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  1. Lesson I learned from watching Oscars story:

    -Live life
    -Seek a role model/ mentor
    -Relentlessly seek and nourish a community of support
    -You can make excuses, but it won’t help you tomorrow or the day after. So don't make excuses.
    -You are capable of more than you give yourself credit for…
    -Don't give up.

  2. Dang…I wish I could skate as well as that! I suck at gripping and controlling the board (I can ollie high, but I can't even do a kickflip). Ironically enough, I'm good at longboarding. XD

    Keep on shredding, dude! (and everyone else featured in the video)

  3. I'm really curious. How do people with prosthetic anything do for work? Especially without hands, I can't imagine them working in a field with physical activity or anything that involves something with a computer. Do they all just end up being motivational speakers or something? I can't imagine them earning that much money.

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