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SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer

September 5, 2019

*Glitchy Boy and SMG4 introduction* (MM means my commentary!) *Dramatic Music* (MM: WOTFI 2018 confirmed for Xbox One) *SMG4 screams* *Mario does the same* *Punching noises* (MM: Oh… I didn’t know this was a game to begin with.) *Weird “Manly” noises*
SMG4: Come here boy! I going to f*ck the sh*t outta you! Both: *More weird noises* (MM: Really? NES Controllers?) Oof X_X (MM: Roblox for NES?) Game over, yeah! 😀 (MM: …) SMG4: Woo! *Mario gets angry* TV: Super Smash Each Other In the *ss Brothers!! (MM: Don’t tell me that was from Adult Swim fam.) Mario: Mama *Happy Times* er I’m sick of your sh*t! Game over. You suck, you jack*ss! ematododotadapedotonobadesutonabekedabado!
AURGH! (MM: Impressive Dialogue Translation, Captions!) [SMG4 weird laughs] Mmmm!!!>:| potonsoonubokodebudifortelo! (MM: Nice One, Captions!) Mmmm!!! *Mario eating* Oh, brother! This little bit harder! Mario: Hmm? *cheering* WOooHOo And stuff :/ *Mario screaming* Mario: I can’t see anywhere! *more cheering* Another TV: Super Smash Each Other In The *ss Brothers! (MM: Somone New?) Hmmmm… Oh! Hey, stinky! Boopkins: Oh, hey Mario! What are you doing?! What’s going on here? Oh, it’s Bob! He challenged the blue-haired girl to Super Smash each other in the *ss Bros! Apparently, she’s one of the best in the world at this game! PurpleShe-I mean-Bob: (Imitates Roblox Sound) Purple-Bob: A girl gamer? don’t make me laugh! Girls are stupid LAWL! leave video games to manly men like me! ???: Hmph!>:( Announcer: 3… Mario: Let’s-a go! Announcer: 2… Bob-Shep: Time to smash! Announcer: 1… Announcer: FIGHT! You will never beat Dr. Eggman! Dr. Eggman is the sh*t! *Yoshi stuff* Eggman: yosh! (get it?! :D) What the sh*t!? How did she do that!? *more Yoshi sounds* ???: Heeheehee!>:3 *Yoshi sounds* *Echoing Roblox Death Sound* Game over, yeah!!! (MM: *When Nintendo unveiled that ExplodingTNT is getting his own video game.*) ???: Hey! ???: Thanks! *Mystery Girl hums* PurBobShep: Hey, Where are you going? I was just going easy on you that time! Bob Paul: I want a rematch! I will call up my father sakurai and tell him to ban you for hacking! Mama mia! Hmmm… Ooh hoo hoo hoo! Hey, stinky! WAIT! Flat-face Mario: How ya doin’? AHHHHH!!!!
*slap* Ho, ho, hello! *Mario gibberish again* Yahoo! Umm… no… sorry… *Walking clicks* WAAAAH! *Bumps into Cool Breeze Water Machine* *sigh* (Mario spawn sound effect) (MM: Stupid Mario Odyssey 3?) Mario: ‘Scuse-a me? *Girl Scream* *Crashes into another dispencer* (Electrical sounds, then a ding) Woooow! Hey, that’s pretty good! Hey! You very good! etodonadabatonadabeto! (MM: You Never Let Me Down, Captions!) Hehe… umm… uhh… (MM: You want a hug, Tari?) Woah!
adotedadeto? Naaaah… Tari: Hmmm… uhhh.. Mario: Oooooh.. you said a funny! (MM: I would say that to PinkSheep whenever he lies.) Hoohoo! I got it! You such a good player! UnCLE FaiLBooT-SHEp: Suck a d*ck! D::( (MM: CAPTIONS, MY MAN! GOOD JOB!) (Baldi dancing to Fortnite Music in Mario’s head) Uh… you can do it! (Start button) (MM: Tari obviously didn’t pay for this.) annoying Luigis: Gotchie gotchie! x9001 Mad mad Mario: Time to die….>:D Wooooah! (MM: This is Mario on an average day.) annoying Luigi: Mamaf***er… Tari: …Mario. Mario! Hmm… Ice climber: In DOTA, basically you pick one character, okay? Tari: Hee hee! Ice climber: and then you level them up… Tari: Ya! (MM: I’m not tolerating this Tari! You should be nicer to those Ice Climbers ya know!? They only had one game to themselves! don’t tell me you have no feelings for obscure Nintendo characters!) (Mario freezes and crashes to the floor) (MM: OK, I guess I’ll forgive you then Tari…) Whack-a-Luigi: Yay! That’s-a pretty sh*t! 😀 (MM: The machine does have feelings for the Ice Climbers though.) Tari: Mario…. NO. Keep going! (MM: Better cool down…) You can do it!!!! Mario: Rrrm! fine! Hmm… Squeezed-face Mario: Focusing… focusing… focusing… (Baldi’s still dancing…) (MM: AYYY… ROFL!) RRRM! (Smash!) (MM: Y U Ruin the rave bruh?) I… see… everything! (Squeak) annoying Luigi: Owowow! *dingle dingle*
(Squeak) annoying Luigi: Owowow! *dingle dingle* Mario: Oh, I did it! I DID IT!! Tari: Yay! *weird laugh* *Smash sound effect* (MM: OK, you kind of deserve that for being a nuisance to the Ice Climbers and ruining their fun.) *sigh* Mmm… (MM: I still forgive ya though.) Tari: Ooooh…. Wow! Ehehehehehe! Waha! Yes! Okey dokey! Nice! *Gun reloads* *Mario jump sound* Ooooh! (MM: Gambling is not a joke, and I do not intend to make light of it.) ooooooh… Tari: OOOOH SO CUTE I NEED IT I MUST CUDDLE IT TO DEATH SO CUTE I WILL OWN YOU (MM: OK, who wrote that?) Mario: Rrrm! Mamma mia! Mamma mia! toodonabalaleomotodudadab- (MM: YOU ARE SO MLG, CAPTIONS!) EEEUUUGH!! 😀
Holy sh*t, yes!!! Let’s-a go! Ahahaha!!! *Mechanical Wiring* Mamaf***er! (MM (Imitating Gumball): LMBO, Laughing my butt off.) Shy Guy: Yeah, toast! Mamaf***er! Tari: Mario? Penguz: PINGAS! (MM: PENGUZ HAS RETURNED!) Tari: Excuse me- Mario: I don’t care!>:( Tari: Mario, keep going! Uhh! Hell yeah! (Boop) Uh!
*Neck Snapping* Mario: EEREEREEEEEEEEEEER Toad: Hoh… WAHH!! (MM: Making fun of Toads is not a joke, and I do not intend to make light of it…) Mario: Holy sh*t! I got it! I got it! I got it! Toad: Wah!! (MM: Even though the Toads can get annoying quite a lot, I still care about them.) Noooo god! No god! PLEASE no! (MM: I can let you guys make fun of them though.) Tari: Aah! Oh no! no! Toad: The f**k? (MM: !?!?!?!?) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (MM: TARI!) (smack) (MM: NO!) Tari: Nice! (MM: NOT GOOD!) Mario: Ah yays! (MM: YOU GET AN F!) You can do it, yes! (MM: YOU TOO TARI!) Ooo hoo hoo hoo! Oo hoo hoo hoo! Oh yeah! (MM: Oh-NO!) Woo hoo! (MM: SUCH A HATER!) *quacking* (MM: OK this looks pretty good.) Mario: WHAT. (MM: How dare you insult the community!) Tari: Heeheehee! :3 Duck: Swigity swooty, I am coming for the booty! Tari: Hahahaha! Yipee! Yes! Ooooh! *record scratch* (Electric sounds) Ah, no! Ahh! Let go of my hand! (More screaming) Mario: Woah! Oh yeah! Tari: GET IT OFF OF ME! Aaah… Ooh-hoo… *sigh* Huuhhh… Mario: Okie dokie! Let’s-a go!! Yippee!!! LETS-A GO! Yeah! Hahaha!! Tari: Huh?! Oh no! Uhm… Excuse me… Sorry. Mario: Oh yeah! Okie dokie! Thank you so much. You such a good player! Wwwwoooooooooooooowwwwww! *Tari sighs* Hmm… Haha! Yippee!! *TOINK* *More dramatic music* *Mario opens door* (Feet stomping) SMG4: Welcome. I’ve been expecting you… Hey, b*tch! Mamaf***! Yoshi: Owowowowa! *smack* *Whoosh, Shing!* (Stare) Here we go again… Hi-yo! Yah! *both shouting* Oh my god!!! Oh yeah!!! *grunting* Mario: Oh no! SMG4: Your feeble skills have no match for the meme side. Tari: Keep going! You can do it! Mario: Wait… what the f**k? Tari: You can do it!! Mario: WOAH! Tari: Hehe… Hehe…oh? Ahhhh! …? Doyo!!!! Yah!!! (SMASH!)
Mario: Wah-Hah! Oh sh*t!! Aw, hell no! (smack) You… …Are… …dead!!!!! SMG4: (Mario Jump Sound) Yah, babababababa! (Knockout sound effect) SMG4: OOF OOF oof (oof) (SMG4 gasps) Mario: Get wrecked, b*tch!!! Looks like-a Mario win this time! You got what you asked for!! Hahaha.. I win! Haha! I win! Boing! I win! Game over! Want to play again,
Mamaf***? (Sad piano starts) SMG4: Is not possible! Tari: S-sorry. Mario: Hey! come back here! I win! I win! I win! ETODONADABATONADABETO! Yahoo! Yippee!!!
(Mexican music in the background) Tari: Aww… (sad music) E-excuse me… umm… SMG4: Okay…… Mario: Wahaaaa! Wahaaaa! Get wrecked!!! Suck mah painus!! Haha! Haha! My wiener is so happy! subtitles by xTeal, and edited by TheCuteIceDragon and Evertone. These Darn Subtitles were Edited Again by
I Am Grumpy
And by The Jolly DJ I never thought i would see Meggy in a dress. XD Edited AGAIN by QQ33. (I un-memed it, and I’m not sorry.) Edited by TheCuteIceDragon AGAIN because QQ33 didn’t un-meme-ify Bob’s text now go suck another videos PINGAS bye (Edited by MiracleMaster and GoatsLaaLaaOoh!, Make sure to subscribe to my channel!)

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  1. Mario has had enough of being beaten by SMG4 at video games and embarks on a journey to become… the Ultimate Gamer.

  2. I like it how tari in the smg4 universe looks like she is from super jump mania (basically coconut boy/pheo’s game)

  3. I like how smg4 dont make him the best in every vid and also he mostly makes it about mario which i like cause almost no other youtuber would do that they act like their the best

  4. 7:31Hey wait a sec , is that a Super Mario Sunshine Easter egg between the Luigi and the minecraft hen toys ?

  5. Ok i know they said smg4 tari and meta runner tari are from different universes but what if the smg4 tari is the meta runner tari but she entered the game again and somehow never thought to get out again?

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