Smell Of Death – Riesige Zombiemassen [Let’s Play][Gameplay][German][HTC Vive][Virtual Reality]
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Smell Of Death – Riesige Zombiemassen [Let’s Play][Gameplay][German][HTC Vive][Virtual Reality]

August 21, 2019

Hi guys, welcome back to virtual reality I got a free game key from the developers of Smell of death who contacted me over my youtube channel. So now I got this game for free. Thank you for this! Now its my turn to test this game! So lets get into the game! Smell of Death! As always, I didn’t play this game before! Let’s enter the game! Let’s fit the Vive to my head! We are in the main menu here. We now this kind of menu from other VR games. We have a tutorial here, episode 1 and a survival mode Here we have a highscore list Here we have the controls. The menu, teleporting, slow motion, shooting is on the right trigger. I have to move the gun to my chest to reload I have to move the controller behind my neck to change guns I dont know the difference. However I have to hold the weapon on my chest to reload. Lets start the tutorial! Let’s see if its still recording 🙂 Oh, the controllers are the wrong way. Ok, we got our usual teleporting system. Slow motion works nice too. Come on! Is there someone behind me? Hmm, that feels a bit unreal, I can feel no feedback from the weapons. Here are some graphics bugs. Ok I have to collect this! We have a laser pointer on the weapons! How can I reload? Hmm not like this… Ah ok, I only have to collect it… Ok I think I understood it. Is there something else? Lets get out of this! Let’s get into a new game! Let’s see… Seems like the picture is twitching a little bit. Isn’t something happening here?? Oh, it says “loading”, I didn’t see that! Ehm… It’s really dark here! Really??! I’m scared… Oh there comes one of them! Come on! The weapon feedback is bad, but the zombies are looking nice! There is missing something. The controllers have to vibrate or something like this! I think there are endless waves… Right? You get paranoia here Yeah! What do I have to do? I’m smart and go to the corner 🙂 I can do this the whole time… Just moving the hands around I think this will have no ending… I can’t see the menu… That was a little bit strange… I will not rate this game positive only because I got this key for free… I’m sorry for the developers. Let’s go on… Like in many other VR games, I don’t like the weapons feedback… It’s like hitting the air… Oh I can continue from this point! What was that? It’s much too dark here… It’s a no-go that the zombies stand in front of the menu when you die… You can’t see sth then! The loading times are much too long! You know, I’m no friend of waiting times 🙂 That are some points that I dont like, but the zombies are looking great! That’s too long! That’s too long! How do I know where to go now? That makes no sense at all! That’s too much! You dont even have 3 seconds to do anything… Do I have to move silently? It can’t be that there are 30 billions of zombies on one square meter! Oh my god… soooo long loading times! Ok lets try it with shooting weapons Are they gone now? That makes no sense that there are endless waves Look at this! Thats nonsense! Did the developers even test this once? You cant put 30 thousand zombies in one room… You dont even have one second of time to look at something or collect something. Or can we change the difficulty? Do I have nightmare settings? No I cant see anything like that. Let’s start from the beginning! We collect this stuff here. Are there some spawners like in minecraft that I have to destroy? That is so annoying! Is it clear now? That’s no fun at all! Oh a big one! Nope! I’m out of here! Thats nothing for me! What should I tell you… What kind of game is that? A wave shooter? There are thousands of zombies the whole time! They spawn out of the doors and you dont have any chance. Only thing is that you perhaps teleport the whole time! Perhaps you will find a key or sth else then by chance. You can’t even reload that fast! Ok, difficulty much too high! Weapon and hit feedback is very bad! It doesnt feel like you have a real sword in the hand! It’s like fighting with air. It needs to vibrate or the body parts have to fly around. I dont like that and when you are dead the zombie hanging in front of the menu. The loading times are much to high! That are the points that are no-gos! The design of the environment and of the zombies is great! This two things are cool. I’m happy that I din’t pay for this game! Thanks for the free key. I can’t recommend the game at this time! As said before, the difficulty has to be much lower! It makes no sense. The rest of the game is ok, but please we need fewer zombies or that the waves are not endless! Isn’t it meant to be a scary game? If there a thousands of zombies and you don’t see some other things than zombies, how can this game be scary? I don’t like this! That’s no fun at all! That was Smell of Death Episode 1 I will not play this again until there is an update that the game improves. Ok guys, thanks for watching! Perhaps you will test the game yourself, perhaps I’m too bad for this game 🙂 That was my feedback for this game. See you next time in virtual reality guys! I’d would be great if you subscribe to my channel! See you guys!

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  1. Oh Mann, ohne Worte. Das Spiel hätte ich beinahe gekauft, gut dass ichs nicht getan habe. DANKE für dein Testvideo, was ein mieses "Spiel".

  2. I have this game its good game.I think you cant learn how to play.Please take another video. Example video:

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