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November 15, 2019

Good morning from Toblach. We have now arrived. This is the view from our hotel room. It’s a beautiful first day here in Toblach. The schedule is 2,5h skate and we have also done some speed training 8 * 30 seconds To get faster. The roller ski track here is really good almost like the World Cup course so I think it is 4 – 4,5 km long so the track is nice and tough. Thats nice! So we’ll continue this session. Hey Vlog! What do you guys says about the first workout here in Italy? It’s really nice! Good roller ski track a bit high heart rate thought High heart rate? That has not killed anyone. Must be something wrong with my heart rate sensor. Sometime you need to push. Thats right! I’m considering investing here. Buy some cows. Yes The whole team is a bunch of cows right? Yes I forgot that or a bunch of kindergarten kids. Look at this! Does it look stable? No! It’s supported with a stick. Imagine if this come off the rock The wire. We ran here last year and Teodor filmed Marcus Hellner. Marcus is terrified of heights. Is he? He didn’t think this part was fun. I can understand that. We others in the team Didn’t use that against him we wasn’t mean at all. I can imagine that you guys weren’t. Do we even dare to go two on this? Äh! This is a really shitty construction. Yes. You have to pay attention at the track so you don’t trip because then you’re done. Going well? Yes. Almost on the top. We have come far. Are we going up there? Up to this castle. It has potential. Yes Good view up here. The floor has collapsed a bit. Need to renovate a bit. Open plan living area. It can be drafty in the winter. We have climbed 827m And we have a little bit left before we’re on the top. Nice! It’s high. Where did we come from? Further away? Yes, in that valley over there. Now we just have to get down then. Let’s take this way. Yes, feels good. It was a good workout. Nice, nice. Done with todays training. The part you saw before was from this mornings interval session. The others did double poling team sprint on the track. But I didn’t participated just for safety reasons. So I did 5×3 min skate Uphill. And let me say it was extremely tough. I got so sore. It felt a little bit better in the end. But now I’m up and running. Now in the afternoon I did 2 hours classic roller skiing on the track. Two beautiful days of training here in Italy are done. So far so good. Great weather and the training conditions is always good here. I’m trying to explain to everyone what’s going on down here. There’s a lot going on here. Yes. A lot of training. Then let’s go eat. Jens is strong. Shhhh, don’t reveal anything. Nordic-walking intervals. 6×10 min threshold. I’ve just done my fourth interval. Exhausting. Here you can see I’m in the lead. I didn’t take a shortcut. I’m the strongest. Now I get accused for cheating. I’m at least walking the whole time as we’re supposed to. Finally done. Almost at the top. That looks fun! Did it go well? You like altimeters Victor, don’t you? My body starts working after 2000. My body respond the last minutes. What hight are we at? 2100 maybe. Yes. Good job! Congratulations for the victory. Yes, we won. Maybe we should run barefoot? Barefoot running? Behind you! Oh yes, she’s barefoot. Bad ass. Take some to drink. Today it’s Sunday and we’ve already done one week of training here in Toblach. We have a rest day on the schedule today. Which is really nice. So I’ve mostly just chilled at the hotel room and watched a movie or series. Now in the afternoon we’re heading down town and look up a café. We’ll see if anything is open. That’s not sure since it’s Sunday. Hopefully something is open. On Sunday’s it tends to be pretty dead here. Fingers crossed. Yummy! You seam to be happy. Pretty. It was good. Quiet a lot whipped cream. But you like that. Okey then. Was the ice cream good? Yes, it was good. What are you going to do now, Björn? I thought I should stroll down to the spa. Feels like a really exhausting life. It’s tough. It goes slow. Ice cream and coffee was good. Now I’ll make it until dinner. This week is coming to an end and there’ll not happen so much more today. I’m going to be at the hotel room and make sure to rest as much as possible. So I’m ready for a couple of more days here in Toblach. I’m going home next week on Friday. Next weeks vlog will also be from here. So if you have any thoughts or wonder about how we have it here at the camp, make sure you comment what type of thing you want to see more of. If you like my vlogs don’t forget to subrscribe so you don’t miss out on anything. It’s totally free. You mainly do it for the notifications when a new vlog is up. That’s all for this week. Take care! I’ll see you guys in next weeks vlog. Bye!

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  1. Hey Jens! Great video as always, would be fun to know more specifics about interval training sessions that you are doing these days and also would be cool to know what you do to recover faster in between hard workouts.

    Cheers man and enjoy your time in Italy!

  2. Ser ju livsfarligt ut när ni är och springer sådär. Räcker med att snubbla lite så är det kört. Men kanske ser värre ut än vad det är? Kämpa på och ta de dopade norrmännen i vinter nu!

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