SKYRIM – Special Edition #13 : Torches Torches Everywhere!
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SKYRIM – Special Edition #13 : Torches Torches Everywhere!

August 11, 2019

What’s that mr.. Dragonfly the outside world is a scary place Well, yes, I suppose it can be it can be beautiful, too. You should try it Okay You’re not exactly the man I came to see But I have this odd feeling that perhaps you should be This is the man I came to see brand che he is currently in residence in the lower floor of this particular prison and There are a few strange things and a major problem the major problem is He is not asleep my plan was to come in here and find either away into his cell or hope I could reach him on his bed while he slept and pickpocket his key But even though it is almost 3:00 a.m.. He and many of the other prisoners do not seem to wish to sleep Of course the other our problem would be if he slept over there. I wouldn’t be able to reach however I’m pretty sure having watched the guard I could wait in city’s back quickly pick the key and head on in I Can’t do that while he’s watching because he’ll probably notice and wonder why a guy in a well Let’s face it a suspicious set of leather armor is picking a pocket into his cell and probably assume. I’m coming to kill him Now the weirdness is go beyond him and various other people not sleeping He has a dagger Why have they left him a dagger Whilst he’s imprisoned. They’ve taken his clothes from in which you know you would expect, but not a dagger And then I thought to myself you know what? They’ve probably taken all of his other stuff as well you take his key you take his valuables you’d take everything and store them in a locker or As would seem more likely now select The problem is is they’ve left him with a dagger now I’ve searched everywhere I have searched everywhere and I have acquired some trinkets for my trouble I even found What seems to be? The evidence Locker and it’s empty So there were some other things in here. Don’t don’t worry too much about them. There’s also prisoner belongings chests Also, empty which leads me to believe he’s not even going to have a key even if I figure away in here and into his cell and Successfully managed to pickpocket him For what Worf I done this time so yeah Bit of a bust not sure how long it’s going to be before he’s let out But there is a good chance. I’m not getting in his strongbox There is also this general to gawk at me, or is this a social call who is wearing nice clothes also awake But seems to be living in a somewhat luxury. Cell finally someone besides the stupid guards to talk to Okay, Sibi, blackbriar oh You’re an important person, not. I probably could have guessed by the by the cell Why are you in jail look? We all have our flaws? I changes that women can’t get enough of me So I had this little affair going on while I was betrothed to the beautiful girl named speedy Seedy fat she finds out and she tells her brother Wolfer, then her brother attacks me with a knife I mean I had to defend myself, so You got arrested for his murder Exactly now. I have to stare at these bars for eight months, and you believe it. I’m Unless that wench marry into the richest family in Riften you Gotta haze me I’d do anything to have that horse head on a platter All I need to know is where she is okay If I somehow stumbled across that information what would it be worth to you? That’s the spirit find her and I promise you’ll be well compensated hmm Okay, do you have any information on speedy you’re well yeah, yeah, you’re serving only eight months for murder your mother thought I should be taught a lesson for airing the family’s dirty laundry in public I Mean, this is a punishment care from uh many people for her in the past What you know Bolivian did she expect me to do? Well probably behavioral to scream at home during my stay well woman of course I’m surprised. You don’t get that arranged considering the Luxury you seem to be living in um Tell me about your family when speaking of the black friars only one thought should spring to mind We are not to be trifled with Help us. You end up rich cross us and you’ll end up a memory is that enough information for you Mmm. It’s useful information. I will keep it in mind Do you have any information on sweetie? She was a young woman buxom with long flowing black hair She used to sing the most lovely songs to me when we were courting. I’ve never heard a voice so beautiful All that talent will go to waste when I’m finished with her Okay, so she can sing all right? When I find that bitch, I’m gonna wring her little neck yeah, that’s your business. I guess I am right well We will we will keep your eyes Open hello My extremely well camouflaged friend do you have something on your back, or is that just a shadow you really are well camouflaged well well camouflaged for a Jail in rift, and I suppose camouflage is after all somewhat Situational ah you’ve got a key for this. Don’t I? Yes, I do You my friend have piqued my curiosity uh May I come in I’m going to take that as a yes. What have you got you’ve got a but? Why do all of these prisoners seemed to have weaponry do you have a weapon? probably a bad idea with you you need for some odd reason I get the feeling doesn’t my little problem solver I Please don’t interrupt. I I get the feeling you’d accidentally stab yourself. I suppose you did murder someone but Why are you shooting your look you know What maybe I should ask you these questions directly could you step into the light because I seem to have left my torch back in In my room yes Small problem with it not actually having been acquired through the exchange of money Are those scars the scars okay, hello come to kill me at the last have you thanked leg gods He can barely guilty no longer Yes excuse me. I know I must die beware though my newfound honor demands I defend myself uh Do you know me I don’t think so I am in no mood for jokes Write me down. Take your revenge I Honestly have no idea what you’re talking about really seriously absolutely no idea had no intention of striking you down especially seeing as apparently honor demands that you defend yourself and Yeah, that sounds like a bad idea You don’t remember that is my fault also I Am your so-called friend amigo, but I was the one who killed you I tried anyway I am guilty okay kill me ah You didn’t do a very good job. Did you why you here? We go mad little bit what you tried to kill me? Did I notice I? Mean is this one of those situations. Where you you I don’t know pushed a piano off a tall building, and it missed me and out of curiosity also why And why are you here after I shot you I finally you shot me and try to turn myself in Your body was gone. The gods did not believe me They said I was wasting their time I had to pay them to put me in this cell it is where I belong I Needed to repent I need to repent Ok let me see if I’m getting this straight you shot me, please ignore the air quotes. I’m making in front of you and after you shot me again, please ignore my fingers doing that thing you you saw, no body and Instead of thinking to yourself. Oh, I just hallucinate it that I shot somebody You just were convinced the body disappeared, and now you feel guilty for having Shocked me again apologies so you You turned yourself in You’re a lunatic aren’t you you’re a Lunatic which would explain why you keep talking to the dragonfly if you thought I was dead. Why are you waiting for me? I don’t remember much, but it’s clear. You are me. I’m not the person you remember, but you look useful this strong Okay, that actually might be a lie also. I’m not sure about useful Actually, no. I’m not III oh Sorry I’m I’m a deeply I’m to kill me at the last. No no you are just Yeah, no I’d should be honest with you. I can’t think of a use for you sir well Maybe it might work in my favor if you think she owes me Had a curiosity though if you thought I was dead then why are you waiting for me instead of just disappearing seriously guilt I heard the tales of a remarkable adventurer both brave and resourceful matching your description oh You it was you it had to be I knew you would be coming for me, so I waited Are you going to kill me or not? Okay, I like you ah I don’t remember. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, um no I’m feeling very magnanimous I’m feeling generous and very forgiving I’m a forgiving merciful kind of person so you owe me come with me I fight with you hmm We’re this year for me you fight for me Yes, indigo repay your debt with the blood of my foes and more importantly by preventing my foes from extracting blood From me you see I have somewhere. I need to go and I was going to hire someone But this could work better although. There’s now a little voice in the back of my head saying He’s nuts are you crazy – why would you want a nutter? there’s another voice on the other side saying yes, but he has a bug in a jar how bad could he be And I’m going to listen to that voice. Yes. I am or die defending you yes, I accept I feel like that in my heart now you have given me this opportunity It will be like times Okay, just watch where you aim with that bow of yours yet, so you’re a Bowman. I was hoping for someone who? You know maybe would get the attention of people, but omens good. I suppose Just watch where you aim sorry about my stomach do not to joke about such things my friend The sadness I feel for what I have done is brutal enough for now Okay, okay Uh, but out of curiosity do you have? Clip-in egos chip, are you just going to leave? Have you got clothes blacksmiths apron you have a lute with arrows in it Storage check there’s a storage chest this has iron armor apparently we can take this we could take this Is this yours perhaps used to be um Well let’s sort you out with something could you just come here a little bit, just I would like to to get a good look At you come hit hit Thank you you really are very dark-skinned Okay you Wait I need to trade some things with you pooling our resources Okay now I saw a bow on his back, but there is none in his inventory Okay, let us get back to it Okay, well that’s a little better. We do need to find you some boots perhaps a helmet and some gloves But that is a bit of an improvement you do have trousers. Did you you probably already know? You didn’t get a loincloth in you um Before we go anywhere are you really going to leave mr.. Dragonfly and Muffle tongs Can fly say hello to my friend Mr.. Dragonfly is shy and frightened of almost everything? Do you mind if I take mr.. Dragonfly? Don’t ask why it would take too long to explain actually would be impossible to explain um You’ve got a gentleman this visited this muffle tonk necklace I Limit Indigo’s idle chat at while adventuring so if I wear this if I wear this you’re sure oh God I need one of those for everybody yes, I do Or does it mean if I give it to you and make you wear it? You’ll hush because even either way that would still be a useful thing we could market them in the girls Journal Mm. Okay Entry 1 today, I had to kill Felix with his own damned sword thrall attacked me He was planning to murder me for the last of the scuba. He did not ask did not inquire He just burst into my room with a shriek and started slicing poor wretch had been clean for days He got me in the leg before I could finish Before I could finish him a little note a little extra skooma will take the edge off the pain tonight Selling the rest tomorrow. I am done with the stuff so You’re a recovering addict perhaps you did hallucinate killing someone who looked slightly like me and treat I’m a little miffed that you would mistake me for anyone else to be honest even though you are as loony as they get Entry 2. I’m missing Felix today shame I had to kill him could not find a buyer for the stuff But I did meet a fancy man called du pan at the docks earlier He says he has a job for me and that is well paid I will be working with another mercenary I hope whoever it is respect my property. I am to meet du pan and my new partner next week in Skyrim I always knew destiny would bring me back there and Truthfully, I sometimes hear Felix talking to me even though. I know he is dead Yep, total loony talks to dragonflies and dead friends. He blames me for killing him Didn’t you I? Blame him for being a bloody scum R. Addict. I mean that’s a valid two point Entry fall he is back again whispering from the shadows you did not have to murder me in the NGO shut up You should have just listened to me indigo shut up Felix stop haunting me. I was clean for days in ago It is you who is the addict quiet. Please be quiet. I was not going to kill you in ego. I Was going to help you no you lie you are a school Moorhead You stole from me more than once to feed your habit a habit. We share in a go Entry five the skimmer is all gone. It was the only thing keeping Felix quiet I need to get more before the big job am I an addict Felix leave me be I am sorry okay I’m beginning to worry that perhaps. I made a small mistake, okay we can just just walk out of here, and I can tell him to – I’m telling he’s free to go or I Told to guard something somewhere far away from me He definitely sounds like a loony Entry 6. Lucky lucky me I found a dealer this morning before I met my new companion It is not good stuff, and I only had enough gold to buy a little But it will have to do entry 7 my partner seems like likely enough likable enough I assume he means we can certainly get the job done. That is for sure We got into a bit of a scuffle with some things and while I’m glad I was not one of them I think we will make a good team the air is so fresh here this land is very beautiful my new friend is off catching dinner Felix has been quiet all day Entry 8. We met with Dupin and his sister today yes He has a sister a very pretty lady indeed it turns out that du pan has two brothers as well We had to track and kill them both du pan is the youngest but feels he is more deserving of their father’s inheritance He says all they do is drink and fight and dirty the family name We’re going to be paid very well for this My companion wants to buy a house with the takings all I can think about is skooma Dupin says that if only one of us makes it back the survivor will get the full reward What a thing to say Yeah, that does sound like he was trying to turn you both against each other to be honest now We will be watching our backs when we should be protecting each other entry 9 we set off a door and heading north We should get to the first key in a few days My partner And I shared many stories and even sang a little as we traveled. I think we are becoming friends I used the last of the schooners today. Oh what I would do to never have this worry and want again Entry 10 Felix is back, but quieter than before Maybe I can kick the habit this time. I have good company and gold on the way We were attacked by a pack of ugly wolves this afternoon my friend took care of most of them But I got two. I think we trust each other. What a powerful ally I have made my hands had begun to shake a little, but I will suffer it hush now Felix push Entry 11, but other warn is no more He was an evil piece of work But stupid as a rock he did not seem to notice half his men were dead until I put a dagger to his throat We found a poor serving girl tied up in his bedchamber we released her and the other servants before we burned the place down As long as word doesn’t reach the next brother before we do all will be well I am very sick now. My new friend knows something is up on the upside Felix has been quiet all day Entry 12 I’ve decided to go back on the schooner as soon as possible it is only a problem when I don’t have it With my share of the reward I will not have to worry about wanting for 10 years Maybe more my companion has grown less talkative. I am ill but on my feet mood swings sweats I fear my friend is growing weary of me. I may wake up dead tomorrow it may be a relief Felix is gone. I think Entry 13 I was not killed in the night Which makes writing in this journal a little easier my companion is packing up our camp. I am too weak We are about to take on brother number two But hardly a word passes between us if only one of us returns the reward is double This is what my friend is thinking I could not defend myself in this state. I must make the first move I must put some distance between us and use my bow from cover I am a wrench and a fool, but I will not die today if I do this right I will not have to worry about wanting for 20 years. Maybe more Okay, so that’s what he did he? essentially killed his partner because he was having a schemer withdrawal episode So out of curiosity I’m going to step out of the cell before I have this conversation with you. Uh-huh Okay, mind if I ask you something I need you to do something yes Any thoughts do you have thoughts? Sane ones, I’m thinking the guards here are all blind deaf fools Don’t worry. They didn’t hear me say that Let’s hope that is true mind if I ask you something you have my full attention Are you going to viciously kill me Let’s talk about talking. Let’s discuss combat tell me about your past tell me about yourself Let’s just discuss combat I would like to know I am open to suggestions What your core are right about your fighting style. What are you current combat? I am being aggressive I? Am fighting how I choose it yeah, that might be an issue Okay Is this an intervention? It could be try to already fight when it is necessary about your fighting style I want to ask you something really here’s here’s the thing I don’t want you running off attacking everything willy-nilly Because we might be able to attack it slightly less willy and nilly Basically is what I’m saying. I think what I’m saying is please let me decide When we attack okay? I will keep the violence to a minimum Necessarily what I mean, I just mean allow me to tell you when you should kill someone Down a bit of a control freak like that just uh, you know it’s just one of those things Don’t worry about it too much about your fight Eastern you action that whatever curiosity favor the blade getting close If possible favor the bow use ranged attacks, but you know what to be honest with you I think I want you in close yes Yes, I do I want you to be the center of attention because I cuz I’m a I’m a humble kind of person I would give you all the credit. Yes, okay, I will get up close and personal And remember wait for me to give the word okay, that’s probably that’s probably all For now why are we? Would you mind following a bit further behind Yeah, that’s that’s probably also a good idea. I’m not sure how close I want you behind me, okay Was not something I said no no it’s more. Yeah. No okay. No. It was something You said it was the whole thing about we’re not said RIT roped RIT wrote wrote in your book. You know Mind you you do have a bow maybe I should keep you close Okay, you’re making me paranoid. Now. You’re making me paranoid. Let’s just write Let’s get out of here. Okay. We can talk more later once. We’ve got you some better clothes I Picked up my torch and various other items from my stash And I did find gloves and boots for indigo here, although. They do not really go with his outfit To be honest, I think that’s more of a case of this outfit really doesn’t go with anything I did try to find something else, but there was nothing lying around I Actually think you shouldn’t have a hood yes You have a somewhat distinctive look. It’s a good look. Do not get me wrong It’s a very good look your coloration your scars the whole the whole look. It’s just it’s very striking Unfortunately, it’s also very memorable and generally speaking I find that to be a disadvantage at certain moments however The job were done right now is not One such moment you see in the go I have an item to acquire in a place that is somewhat out of my usual comfort zone Specifically, it’s an item. That’s in a dungeon and I really don’t like dungeons No, I don’t I’ve not actually been in many and whenever I have it’s usually been Mostly because I couldn’t avoid it this time however There is an item in a dungeon that I want it is the sick house bell hammer yes indeed You are going to get me there in one piece you’re going to get me through the place in one piece and help me find the item and You’re going to get me back to Rifton in one piece It’s a moose being chased by it’s a moose being chased by several wolves in this direction This is where you start earning your money or in this case you’ll forgive. Oh well your forgiveness By focusing on the getting Leonard to where he wants to go in one piece sort of thing yes Fine let’s kill the wolf you go, oh, well yes This is because I didn’t I told you not to be aggressive right I was thinking don’t just go running off and killing absolutely everybody in sight Wait you know want to ask me something yes Just go nuts Good idea You you you you do whatever you want to do, and we’ll see how that works out right. We’ll see how that works out Wolves wolves you say nice. This is this is good, right? That’s what I want to see wolves attack me You attack them? We’re working well now. We’ve got a rhythm going Yes indeed It’s on the other side of this matter, we’re just gonna follow the path Is that another no that’s a big move is that’s a roof or a bridge to bridge right. It’s a bridge Let’s hope we don’t get attacked by a troll Okay While he’s waving a sword at us, but he’s not coming running at us with said sword, so let’s ignore him, okay? It’s not a troll, but it does look like me In route 9 route It’s an orc hello oh Okay Curiosity is going to be the death of me isn’t it Okay old orc hello, I’m waiting for a good death Okay back away backing away Let’s don’t look at the crazy person in the eyes Excuse me my friend I’m telling a crazy person not to look at another crazy person in the eyes Yeah This day is not starting off Particularly well is it I mean it’s filled with Little subtle signs I say subtle then the sort of signs that are screaming Okay It’s another loony isn’t it? Yep, it’s another loony It’s an input. Why isn’t it period attacking us? Why is he you taking me? You’re brainless existence is at an end I hate you Or, Nirnroot Okay, I I had a premonition about Finding Nirnroot near to a bridge, but I didn’t have a premonition of the man walking across it Hello fatherís, I’m on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Azura the goddess of Twilight if you’ll excuse me, okay Yeah, no problem Okay, yeah, no. I just I had this odd dream sometime in the past that I would see an old oak here, but apparently Yes, it was a fevered dream Something killed a lot of wolves here Okay Nirnroot could be useful Keep your eyes open my friend and Please be alert Okay, you’re probably thinking He’s paranoid I’m not gonna kill you for your scheme it okay. I’m really not definitely not I need you alive, and I’m Claire happy to get you scoop up Yes, I am very happy All the school you need And like I said no in tel-aviv ready our weapons just in case Yeah, okay, you know what that’s some, that’s Good thinking a big big problem Ivor yeah, let me get that sorted cuz I I want the shield ready just in case Yes, I do, so shield talk o K torch was probably a bad idea. I think I just announced I would okay indigo get in there Okay This may be where we’re going did you Okay Fur braces for shoes Imperial bow you oh, you know what I might give you that steel arrows studied armor, which studied armor be more you I Don’t think as pants though. I really don’t think it has pants His thing I’m not sure if you’re a pants kind of person, but honestly I’m sort of hoping so I really am Yeah, this this fur armor definitely does not Okay, I intend to That’s much, oh god, you know what I’ve done. I was going to once I’d been to the prison I was going to go pick up my new sword. I have a new sword We could go all the way back but It’s irritating isn’t it um? Yeah, no we’re gonna leave you in that for now, okay, so It looks like That are going to be bandits in here I had Are you going ahead then buy it by all means Now occasionally I might want you to Yes very impressive feel free to not do that anymore So as I was saying occasion I might want you to just I’m going to go near this torture That is depressing on so many levels I cannot even begin to tell you So we can’t keep the torch out when we think that it enemies nearby Let’s I’m hearing I’m hearing Coughing Are you are you a very stealthy person? I mean you are hard to see I have to say you’re a bit loud And by a bit I mean very I May need you To hang behind me and let me Do a brief reconnaissance stay away from the light that Is a sound Sound trap Yes, it is. Can I diss? Now I might get it jump over it oh no oh Okay that We may have We may have a sleeping person if you don’t mind I’m going to prepare a little Where are they no no, no, no extra fee negotiable Frostbite venom damage health let’s let’s use that little extra See one sleeping close Yes, I do You know long I get this old age to practice Unlock Nick, I’m gonna steal the lockpick I’m good to kill you Oh God there was another one. Yes. Hello. Hello clicking. Oh God my Overcommitted a bit there. It’s it’s right when I oh my god. Yes I do run for Think I heard some of the others. Uh yeah, yes, okay, we’ve got it. We got somebody with the maze Found it chief wow wow wow wow wow? Are you really ignoring the large cajuste giving you in the back yes, you are sorry Yes Mutually beneficial Meeting meaning we’re both going to come out of this better off, right ranger armor Range your boots Ranger horde orcish dagger nice About a mace Let’s take it anyway now can’t see it or a terrorist will you have a loot in a second, let’s just Let’s double check that There’s nothing else here dove interest Ah and entrance, let’s just check up here. Let’s just check up here huh So glad we checked up here, so glad we checked up here. We have darkest darkness Don’t know what it is having it, but I know buddy. I know it’s a book before you say anything snippy I know it’s a book Battle of sunk rat or 200 totally useful, but hey Was that a potion of lock-picking maybe I can get potions of pickpocket that? Might be a good. Oh, I forgot all about that. I’m about to have a bad day On the bright side I’m about to have a bad day whilst looting Okay good, okay Let this be a learning experience always check for traps. Yes, okay, now. What we do is we check the Loot yes, we do we check what was it correcting the? Ranger armor which is not as good as the thieves? Armor, which means it’s yours We got Ranger boots, which and not as good as mine range This is all not that good which means it’s your something. Ah yes. I Need to trade some things with it. I will bear your burdens gladly oh Okay, I’m trying to decide if that was sarcasm or humor. I’m going to choose humor because I’m in a good mood that’s because I’m alive and slightly richer I Think that has pants as well Yes, you have pants that does look better, I think that is more you the hood especially Yes Brown it goes with your skin as well You see you see how well this is working out you see how well this is working out all we need now is to make sure we have a skimmer sub like yes pants definitely excellent real killer stop shouting and start getting Back oh yes That is actually almost as She’s torches everywhere Just don’t ask don’t ask even that you have no idea, but it was very traumatic Rick. Tell you what we can Check everything on the way end But this if I’m not very much mistaken this the dagger is as good as my sword Not quite not far off Probably that’s a little faster Okay, let’s keep our eyes open the traps Yes I’m Reluctant to take a torch and while looking for traps because I’m assuming even though it was a secret passage Okay, what the hell has been going on? Oh I’m I’m detecting beau steel sword woodcutters axe that has been used to Brute lice something sick house Bell hammer that is what we came for okay, I Have no idea what any of the potent poison Yes, thank you leaf na leaf na report leaf NARS death to his family at heartwood mill on the western edge of I Don’t care

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    … Ah, yes, here they are, my 600 travelling arrows! Wouldn't wanna go anywhere without them.

  24. If i remember well at the thieves guild base there is a full set of the thieves armor that can be good for your companion

  25. Not sure if anyone mentioned this somewhere or not, but the Armor of Intrigue is a nice fit for Inigo. I use the "brighter" chest and boots. No gloves, head or other accessories. Check it out if you haven't and still struggle to find something you like Inigo wearing.

    Love the series so far, Gopher. Keep it up.

  26. Just a thought Gopher, pretty sure there's a second set of thieves guild armour scattered around the beds in the guild. You and Inigo could have matching outfits, be quite the fetching couple!

  27. Best roleplayer I've ever seen. I remember getting a little choked up with the final Richard video from the main LP series… and then jumping for joy with the return LP for Moonpath to Elsweyr with Kharjo. Good times. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This LP is awesome, and hilarious! Inspired me to look into starting up a new thief character.

  28. Good episode. Nice seeing Inigo with you finally. Remember to ask him about his past, and if you have occasion to enter an Inn, have a sit-down with him, as he has a good bit more to talk about when sitting in an Inn (or player home). After you have done his brief quest, a lot more conversations will open up, and his options get more varied. ๐Ÿ™‚ And as others have said, remember to give Mr Dragonfly to Inigo, and perhaps go back for that other book that was on his table, at some point. I just give all of his books, journal, etc to him to carry, so they don't clutter my inventory. Don't give him the necklace though, as he might wear it, and you don't want that.

  29. Gopher please check this out it's your kind of mod. And everyone else please give this mod some love it's almost inspired by morrowind

  30. Gopher, you should turn off player killmoves. They are competely unfair and cause for a lot of deaths you could have easily avoided. Such as at 30:00

  31. 17:47 – I think that perhaps the author meant "likely" in a 19th century sense of the word, in the "you look a likely lad" way. It means competent/able to be of use.

  32. Aww sweet Inigo thought you were going to do him in, so he took a shot at you to try and save himself. That skooma, I tell ya. He needs good ole Jack to come for a visit; teach him how to use those Tamrielic chems like a professional and not get hooked. <3 I've never seen a LP with Inigo so I am most happy about this!

  33. "Oh…I'm about to have a bad day…" LMAO! I'mma gonna wet myself I'm laughing so hard!! My gods, Gopher, you are simply the best. <3

  34. Now I kind of want Inigo to become the first mate/mascot for my pirate character's crew. He seems to have the dubious morals down pat for a greedy hedonistic buccaneer.
    Then again, said pirate is also a vampire who doesn't want to get rid of Serana for obvious reasons (she's cute and a source of bloodcursed arrows). Decisions…

  35. If you find a troll under the bridge, let's hope it is not Detritus. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Though if I would have any character from Discworld in Skyrim I would rather it be Sam Vimes. At least he has experience with dragons! ๐Ÿ˜› )

  36. Why has Gophers Inigo not got ebony weapons and arrows? Even the ones in the lute should be ebony but they're iron in Gophers game???

  37. Excellent series. Also, I love your speech-to-text app and how it interprets your nice narration:-)

  38. Now I have to reload Inigo into my plays. I like how Lexi handled the Mr. Dragonfly bottle by asking Inigo to pick him up, then it hand from his side like a lantern for the rest of the adventure.

  39. Leonard is not very smart.
    journal: "I must keep my distance and use my bow from cover"
    gopher: "would you mind following farther behind? Yeah, that is probably a good idea"

  40. Inigo's journal is well written, but it seems out of character for a Khajiit toย express themselvesย in 1st person, don't you think?

  41. "This sword is sharper than you you moron!"

  42. Gotta be honest: as well-crafted as Inigo is for a companion mod, I found his voice to be… incredibly grating after a while. Props to the author for making such an in-depth and immersive companion, I just couldn't stand listening to him talk after a few hours. And for a companion mod like his, you really need to hear what the guy is saying.

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