Should You Upgrade a Prebuilt Gaming PC?
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Should You Upgrade a Prebuilt Gaming PC?

September 11, 2019

Hey guys, this is Austin. Today we’re going to find out, can you buy a cheap computer
and turn it into a gaming PC? So this is what we’ve got. This is the Dell Inspiron i3650. Obviously, none of these accessories are really meant for gaming, but… (laughs) Inside, we have the computer itself. Now, while this is a desktop, one of the things that
jumped out to me about it is it’s actually a really unusual shape. Inside, this guy is rocking
an Intel Core i3-6100, eight gigabytes of RAM, and
a one terabyte hard drive. It’s actually really not bad. The biggest thing holding
it back from gaming are the integrated graphics. That’s where this comes in. This is the new AMD RX 460. What makes the 460 an interesting upgrade for a system like this is
the low power requirements. So because it’s only a 75 watt card, that means it’s able to
pull all of its power straight from the PCI slot, which, with a system like this with
a fairly low end power supply, makes a big difference. So open this up, and inside we’ll see that it’s a little bit of
an unusual sort of layout. So basically we have the hard
drive and the optical drive, which are mounted vertically in the case. That actually is not a big deal for us, because that still leaves room
for a graphics card below. Okay, you know what? I’ve gotta say, I had
really low expectations for a prebuilt system like this. Installing the graphics
card is really easy. All you need to do is
line it up with the slot, make sure that clicks
all the way into place, then swing the metal latch
to hold it into place, and you’re good to go. So now let’s find out,
did this single upgrade turn our boring desktop into a gaming PC? To start with, I tried a few games using the integrated
graphics in the Core i3. It wasn’t pretty. GTA V just really isn’t playable. Even when you turn settings
down to normal at 720p, we’re consistently getting frame rates that dip well below 20 frames per second. Install the RX 460, however,
and it is a huge difference. We’re able to bump the
settings up to 1080p on high, and we’re getting around
60 frames per second. Moving to Dota 2, we’re getting a game that’s a lot more friendly
to integrated graphics, so the Core i3 is able to run it on the very lowest settings at 720p. However, we are getting around 60 FPS. Install the graphics card, though, and you’re going to see a big difference. So at 1080p at max settings, you’re gonna get around
90 frames per second. Rocket League is another game
that’s fairly easy to run, and we are able to get it
playable on the Core i3. Now mind you, we do have
to turn the settings down to 720p and performance. However, we are able to
get a fairly stable 30 FPS. Move over to the RX 460, and we’re getting a much
smoother 90 frames per second, and that’s with the settings
turned up to high at 1080p. Shadow of Mordor is a fun game, but it’s a lot more demanding, and the i3 really struggles here. Even with low settings at 720p, it frequently dips to around
15 FPS during the action. Surprise, surprise, move up to the RX 460, and we’re able to bump the
settings up to high at 1080p, and we’re still getting
around 50 to 60 FPS. As cool as all of this is, it doesn’t make a ton of sense
to buy a prebuilt system and then upgrade it to
make it a gaming PC. If you’re willing to build it yourself, you can get a very similar
level of performance for a lot cheaper. However, if you already
have a desktop at home that could use an upgrade,
or even an older gaming PC that just needs a little bit
more graphics horsepower, for $120, the RX 460 is
actually a really solid card.

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  1. I bought a HP Omen 870-224. I regret not building a PC myself but that was I received. I have upgraded the graphics card to a GTX 1060 6gb and I added a new PSU. I even went as far as transferring the internals into a new case. All that is stopping me is the Odense2-k motherboard. I was wondering if it would be possible if I could upgrade the motherboard to something more reputable? Any suggestions.

  2. Buy a refurbished pc for a lot cheaper (Im my country you can get a refurbished prebuild pc for 100 or less) install a graphics card AND BOOM, a gaming pc around 350€ that can ran any game you like at 60 fps in medium-high settings!

  3. 2 years later the rx 460 is not available on amazon and i don't trust ebay because it probably doesn't work or its gonna die in like 2 days. newegg? nah fam i don't no website out of amazon but i guess i have to get it from there or get the 560 with 4gb for 140 (close to the 1050ti)

  4. I've got this PC but the i7 variant with 16gb Ram. It already has a AMD R9 360 pre installed into it, would this still be classed as an upgrade? Im trying to get as good as possible without having to upgrade the PSU.

  5. i have a prebuilt gaming pc it had a 750 ti and a i3 6100 8gb ddr4 now it has a 1050 ti and its getting a i7 7700 soon

  6. would it be possible to upgrade the cpu to like an i7 or something? only reason im asking is cause i got this comp. used for a $100 so i got alot of room to work with in terms of money.

  7. i have a pc with a i5 7400 and a 210w 80+ psu, will i be able to put a rx 560 4gb lp in it? the website sayt the tdp of the rx 560 is 60w so im just wondering

  8. Pre Built = Garbage built for your Grandma checking her facebook..    
    Grow the "F" up kid…   LMFAO..  That card is Trash

  9. I purchased myself an Alienware Aurora R7 just before I got into PC hardware, I'm aiming to sell it and use the money to buy some stuff to build a 1.2k gaming rig

  10. No it's not worth buying a prebuilt pc and upgrading it.Just buy parts. It's worth it only if you already have one.

  11. So, I bought a mid priced gaming PC cause I wasn't confident in building one myself. its runs all my games really well. If I want to make any upgrades in the future could i without a problem.

  12. I'd really like if i could get a response to this by Austin or…anyone really…I really need help..But I have an HP Pavilion Desktop 550-126 i5-6400 and i've had it for about 4 years now i think, and i'm a big Overwatch player, but recently i've been getting errors such as game crashes or something along that line as well as major lag when no other game has or does that to me. Overwatch is the only one that does it. So I've come to the conclusion that the intergrated graphics aren't cutting it anymore, so i've been scrounging around for a graphics card i can install into it that will not only fit in the case, and at least run my games on the minimum requirements, but on a budget as well….Really what i'm saying is: Will this graphic card work with my computer?

    Would really love some responses for help. Thank you!

  13. If anyone knows all the parts in a pc for a cheap price reply to this comment and tell me or comment on my video

  14. Austin I know I'm 3 years late but I have a question to ask.
    I have a Dell Inspiron 3668
    I want to upgrade the CPU but what size is the motherboard compatible for the CPU with?

  15. Quick answer:

    I upgraded from a gtx 1050 ti (Cpu) 6300 fx
    To an ryzen 5 2600 rx 580 for an incredible performance boost.

  16. Well it's cheaper to just buy refurbished ones they are like 50 % cheaper than new and perform the same and just upgrade it with the 460

  17. I have that exact PC, and right now I use it for gaming. I mostly play CS-Go and Fortnite, and I use a NVIDIA GeForce 710 graphics card. I was wondering if you think I should upgrade in this to make it better for gaming

  18. so I need help in the comments because I have a HP Omen Obelisk with a RTX 2080 and a core i7 8400 and im not sure if I should upgrade the crappy edoras motherboard or not because if I do I would void my warranty

  19. I don’t know about you guys but lately I have been getting ads on Austin’s videos and the ads have him in it where he is showing off laptops.

  20. And really mad cause when I try and search for a low end GPT all I can find is 1080 or overpriced 1060s can anyone give me a link for this gpu I’m Canadian

  21. I bought a rx580 yesterday for 170 it says it was supposed to be 370 on amazon did I do good and will this work on a prebuilt dell optiplex 990 ?anyone? please , thank you. I forgot to mention a got a new power supply too

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