SlowMo Fallout Kills (ft. TheSlowMoGuys)
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SlowMo Fallout Kills (ft. TheSlowMoGuys)

August 16, 2019

Tu peux l’avoir ! Je suis au régime ! Merci ! Merci ! Merci ! MERCI ! MERCI ! MERCI ! ♪ Je ne sais pas, mais l’on m’a dit, que le minerai d’uranium, vaux bien plus que de l’or ♫ ♪ J’ai vendu ma Cad’ (Cadillac), me suis acheté une Jeep ♫ ♪ J’ai eu ce virus, et je ne dors plus ♫ ♪ Fièvre de l’Uranium m’a eu et m’a fini ♫ REGARDES PLUS DE SLOWMO’ (Ralentis)

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  1. I think wren did this because he’s the animator but, you hear a shell eject and fall and plink on the ground from a bolt action rifle, didn’t u guys make a thing about how guns weren’t properly portrayed in movies and tv?

  2. If you think about it gavin is the evil one All thoes guys wanted to do is drink and he just kills them and takes it for himself


  3. *_When shaggy is not keeping balance maintained in the universe he takes up hobbies like:
    Wiping out planets

  4. This doesn't get age restricted, but if I say "fuck" in a video you have to sign in to watch it.

  5. You guys make great stuff, however this one was done too fast I guess. The first scene when the guy gets his arm shot off, is poorly done and looks cheap. The "prop" arm is a different skin tone, the fabric wrap around his arm is clearly different, and the real persons arm is clean, not dirty as the fake/prop is in the same scene. Although it was still good and funny as hell.

  6. 0% accurate
    They didnt flew up into the space
    The arms didnt become extremely long
    Dogmeat wasnt biting them while vats was active

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