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Should Gianni Moscon Be Banned? | The Cycling Race News Show

November 6, 2019

Welcome to the GCN Racing News Show – this
week, Gianni Moscon is handed a 5 week ban by the UCI, we’re asking if this is enough. We also look at the Tours of Poland, Utah
and Portugal, the Vuelta a Burgos, the European Road Championships, the Crescent Vargarda,
and the conclusion of the Trans Continental and Northcape 4000. First up, though, shall we talk about Gianni? The Italian was ousted from the Tour de France
after lashing out at Elie Gesbert on stage 15, and after reviewing the evidence further,
the UCI have handed him a 5 week ban from competition. The Italian federation and Team Sky have accepted
the sanction, and there seems to be no further disciplinary action coming from the team. Now, under normal circumstances, you’d see
this as just punishment, but Moscon’s case is different. He was already given a short ban last year
for using racist language toward Kevin Reza, he was then accused of deliberately causing
Sebastien Reichenbach to crash last Autumn at the Tre Valli Varesine, that case was later
dismissed, but he was then disqualified for hanging onto his team car at the World Championships
in Norway. So the aggressive behaviour at the Tour was
the latest in a string of controversial incidents for the 24 year old, which has led many to
say a 5 week ban from racing simply isn’t enough – after all he’ll be back in time
to represent Italy at this year’s World’s, so he won’t be missing out on any major
objectives. David Brailsford has said that the team will
give Moscon the support needed to control his anger, but does he deserve this final
chance at the biggest team in the World? We’d like your opinions on this – there’s
a poll on the screen now where you can tell us if the punishment was appropriate or not,
but we’d also like you to expand in the comments section below – what would you have
done if you were the UCI or Team Sky? Before you comment, though, it’s probably
worth too thinking about the recent case of Jan Ullrich. The German has had a torrid 10 days, firstly
arrested in Majorca for breaking into next door’s garden and displaying aggressive behaviour,
then arrested again last week in Germany for allegedly strangling a prostitute. Severe, inexcusable and troubling behaviour
that needs the appropriate punishment. Ullrich, though, is a man who is also clearly
in need of some help to get his life back on track. Moscon’s actions over the last year, whilst
clearly very different, also highlight the fact that along with a sanction, he also needs
both support and education in order to change – at 24, he’s still young, so let’s all
hope he gets it. Back to racing itself now but sticking with
Team Sky, their Polish champion Michal Kwiatkowski was dominant at his home tour. He took back to back wins on the uphill finishes
of stages 4 and 5, and backed that up with a 3rd place on stage 6. He was put on the ropes on the final stage
when Mitchelton Scott’s Simon Yates attacked and went into the virtual race lead, and although
Yates did enough for the stage win, Kwiatkowski held on for the overall win by 15 seconds. Kwiatkowski will now head to the Vuelta, where,
incidentally, we will also see Vincenzo Nibali competing – good news that the Italian has
recovered sufficiently from his crash at the Tour. American riders almost completely dominated
the 7 day Larry H Miller Tour of Utah – Tejay Van Garderen won the prologue with a his team,
BMC, taking a clean sweep of the podium that day. One American who thought he’d won a stage
and lived out every pro cyclists worst nightmare was Griffin Easter thought Christmas had come
early – he crossed the line, arms aloft in Cedar City on stage 1, only to realise there
was one lap to go. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to resurrect
the win on the actual finish line, which was taken by Travis McCabe, who would also go
on to win stage 3. The only non American to get a stage win was
young Belgian Jasper Philipsen, who got the better of McCabe in a photo finish at the
end of stage 4. Van Garderen would lose the leaders jersey
on stage 2, though, after a superbly impressive ride from 23 year old Sepp Kuss, who made
a 52km solo breakaway, holding on by 29s to take both the stage win and the yellow jersey,
in front of his Lotto NL Jumbo team mate Neilson Powless. That’s the 2nd year on the trot that Kuss
has been in yellow, and this year he was on another level throughout – he went on not
only to defend that yellow jersey to the finish, but also to win the final 2 stages. On the penultimate stage to Snowbird, Kuss
averaged 354w and 193 heart rate to also set the Strava record. Kuss will now head to the Vuelta a Espana,
which will be his maiden Grand Tour – there he will ride in support of George Bennett,
but with his current form a stage win for himself there is certainly not out of the
question. However it’s his outstanding performance
in Utah that has earned him this week’s GCN Rider of the Week. The other warm up race for the Vuelta a Espana
is the Vuelta a Burgos – recent winners there include Joaquim Rodriguez, Nairo Quintana,
Mikel Landa and Alberto Contador – this year, though, there was a new kid on the block – Ivan
Ramiro Sosa. If you’re not familiar with that name already,
then you will be soon – Sosa is touted as the next Egan Bernal. His overall win came after he got the better
of compatriot Miguel Angel Lopez on the final kilometre of the final stage up to Lagunas
de Neila, and it means he’s now won the last three stages races that he’s ridden. Next up for him is the Tour de l’Avenir,
where he could well follow in the footsteps of Bernal and Quintana, frankly it’s hard
to see him being beaten there. The 20 year old is almost certain to join
the WorldTour next year, with Trek Segafredo his rumoured destination. Boels Dolmans continued their run of success
up in Sweden – their win in the TTT at the Crescent Vargarda was their third in a row
– they finished 16 seconds in front of World Champions Team Sunweb, although you wonder
how much of that was down to a lack of aero bottles, if this tweet from Aike Visbeek is
anything to go by. A few days previous In the women’s European
Time Trial Championships, Ellen Van Dijk reigned supreme for the, also for third time in succession,
taking the crown ahead of compatriot Anna Van Der Breggen. Van Dijk then gave her spare skinsuit to Jos
Van Emden for the men’s event, as his luggage had been lost by Easyjet en route to Glasgow,
something for which he was also blaming Tesco supermarket on social media. In the end he managed 8th on the day, where
Belgian Victor Campenaerts successfully defended his Crown by the narrowest of margins – just
0.63 seconds ahead of 2016 winner Jonathan Castroviejo. The men’s road race was held under some
fairly typical Glaswegian weather – i.e. rain, which made for a hard race. Pre race favourite Peter Sagan was amongst
the high profile riders to abandon on the day, citing the injuries he’s still carrying
from the Tour. A strong 10 man breakaway forged clear inside
the closing 50 kilometres, and it looked like our question from last week, as to whether
cyclocross riders are about to dominate the road world, was about to be answered with
a resounding ‘Yes’ – both Wout Van Aert and Mathieu Van Der Poel made that selection,
but both would ultimately be pipped to the line by Matteo Trentin – a great comeback
from the Italian who fractured his spine at Paris Roubaix this year, and worth noting
too that he also has a background in CycloCross – he was 16th at the 2005 European Junior
Cyclocross Championships, 3 places behind Tom Last. After what was a very tough day in the saddle,
a number of riders have the unenvious task of starting the 7 day Binckbank Tour today,
amongst them Jasper Stuyven, who shared this photo on instagram – apparently there wasn’t
a lot of room left in the hold with all the bikes, so they got to travel with theirs as
hand luggage. After a close start, it was a convincing win
for former elite road racing cyclist James Hayden at the Transcontinental Race, covering
the 3800 kilometre journey from Belgium to Greece in just 8 days, 22 hours and 56 minutes. He was a whole day ahead of his nearest rival,
Matthew Falconer, who passed several of the other race favourites in the final day, as
he covered the last 800km barely stopping to rest. The first woman to finish was Ede Harrison
from the UK, who was also 46th overall. The first pair to finish was American bike
messenger duo Charles Christiansen and Nico Deportaga-Cabrera, who took a rather direct
and very gravelly route after the fourth checkpoint. At the time of writing 65 out of the 249 riders
have completed the journey, . It’s a really, really tough race. Before we finish, just time to say congratulations
to Ian Walker, who held steady to be the first rider home at the North Cape 4000, almost
8 hours ahead of Alex Zavoral. Walker had time to stop and capture a couple
of videos and photos on the final stretch in the North of Norway, which looked absolutely
stunning. There has been a lot of transfer news this
last week, too, so make sure you tune in to tomorrow’s GCN Show for all of that – we’ll
also be talking about Kristof Allegaert’s attempt at the Lands End John O’Groats Lands
End record, which he missed out on by just 16 minutes, despite being completely unsupported. Next week on this show we’ll be bringing
you the action from the Arctic Tour of Norway and Colorado Classic, BOTH of which we are
covering live – to watch you just need to head to I very much hope to have your company for
those races between Thursday and Sunday.. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet seen
our video on the top 7 doping excuses of all time, you can find it down here.

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  1. Gianni Moscon is an out of control Firework and Team Sky should have sacked him. It appears that Team Sky support Gianni Moscon so it may well be the case that they do not mind Gianni Moscon bad attitude and it also keeps Team Sky in the media, they like stuff like that. David Brailsford should step down and hand the reins over to somebody else, the problem that Dave Brailsford has is that you now cannot believe what comes out of his mouth anymore, If you really want to do something positive and good for Team Sky Mr. D Brailsford pack your bags and leave. The cultures gone bad for Team Sky, time to go.

  2. Surely this behaviour should not only be subject to UCI regulations and punishments, but also the local law of which ever country the Peloton is currently racing in.

    After all, if I, a civilian, were to be a repeat offender, and violently attack someone, police and courtrooms would eventuate.

  3. Thanks, Dan, so many new and worthy winners, congrats to all and woohoo to the TwoFiveSix duo in the Transcontinental. And there was chat elsewhere about whether James is the new Cannibal, and I'd say that his photo seems to indicate cannibalistic tendencies. And his competitors probably figured, yeah, better to let him get far up the road than anywhere near us. And I grin. And enjoy all your coverage of all sorts of races. And maybe your Rider of the Week will become your Rider of the Month. Form like that could land him on the podium in Spain. He is smokin' the tires up those climbs.

  4. Such a light punishment is almost encouragement to keep going…. You do this in a car rather than a bike, you probbly get jail time

  5. UCI have told him that hes only allowed to train for the next 5 weeks, not allowed to race. Allowed to come back just in time for the World Champs. Sounds like Team Sky are being punished more than he is. He is being allowed to concentrate on one of his A races of the year without any of those pesky little races he has to do to keep his contract. If anything, to me, it sounds like he has been rewarded by the UCI

  6. Gianni Moscon: A violent racist? Nope. Dump him. Jan Ullrich: A violent misogynist? Full punishment. We need to police the norms of our sport for current and past riders, regardless of achievements.

  7. GCN has learned from the worst. This is drama mongering for views. GCN should try to maintain a good name and leave the sensationalism to the infotainment media companies that know nothing else but drama.

  8. The guy is mess. Needs a longer ban but maybe not permanent. Needs a year at the minimum. Sky don't care though. They are ammoral. A blight on cycling.

  9. Oh, what a surprise, another British and asthmatic winning races

  10. Frankly speaking, I find Moscon's three week penalty for rascist slurs to be inadequate, more so than the penalty for the current incident. Yes, I agree he needs some counselling but there needs to be deterent aspect to the penalty which necessitates considering his prior offences. I'm certain Team Sky sponsors won't be pleased to be associated with Moscon's behaviour. In the end, I suspect that issue of brand damage will determine his fate more than his ability as a pro cyclist.

  11. This is more ‘trial by media’ hysterics. It was the lamest attempt at hitting an opponent since the end of the football season. It’s not good sporting conduct, but he’s hardly a mass murderer! Everyone should get a grip and ignore this spoilt brat!

  12. At my place of employment there was a fight between two guys in our warehouse and they both got fired. Fighting is forbidden in most work places and usually is not tolerated at all. A five week ban for this guy? That isn't going to stop or teach him anything. I would imagine Sky paid for that light sentence from the UCI too. Sky is bad for cycling sport and there is a host of comments from lots of sources reflecting that same view.

  13. I think a permanent ban from racing would be more appropriate, as racism can hardly be controlled and it will always come to outbursts, If you are talking about Jahn Ulrich I have to admit that I am as a German cannot understand and tolerate such behaviour as a public figure, jail time for him would be the right thing. It's such a growth how some people act and behave, I work and travel all year long around the world, I will and have ever understood and tolerated such behaviour. By the way as usual great show please continue in such good manner

  14. I am not prepared to say a complete ban but to me the punishment, given his history, is not enough and I doubt his team will follow through as they have said. In any event, there is a lot of young talent out there that would love a shot and can present a much better image.

  15. 5 weeks isn't much of a ban for the severity of his offense. Especially in light of his past issues. UCI and team Sky decisions are disappointing.

  16. No one has mentioned Gianni Moscon's personal life, home life, upbringing or current support system outside of cycling. I wonder if the root of his low self esteem is perhaps the suffocating obedience to team SKY where he likely has no voice. I think he is the only Italian on the team so maybe his pent up frustration would dissipate on a more familiar team.

  17. I guess he should be banned for all races and for doing racism and all the problems, he should be given a long ban.

  18. You would hope that the riders would police themselves on things like this. But nothing. Waiting for a leader to take a stand against racism. Who cares about plastic in the ocean when we can’t even treat humans with respect!

  19. Should not be on Sky and for sure needs help. I do hope he can get it together and be he strong rider he should be.

  20. He's a racist with behavior issues. If you employ someone like him, don't be surprised when his reputation moves over to you.

    Fuck Team Sky!

  21. Can we crowd fund for Froome and Thomas to leave Sky? It would be amazing for the sport. Our money will fill the pay gaps at the new teams. Sorted.

  22. Why is Griffin Easter, who thought Christmas had come early (that's a brutal one Dan), wearing skiing goggles? (3:32)

  23. Violent conduct has no place in sport let alone cycling….such bans should be standardised across sport, if it was football it would be 3-4 months.

  24. Anger management for Moscon? I think that cutting 3 months wages would do the trick – that is where it hurts….

  25. For anyone interested in actual evidence rather than Manufactured Outrage, this is footage of what Moscon did

  26. I've played rugby for 20 year. I'm all for second chances but this wouldn't stick.
    Also, if I lash out at someone at work I don't know if I would even get a second chance.

  27. The punch was provoked by the "victim" rider who by some reasons decided that cutting someones path on the start is fine thing to do. In this case that "victim" has to be banend for irregular (dangerous and reckless) riding, and only after that Moscon's ban has to be considered.

    So, he should be banned by two reasons. One is objective and factual, another is politically fashionable at this time.
    1) He rides for Team Sky, which has unseen support from pharma, sports medicine and law team. That combo clears team's riders in cases when high level of drugs are found in body fluids (asthma, functional dehydration, transient kidney failure, TUE covered spleen removal, etc). And according to Phil Gaimon's books, the teams don't mix clean riders and dopers. They hate each others, so in order to maintain so called "team spirit" and ensure in-race cooperation, it should be "all dopers" or (exclusive OR to be precise) "all clean" riders in a given team.
    2) His last name sounds like Moscow, so (I am just using the British politician's logic) it's "highly likely" that he's involved into so called "Russian doping program". The latter is proved to be fake and fabrication, so most of the athletes were reinstated, but Moscown has to be an exception and be banned.

  28. UCI should be UCII — UNITED COLLECTION OF INEPT IDIOTS. Cycling is the best sport on the Planet ruined by a procrastinating bunch of gutless wonders when can we get our sport cleaned up and all the fans back and believing that it is as finally clean lets chuck out the dopers once and for all. Life bans is the way to go no more T.U.E.'S or any other rubbish excuses just do it.

  29. Gianni should have had a longer ban, or even worse have lost his ride with Sky. If you are on the worlds most prestigious cycling team, you should be held to a high standard.

  30. Moscon – ban for longer before he really causes a serious injury – if he punched someone off a bike in the bunch ( as he tried at the Tour) and caused a crash…. On Ullrich, does it matter what profession the strangling attempt victim was?

  31. Get him the f*** out of the pro peloton! Racism, assaults, and immaturity is unacceptable to something that once was a gentleman’s sport.

  32. This may be controversial, then again, this is the comment section and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Moscon had too light a punishment. Sagan was banned for the rest of the Tour de France last year after a clear review of the video showed that his elbow stuck out because it was a reaction from Cavendish's brake levers catching his handlebar. That judgement was handed down swiftly too. This Moscon decision took several weeks and with no significant cost to Moscon. What did this decision take away from him? That is nowhere close to the punch he dished out. Punishments are designed to inflict pain, psychological or otherwise. This is a slap in the hand.

  33. Minimum, should be a year if not more for the anti sportsman creep! he has a very bad personality trait that shows a violent trend.

  34. He exhibits a marked propensity towards violence and poor sportsmanship which has no place in the sport. The ban should include some type of mandatory counseling to address his anger issues.

  35. Moscon is a violent, racist and a cheat, the ban is not enough, it should be longer, with a fine, come with an anger management course and some sort of decent race relation/racism history course. I like some drama in sport, but violence and racism is a blight in any sport and should be stamped out as soon as it rears its ugly head. And those who say we need a 'bad boy' in the peloton are confused, its more like he is a baby having a tantrum.

  36. I can't stand this bloke, he's living someone else's dream and seems intent on doing everything he can to sabotage it. He is a cretinous, racist thug. He and Bouhanni should be kicked out of the sport.

  37. Moscon is an incredible cyclist with a huge chip on his shoulder. Cofidis destroyed bouhanni's carreer by enabling his unforgivable behaviour and being to lenient. Sky should take Moscon out of competition for a couple of months of intense anger management training and psychoanalysis. Without that, he'll be out of cycling in a year.

  38. Moscon is a very immature young man, shielded by his protecting teams when he throws his dummy out of the pram! He deserves to get his arse kicked, but misplaced loyalty from Team Sky means he won’t! He’ll misbehave again, because he is learning that he can get away with it. Silly billy Moscon!!!!!

  39. UCI should alter their suspension procedure. Instead of a time duration they should suspend for a certain amount of UCI WT events / race days.

  40. Why are people going out of their way to talk about 'support' and 'help' for a man with anger issues? He just needs to GTFU: grow the f**k up.

  41. road bicycling sucks! stop showing up on my feed!!! just bc im subbed to mountain biking doesnt mean i want to watch these idiots whose hobby is interfering with traffic

  42. It all depends on whether Sky are genuinely going to help Moscone and get him some help with his anger issues or not. If they really do get him some sort of counciling or other help that really is aimed at teaching him to control his anger, as he's obviously got a real problem above being a egotistical twat, then the punishment is fine. If not then he should have got a lot more to try to teach him that way.

  43. Thanks for not forgetting us yanks! The tour of Utah was awesome! You use the GCN name with true meaning! Love this show!

  44. I think that a ban needs to be meaningful and by denying Moscon a ride in the World Champs that would have sent a more powerful message. Although as he will not be able to compete in the Vuelta he will at least not be able to prepare as thoroughly.

  45. MOSCON: I think he should have been punished a long time ago. Too little too late. He has been racist and, more recently, a general a-hole. To me, this speaks more to the lacklustre approach the UCI has taken. We cannot allow this type of behavior to be normalized. This is my two pence.

  46. Put this way you can only expect people to comment that yes, Moscon deserves an exemplary ban……. the question is biased. So, let's be clear, if we need to stick to UCI rulings for the Froome case, for the badly managed Wiggins case, and for thousands of others, then we should stick to this UCI decision. If, on the other hand we want to argue that the UCI has proven to be unable to properly manage doping cases as well as discipline then the reasoning should be way broader

  47. Gianni should be done for the season! There is no place for racism in 2018. There should be zero tolerance in the peloton. I hope he crashes and breaks his leg ?

  48. Are you going to cover the new ‘race across france’? It’s the first time it’s been run this year but looks like an excellent event….

  49. i think a ban needs to be atleast 3 months, or it doesnt really impact the rider since he can just swich up his goals

  50. I think cyclist are becoming pansies and snowflakes.
    His little bit of action is nothing really.
    Any blue eyes?
    Any broken noses?
    Egos dented – yes. That’s it!
    Also, ask your self the reason why he was targeted and antagonized in the first place!?
    I’m not condoning his actions, but come on! Let’s not go overboard here!

  51. I'd like to see Gianni rehabilitated and winning races in 5 years but I don't understand how Sky hasn't fired him yet. Not that it would make me happy if he was.

  52. His behavior is habitual and not an isolated incident! He needs serious help and should be suspended much longer and required to get counseling for an extended period of time.

  53. Since he punched someone, maybe he is looking for a boxing match.. better challenge manny pacquiao.. peace.. 😀

  54. If teams allow this behaviour they should be banned from the tour forthwith. Not just the rider to be banned but the entire team for 3 seasons minimum. Drugs, bad behaviour, times for cycling to get cleaned up. Maybe many of these guys can get help with behaviour – but in the neantime they'recsetting a bad example to youth. Tougher justice leads to teams knowing the laws cant bent for them.

  55. Yes. Bad for sponsors and team. Each subsequent ban should doubled.Never thought i'd be hearing about prostitutes on GCN lol>Jasper Philipsen has a suspicious needle mark on his inner arm like you get when you "donate blood" or it might be a birthmark, not sure??

  56. its not good enough. like you said he isn't missing any major objectives so he wont feel the full weight of the punishment. after previous offences, it certainly isn't good enough

  57. The Volta a Portugal is mentioned nowhere in the video. Why say it will be reviewed in the description & the subtitles, and then not talk about it?

  58. Sounds to me like Gianni is an overall threat to others around him and exhibits a poor personality in this already challenging battle of diversity and equality. And that’s just what we’ve witnessed of him on the bike. His decisions and willingness to be a repeat offender should earn him a lifetime ban in my opinion. His punishment is not just. He will offend again and it may be a very regretful one. #leadbyexample #uci

  59. He should not be allowed to race for the rest of the year.Team Sky should also terminate his contract and make an explain of him.This is the only way this guy will learn.

  60. i've seen the video and there's no punch.
    no place for racism or violence in cycling ? wake up, any sport can be violent
    and it's full of cheaters and dopers too, deal with it

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