I started playing around 8 years old and I ended up
being the only girl on the football team. I’ve been around the Sharks since I was little too. I was like, “Oh, I have to be a part of this.” I’m just happy to play. That’s my big accomplishment — that I get to be a
woman part of history. I think we love this game so much and we love our teammates so much that we don’t want to let them down. Playing with women means I get to change my perspective on what a woman is or can do. When I look at the news, there are no girls on there in athletics on television. Society tells you, “You’re not supposed to. You’re a girl.” And I think at this point it
is my job as a coach and the job of my football team, the responsibility of us
strong women to empower girls to let them know that they can do anything they want. It’s all of us together. We are one when we’re on the field. We’re one when we’re off the field. We have that bond. Nothing can break that. We are a group of women that
are defying the odds. Take notice of your superheroism inside because it’s there.
All the sudden this cape comes on you. I had no idea who I was till I became
a New York Shark. So all these years, I’m walking through
life playing small for everybody else, then I became a Shark and I was like,
“Well shoot! Where’d this cape come from?” Right? Use your cape. It’s a sport. I am an athlete. If you’re not in sync with yourself, it
tends to throw you off. And then in a game, it throws the other people you’re playing
with off. You have to be in sync with yourself first in order to be in sync with them. I listen to my body talk to me. My teammates would notice that
something was not right with my body. In a second they would know that. Things that we ignore, it can hurt us. I think we ignore those things because
sometimes we feel like it might — it may be nothing. You do not want to get caught out there if you’re not in tune with what’s going on with your body. It’s like you taking care of
yourself, you have to voice something’s wrong. If your body’s telling you something
doesn’t feel right, definitely go and get it checked out. Listen to your body. Protect yourself. Love yourself. What makes a woman fierce? Standing up and speaking her truth.

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