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Skistafett på IKEA

November 17, 2019

Come on, come on, come on! What are you doing? Is this childproof? Thanks! Yes! Where’s the gun? There is he! This won’t work. No! The ski is too long. Is there a shortcut? That one! Thanks! Go, go, Sweden! No, what’s happening? Noooo! Jackpot! I understand how it feels to work here when I see those two. I’ve got mine! Loser! Move it! Move it! Move it! Oh no, what am I doing? You’re not going to use the computer? BUSA Play tunnel. Racking 17, place 46. Do you know where BUSA is? Rakcing 17, place forty … Oh, what was it? BUSA! B, b, b, b. There! BUSA! But where … BUSA’s there. I’ve broken a rod. Noooooo! Done, silly competition! I’m stuck. Yes! Sweden wins at least one combined in the world championship!

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