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November 30, 2019

Here we are with Romelu Lukaku. You had to wait for your first
Champions League goal but it was well worth the wait. You made a huge contribution today. It was a really important game for us because we were in a very difficult position
before the match. Now we’re in a good position but we have
to play Barcelona in the last game and they’re one of the
best three teams in the world. Still, I’m delighted with the result
and the way we achieved it today. Carlo, a question for Lukaku? First I want to congratulate him because he’s a great striker
with a selfless attitude. You work really hard for the team
and your fellow forwards. Your timing is always good and you always
have something to offer your team-mates and you deserve credit for that:
there aren’t many like you. Thank you. Thanks a lot. You’ve been playing with Lautaro
for three months but you look like brothers You’ve struck up a brilliant understanding. Is it just hard work
or is there something else to it? I spoke to Lautaro on the day I joined Inter I told him I’m here to help the team and I think you can score lots of goals with me if I understand how you play and vice versa. When we practise our movement
on the pitch we understand each other and we have to keep growing
together and with the team. We don’t need to speak a lot. When he makes a run I know what run I need to make. We’re working well together for the team
and winning lots of games but we have to keep it up and work even harder. Now that you’ve been here a few months, what do you think is Inter’s greatest quality? Our desire to win. We’re very strong physically too. Our movement in attack and also the defence. We’re very good at the back. When I play against the defence
in training it’s really hard to score. I prefer playing against other teams! The coach has just passed by
and told Lukaku to think about SPAL, immediately bringing the next target into focus. He put you in place there:
concentrate on the next one. In another interview
I spoke only about Barcelona but I don’t want to think about this game; I want to focus on SPAL
because it’s a big match for us. We’re doing very well in the league
but we must do even better and the SPAL match is very important. Let’s enjoy this win then
and turn attentions to SPAL tomorrow. Thanks and well done again. Thanks. I wanted to ask one last question
and then we’ll let you go. In the time it took you to get from where
you started your run to where you scored from what were you thinking? I’ll blast it? I’ll stroke it in? What were you thinking
in the seconds before the goal? When I’m in front of goal
my only thought is to score for the team so that we can win. We did that today and when we went 2-1 up I thought that Slavia would keep on
attacking to try to equalise, so that would give us more space to get a third. Lautaro’s movement was good
and he scored a cracking goal. We were all happy afterwards. You know what we say in Italy, Romelu?
Great stuff. Well done. I’d promised him and here he is. Lautaro, congratulations first of all on a great Inter display and key win. Congratulations to you
on your latest fine performance. Thank you so much. I’m very pleased because
we played with intensity and intelligence. I think we set up well on the pitch and are happy to be taking three key points home, which help us heading into
the final game full of desire to beat Barcelona at home
and reach the next round. Lautaro, congratulations. As Federica alluded to,
it wasn’t easy to score at this ground, particularly because of how Slavia lined up. My question is if ghosts from
Barcelona and Dortmund reappeared at 1-1? Yes. We got an early goal in the first half and then conceded a penalty, so we have to pay close attention to such things, because as I always say,
this competition is so important and you can’t afford to make such mistakes. We have to keep working week in, week out to do our best and we’ll be looking for a home win
in our next game. Fede, the last one is for you and then let him go. Lautaro, congratulations on your Italian because you’re improving. You have that ruthlessness
that means you take to the pitch with the right spirit. The first of your two goals
came in the first half an hour, just like most of your goals so far and it was the fourth consecutive
Champions League game in which you’ve scored, equalling Inter greats such as [Samuel] Eto’o and [Hernan] Crespo. I imagine that makes you very proud. Yes, of course. I’m very pleased because it’s down to hard work on the pitch in the week. That’s why I work hard and came here to give my best, get such wins for Inter
and enjoy it. We have to keep working hard
and improving day in, day out. I’m thrilled. It’s a dream come true for me. I dedicate it to my family in Argentina who are certainly very pleased like me. -Thank you and congratulations, Lautaro.
-Thank you, bye. Diego, congratulations on the win. It was a great display
and you showed your character to take a key result back home on a night when only the result mattered. Yes, it was a display that was full of character. We were well prepared for the match and did well in both boxes,
which is where games are won and lost. The team did a key job tactically,
keeping our heads and we got the goals. We were ruthless,
which allowed us to win a pivotal game. It was win or get knocked out
of the Champions League. We won and are pleased. Our fate is in our own hands
to try to reach the last 16, which is what we all want. Good evening, Diego. What did you make of the match this evening? You were certainly one of
the best players out there and it was one of your finest displays for Inter. Did you expect Slavia Prague to be so organised and well set up to hurt the opposition at home? Yes, I don’t like speaking
about individual displays. I think it was a great team performance. Without doubt, the whole team did very well. We were sure about what we had to do to win. We did just that and as I said earlier, we were ruthless in both areas,
which is what matters in football. It’s about scoring goals
and keeping them out at the other end, which is what we did tonight. We knew we were up against a
tough and hardworking side that is brave and attacking
in front of their fans at a small ground, where they get behind them. We knew what sort of game to expect and how we’d have to play. We prepared accordingly and
are pleased it went the way we wanted it to. The team produced a good display
in all departments and got the win. The final game will be
in front of our fans at San Siro and we know how important that can be. We’ll have to give everything
against Barcelona out on the pitch. Yes, that’s what we wanted. Given the way the group has gone,
we wanted to go into the last game with our fate in our hands and nobody else’s. First, we’ll prepare for the game on Sunday. We’re still in a race in the league
and we’ll then think about Barcelona. Our fate is in our hands and it’ll be a final for us in front of our fans at home. We’re excited and want to get through, so that’s how we’ll approach it. We’ll prepare for it thoroughly, knowing that it’s a final for us
and that’s how we’ll have to play. -Thank you, Diego.
-Thank you, bye. We’re here with Antonio. Congratulations on the deserved win. The team is growing in personality
and also the style of play. Good evening. I think it was a big test and
we deserved the three points. So many teams have struggled here, but I think we showed our character and certainly deserved the win
in the second half. Carlo Muraro, your question for Candreva. Hi Antonio. Congratulations. I’d like to know if you prepared for the game to tire out Slavia Prague in the first half
by making them run. You took the lead and nearly went 2-0 up, but the penalty could’ve hurt you badly. You tired them out and
then took over in the second half. You moved the ball a lot and
allowed the forwards to link up and score. Was that Conte’s idea? Did you implement that well
or was it just that you were good? I think your analysis is spot on. We knew we’d have to dig in
during the game and we did. We managed to stay focused
after our second goal was ruled out and their equaliser. That could’ve hurt us,
but we were in the game in the first half and we thoroughly deserved the win
in the second half, so we’re all pleased. It’s a confidence boost ahead of the
decider against Barcelona. Yes, we’re raring to go,
but from tomorrow we’ll be focused on the league. We’ll then think about Barcelona in a few weeks. From tomorrow, we’ll be focused on Sunday.

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  1. Adesso testa alla Spal , Roma, e l'attesa finale al Meazza contro il Barcellona… Per me è già una finale.. forza Inter ??

  2. Romelu e Lautaro fantastici giocatori ma anche ragazzi eccezionali, tifo Juve ma è davvero un piacere vederli giocare! Che futuro davanti, e che presente!!!

  3. Hai le palle più grosse delle ginocchia! Stai trascinando una squadra da solo! Sei un grande Romelu! Una manna santa per l'Inter. Grazie di tutto.

  4. Cazzo intervistate lo sceriffo se poi traducete la metà della risposta…il muflone é stratosferico alla faccia di tutte le vedove del coglione…

  5. Che squadra di sfigati…..possono vincere soltanto cn lo slavia Praga…poi lukaku velocissimo per i 2 quintali che Pesa……e più veloce una lumaca…????

  6. Dittemi che sono matto ma Antonio conte a una mentalita di ferro anche se un ex juventino lo amo da morire haha forza inter!!!

  7. A me non piaceva e pensavo avrebbe reso meno delle aspettative. Mi ha fatto ricredere del tutto questo grande giocatore. Complimenti da uno juventino

  8. Skriniar sintetizza bene i progressi del nostro attacco rispetto a quello che avevamo prima: “Se è la coppia più forte con cui ho giocato? Al momento sì, anche estendendo il discorso agli avversari. Fanno veramente bene e giocano per la squadra. Aiutano i compagni, non fanno solo gol: per noi è qualcosa in più.”
    Grande! Forza Inter, Sempre!!

  9. Da juventino pensavo era un pacco ….invece umilta sforzo sacrificio complimenti a lui e a l inter nel credere un giocatore cosi

  10. coeg lukaku udah jago aja bahasa itali, lah gua dr jaman recoba nnton inter main ga pernah ngerti apa yg diucapin sm komentatornya
    yg gua tau cuman “pallo, rigorre, difensori, attacante, portiere, insieme, grazie , buon giorno, buonatale, buonaserra, giornata, vincere, merda Haha

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