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Skyrim Sneak Logic

August 17, 2019

*Ambient music and birds chirping* *Leaves crunching* *More leaves crunching* What was that? *Retreat crunching* Huh…guess it was nothing. *Slice and choking* Did you hear that? Is someone there!? You can’t hide from me! Where are you!? Must’ve been nothing. Fus Ro Dah! *Victim screaming* *Opera singing* *Approaching screaming* *Fatal leaf chunching* Must be my imagi- *incoming arrow pierces skull* Hey guys, thank you for watching the video. I really hope you liked it. If you’re new to the channel then…what are you doing here? *Incomprehensible mumbling* We want to take a second to thank GraphicStock for sponsoring the video today. Any images we used from today’s video we pulled from their site. GraphicStock is the world’s largest website for pictures, images, graphics, and vector files. If you want to check them out you can go to the link in the description: and they’re giving $50 off their one-year membership, which is usually $99, so go check them out! Ok, thank you for watching.

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  1. Walks to the camp not crouching
    Guard: is someone there?
    Guard: must have been the wind
    Comes up and steals all his stuff and kills him
    Guard 2: is someone there?
    Guard walks to the dead body
    Guard 2: must have been the wind
    Gets frozen and punted off a cliff
    Guard 2: you shall not pass

  2. I Lost it on the 2nd stealth attack, not what I was expecting. I had my volume to max, so needles to say I heard every little noise and fell off my chair in laughter. Comedic GOOD.

  3. I once witnessed an NPC kill another NPC then look at the corpse and say "Im going to find whoever did this"

  4. All these whippersnappers thinking they have to skulk around in the dark like a skeever and stab people. Just do what I do! Walk up to them, melt their skin off, then run like the wind. Works every time.

  5. I was doing a dark brotherhood quest – the one where you sneak aboard a ship to kill the emperor – and I snuck up behind one of the sailors and he refused to die but my stealth was god level high at the time. "Must have been the wind." He says, his health bar indicating that he was inches away from death as he stands inside the ship's cargo hold, facing my direction.

  6. Me: kills an entire group of Bandit Highwayman except the bandit chief.
    Bandit chief: sees all his followers are dead "Must be my imagination."

  7. Me: Clicks wrong button and accidentally steals a plate.

    Everyone in the town: " nEvEr sHoUlD hAvE cOme hErE!!! "
    Draws weapons.

  8. Guard: Kills a whole village
    Guard:*Leaves and re-enters village*
    Guard: By god this man is dead (Huh….Must’ve been the wind)

  9. Moon sugar is a hell of a drug. That shit kicks do hard, you are already used to fly 30 meters through the forest and you just assume you're high.

  10. Companion: *goes down fighting*
    Companion: *sits on the ground*
    Bandit: Must've run off.
    Dragonborn [still hidden]: No, it was all in your head.

  11. There is one Skyrim logic you forgot somehow, an arrow in the head doesn’t kill an enemy with one shot…..

    But an arrow in the knee…

  12. Dragonborn: steals sweetroll
    Guard: by the order of the jarl!
    Guard: kills dragonborn
    Guard: wait,I know you.

  13. I always like to leave one enemy alive with a sliver of health after they cry mercy [I use the "Mercy" mod] and say "witness me".

    Ups the intensity 😂

  14. Me: Walks in front of a bandit camp, with no sneak perks, trying to cause choas.

    Bandits: *don't see me

    Me, with sneak 100 and all perks in the sneak category unlocked, hiding in a corner

    Bandits: You never should have come here!

  15. LMFAO
    All of this is true in skyrim
    Yesterday I killed a bandit and 3 of its buddies came to inspect and I was just 3 feet away crouching waiting for them to spot me but no instead one of them said Huh must of been my imagination while the other 2 started to walk way lol

  16. Sneak 100: walks in front of the boss in sneak mode acidently touching them

    The boss: huh… must have been the wind

  17. Oh my God, why is this SO accurate? However, I personally am more inclined to use bow and arrow from a distance and my pickpocket skill still sucks, but for someone whose sneak skill is at level 100, it's quite accurate.

  18. player shoots arrow at head of bandit
    bandit searches area literary looks at player "must be my imagination"

  19. Lol I see this happen 24/7 Kills everyone in Whiterun and Leaves Gen. Tulius alive to only go to jail and meeting him as he is saying "Did someone eat your sweetroll

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