Shrek Forever After Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360, Wii, PC) – Ogre Camp

September 6, 2019

once upon a time a long time ago a king
and a queen had a beautiful daughter named Fiona but she was possessed by a
terrible curse by day the lovely princess by night a
hideous ogre only true love’s kiss could lift her curse so Fiona waited in a
tower guarded by a dragon until the day when her true love would arrive no one
would have guessed that an ogre named Shrek whose roar was feared throughout
the land would save the beautiful Princess Fiona
mmm true love’s kiss led to marriage and ogre babies the kingdom of far far away
was finally it please oh goody em and they let abolish ever happened that is
until he signed the contract now things are going to change you oh you signed a contract with
Rumpelstiltskin yeah you get to be a real over again but only for a day live
it up this is a tip yeah if you want to shake
the tree good press the X button um this is the part where you’re
supposed to run away ah good ah feels good to be the real me again hope you
like seeing stars oh great to be an ogre again you know my
special ability is whistling about drinking water I think yours is better
to use it presses the circle button remember if someone hooves and poops and
blows it down you can heal yourself with one of those little hearts please you can change characters using the
directional buttons or by pressing zr1 button what’s more like like an alga raiding party you are part
of a team now no one can move on without the other and you must rely on each
other’s strength if your health is low presses a triangle button and switch to
someone healthier you can also use the r-1 button awesome Oh oh sure is great to be wanted again
oh no they’re after Fiona what’s going on here now time to reveal my secret
plan to bring down that meddling green ogre Oh
Shrek I have been watching you ever since you stuck your big fat cows right
didn’t belong fit me ah my beautiful dollies
so Shrek think you can just march in here and steal my kingdom no way
after all it is the happily ever after that I deserve roar I’m Shrek and I
wanted my old overi life back so bad that I actually traded it for the day I
was born because I’m so stupid what the Rumpelstiltskin is so smart ah
thank you you’re welcome LLL not don’t King hey back off I don’t
know you I’ve never seen you before in my entire life hahaha Anoka in a talking
donkey friends you would not have a living saucer of cream of wheat yeah
that’s right Fifi and look this Isle of chitty-chat when this day is done
so is Shrek slight and far far away we’ll be playing mine forever Wow
I can’t believe my eyes these power-ups make the gold coins come from barrels
but hurry it won’t last long hey sometimes you got to be poor she
that’s where shrek comes in preston holds the X button to make him more face
and in some places he can even push crakes into the water to make a bridge ah this is great stand back Fiona maybe light on a feet
for an ogre but did you know that she can also light uses by pressing the X
button try it out watch out oh yeah remember if someone whoops and poops and
blows you down you can heal yourself with one of those little hearts the donkey is too much if you want to
open the gate press the X button and he will kick it open for you yeah but don’t
ask him to sing though he is awful okay you don’t scare me keep your eyes
peeled for the horseshoes yah then you see them that means donkey can kick the
object that is good yah but let’s face it
having field eyes is not yoke take their lookout watch out haha keep your eyes open in
some places poor skin job and find special rewards look for sipar friends
to show you where stand back if you want to climb walls you can get
boost to do it just jump on and climb away but what do I know I’m a builder
not a climber it is my passion I am pretending they are scratching
posts hey there you want to join the fight
Fiona says we can use all the help we can get
Fiona how do you know Fiona haled is leading the resistance against
Rumplestiltskin everyone knows that Fiona’s leading a resistance what’s all
this about hey new guy
have you checked out cookie store yet it’s the greatest thing in the camp yeah
maybe you should think about buying cookies power hit every ogre should have
one oh this is heavy hey no was talking hey rookie if the fights are too tough look out Wow I just if you’re ever lost just follow the
green arrow at the top of the screen it will lead the way deals me go dicing ask active I’m not strong enough yet to do that
maybe I should say new guy you find all the treasure in the swamp yet only a
really strong ogre can open up those big blue treasure chests welcome to my store well look who’s
stopping by cookies store come in and come in enjoy uh thanks for coming around mm-hmm
stop on by here again I’ll be fixing a ball ah donkey I think I’ve done
something that I’m going to regret it didn’t have nothing to do no magical
beans did it uh no that’s good cuz I ate some one time and let me tell you
something ain’t nothing magical about what came out the other end you know
what I’m talking about uh-uh no donkey I mean I uh I signed a
contract with Rumpelstiltskin you what you never never ever never ever ever
sign a contract with Rumpelstiltskin he’s got the slipperiest fine print in
the world sure tell me about it man even his exit
clauses are sneaky exit clause yeah rumple’s contracts always come with the
exit clause everybody knows that yeah I’ll show you give me the contract okay
it’s right here oh oh I must have left it in the swamp you what no no no you
don’t understand we got to find that contract wreck all right time to move
out you two coming coming we’re swamp Patrol summer ruffles
witches have been spotted there I want to know what they’re up to the swamp
that’s great sure we love swamp Patrol don’t we
donkey oh sure nothing I like better little SWAT Patrol wait did she say
witches let’s keep moving
look you cannot vase anytime you’ve got to find the contract this is heavier than it looks hi I just and no oil barrel you Thanks hmm can’t do that yet oh well oh yes I’ll have to try this one a bit
later well that’s not working yet now is it look out deals me oh yes I’ll have to try this one a bit
latest a new guy if you think your augur enough to take out the witches in the

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