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SkiErg Biathlon

November 19, 2019

(Get set. Go!) (wind noise, clapping) I want to take up this sport. Like, how do I take up this sport? So, we just had lesson on how to shoot these guns which for me, I’ve never touched any kind of gun before, and so, it was a really… This guy, Sam, who’s one of the coaches here. He’s amazing and he just showed us how to use it, and gave us a really good demonstration of it. And so then we spent a lot of time actually just figuring out how to find the–I was gonna
say the hole in the wall–to hit, the target, and I was not good at that and then all of a sudden we got to do a workout that had my favorite thing in the whole world, apart from Jake, the SkiErg. We had to do 200 meters. And 200 meters kind of as fast as possible, but also being able to then move over to the gun and be able to hit the target 5 times. (Oh my God!) (Nice job!) Great work! (Good job!) (I could totally tell when I wasn’t going to hit it.) You were also pressing your gun too far into your forehead. You got a mark on it. (laughing) I feel like this is my next, huh, challenge. Wait, it’s good that it’s going well, but it gets a lot harder!

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