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December 8, 2019

This week, Environment Secretary
Michael Gove announced measures to ban single-use plastic straws,
drink stirrers and cotton buds. Michael Gove is technically
doing something good but he’s got such
an unfortunate face, hasn’t he? His face actually looks
like it’s been recycled. The measures are set to come
into effect in April 2020 and will be extended to
include plastic plates and cutlery the following year. There will come a point
where plastic is the most exciting contraband. “What you got, bruv?”
“Got some mid ’90s Tupperware!” OK, Ranganation, first of all, hands up if you’re in favour
of these measures. OK, so almost universal. Surprised, guys, by that? Well, I think obviously,
we have to save the planet and in a hurry
and we might too late. So if anything I’m surprised
that a single Ranganation member would vote against that. Can I jump in?
Of course you can, Lord Dave. So what’s the deal with the straws? Were you wearing glasses last time?
No, I wasn’t. And you’ve got a beard now.
Are you trying to become me? What’s going on with the new look? Just changing it up.
What do you think? What do I think? Yeah.
You look like you’re in Guess Who! APPLAUSE What do you want to say, Lord Dave? So the straws, right,
that’s a big issue, because when you’re going
to McDonald’s, for example, they get soggy in the milkshake. So can we just keep the straws? Oh, come off it! If I felt that strongly
about it I’d buy one of these stainless steel ones
and just take it with me. But then you have to be the person that carries a straw around
with them. We carry our phones with us,
we carry loads of stuff. If I was sat at a meal with a mate and a drink arrived and he goes,
“I know exactly what to do!” Yes, Comic Book Guy. I was at a bar and
they had wax straws. It might have been a candle. Yeah. I wasn’t complaining. How was to it drink with? It was good, it was all right, it wasn’t as soggy
as I thought it would be. And I thought it was just
a genius idea. There you go. Look at that, get some
wax straws in your life. Hang on, there’s a reason
why they’re called straws, because they used
to be made of straw! And when I was a boy in Spain, you got a soft drink
and you got a straw straw. OK, I don’t know if that’s
going to catch on. Why not? We used to. Who here in the Ranganation
thinks, believes, that they use a lot
of plastic themselves. So that’s most of you, I would say. We all do it. It is within everything that we buy. Even the clothes that you buy. That is a very good point, Eyal
but, just saying, while you’re talking,
you’re not note-taking! Apparently enough plastic
is thrown away every year to circle the world four times. At the current rate,
pieces of plastic will outnumber fish
in the ocean by 2050. Katherine, what’s your take on this? I keep all my plastic
in my face and tits! You know me… APPLAUSE And by the way,
the environment thanks you! That’s amazing.
I can’t be buried at sea. But… When I first came to the UK
from Canada, 12 years ago, I couldn’t believe the disparity. We had composting
and it was mandatory and it wasn’t something
you even thought about. I know that the UK
has gotten better, but there’s a long way to go. It has to come from the top,
it has to be mandatory. No plastic straws for any of you! Natasia, is this ban
going to affect you in any way? I need to be whipped. We all do. I think you might have
misunderstood the ban. Do you know what the problem is? We’re generating
so much plastic garbo. Eco Vegan, you must be
very passionate about this. I have taken up plogging.
Plogging? Plogging, which is running
and picking up litter. Running and picking up litter. That is brilliant,
that’s really good. That’s excellent.
I think that’s brilliant. APPLAUSE I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Lord Dave, I’m not having it. “Why can’t we have the plastic
straws in McDonald’s?” Now you’re applauding Eco Vegan? You’re a hypocrite, mate.

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