SIMON vs SNAKE (Neebs Gaming Animated)

September 13, 2019

[Simon munches™] [Que action music] The f**k was that? The snake just went right by the house! {Snake} SSSSSsssSssssss Oh there he goes! Whos he going after? {Snake} *SnArFf* Oh God, he just killed Sassy Berry SaSsy BeRRi! YOU Son of a b!tch!! AHH! Ya F**k, I shoulda known better, (Simon) I should have known better! (Dora) Simon! AHHHHH! You dirty d!ck! SimOn! All right you f**k Yeah dats right Where you at? (Snake) SNARL! There you are 😁 Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!! Yeah I’m bringing you somewhere far away from my house, ya @$$hole Huh? Where ya at? I know you’re gonna… GET AWAY FROM THE F**KIN’ HOUSE! (Dora) Simon! (Simon) Get away from our f**king house! (Dora) Oh my God (Simon) Hes in our house! (Dora) Dude, oh, sh!t! All that work! (Dora) All that work! (Simon) ALLLLL THe WoRk!!! (Simon) And hes eatin my FiRe! COME AND GET ME! (Simon) GRRRRRR (Simon) Come and eat my, BGHBGHBBBBBBBbbbb (Dora) Not today (Snake) {Mmmm yummy Simon} Yeah, go ahead and keep getting that house you little f**k Go ahead And I’ll keep.. okay {Death} What the hell? (Thick44) Hey Neebs! (Neebs) Yeah, man. (Thick44) I just heard death. Yeah, I think something just attacked our base {Neebs Smile™😊] {Wingy Dang Dang Outro Song} (Appsro) Hey guys, this was animated by the very talented Fantishow! Here’s a link to his channel, go give him a kiss! And as always if you enjoy animations on the channel Please consider supporting us on Patreon. Thanks! {Wingy Dang Dang song continues}

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