Should FMB Be In The Olympics? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 149
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Should FMB Be In The Olympics? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 149

November 7, 2019

– Ends up being, p-p-pi– Turn that noise down, Mr Ashton. – Okay, here we go. – Turn it down! We got fails, we’ve got bails,
and it’s all about trails. – Yeah, we’ve got news, we got views, and now we got youse! – [Martyn and Blake]
It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (lively rock music) (mechanical clacking) – The inclusion of freestyle
BMX into the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 has transformed
the way the talent is going to be nurtured in that sport forever. For instance, here the
news that British Cycling is actively on the hunt
to enlist top riders into their training
programme just goes to show the weight and power of Olympic medals. I mean, I would never have partnered the UCI and British
Cycling, all with their red tape and science,
with the action packed, adrenaline-fueled world of freestyle BMX. – Hm, so how’s this gonna
affect mountain biking? We know that cross-country’s
in it to stay, but the EWS and FMB World Tour, are they gonna thrive
in the Olympic arena? Do they actually even need it? Well, the downhill’s definitely out. EWS, it’s a bit tricky. But the FMB World Tour
lends itself to the Olympics just as much as sports like snowboarding. – Definitely as much as freestyle BMX. I can feel a poll coming up. But first, some more news. A good recovery’s on the cards by the look of things
for Caroline Buchanan. The BMX and four-cross star had a terrible crash in a car recently, broke her sternum and nose
and collapsed her lungs. But it looks like she could be back on the bike in April or May. There might be some surgeries
in there, but hopefully the timeline’s good and we’ll
see her racing again soon. Best of luck from all here at GMBN. – Yes, our healing vibes go out to you. EWS rider Yoann Barelli has just signed for a drink sponsor, Red Bull. Basically in all modern
sports such like this, having Red Bull is like
wearing badge of honour, because he’s going to need
his wings out, because Monster Energy drink rider
Sam Hill has his claws out. (Martyn laughs) – Jolanda Neff has announced
that she’s sticking with Northwave Shoes until 2020
with the Olympics in her sight. Great news for Northwave,
not such good news for her rivals ’cause it means they could be looking at a rear view of a bobbing blonde bombshell ponytail
for a fair few years yet. – Oh-kay, well, GoPro have just pulled the plug on their drone, the Karma. From the offset they had
a number of issues with it and they had a noticeably 2,500 units called back to them
due to a battery issue, causing the drone to fall out of the sky. I’m guessing the drone business didn’t quite take off for them. – It’s bad karma. – Karma’s a (bleep). – Okay, team news for EWS in 2018. Lots of changes, but one notable one. Alchemy Bikes have put
their intention out to start a brand new team with Anneke
Beerten and Cody Kelly. So experience and potential in there, and it means they could
be digging for gold. – I get it, Alchemy. Yes, right. Orbea have just announced
their new team for Enduro, and an exciting rider as well, Becky Cook has just signed up to them. – Yeah, great pro deal for Becky. But she’s not going to have it her own way because in GT Factory Racing they’ve got Noga Korem joining along
with George Brannigan. So a great team there with Wyn Masters and Martin Maes, strong lineup. And last week we mentioned that Danny Hart was moving from Mondraker. We didn’t know where he
was going at the time but it turns out he’s going
over to Saracen Madison team. He’ll be riding the Myst in
the downhill races this year. And on Mondraker that means
Brook MacDonald is once again back on Mondraker with Laurie
Greenland, another good team. They’re all over the place at the moment. – Do you know what time it is? – What is it? – Time for a poll. Right, it’s time for the poll and it’s all about the
Olympics, Mr Ashton. So I’m going to base everything on that. – Okay. – And it’s above your head. – No, it’s not, it’s above your head. – Aw. – There we are, there it is. – Well, anyway. FMB, hell, yeah in the Olympics. – Second option, EWS in
the Olympics, hell, yeah. – Olympics? Ah, not needed. – All right, and the last one,
don’t matter, it’s all good. – There you go. – That’s your up tower option. And make sure you get involved in the poll and definitely in the
comments section down below. Tell us what you think about FMB being in the Olympics, would that be cool? – Mm, maybe.
– No, no. We did get some results
on last week’s poll, would you like to hear about that? – Ooh, yes, yeah. – Right, I’ll get straight into it. It’s all about are you
influenced by the pros? – Okay, I was a little bit. – Yeah, do you remember?
– Still am. – First option was “Yes for
guidance on what’s hot”. – [Blake] Okay. – [Martyn] 15% – [Blake] Ooh! – [Martyn] “They change,
I change”, only 1%. (Blake gasps) – [Martyn] So not a lot of pro influence. – [Blake] That’s pretty good. – [Martyn] “Deals over
trends”, 33%, very popular. – [Blake] Inevitable. – [Martyn] You deal with and
then you’re gonna buy it. And the last one, “Nope,
they could ride whatever”, it won’t make a difference to me, 48%. – They’ve got their
heads screwed on right. They’ve got their heads screwed on. – Also in the comments,
Paul Sherwood said, “I always go with the
best deal, not all of us “have massive amounts of
money to throw on bikes.” That’s true, if the pro changes,
you can’t necessarily just blow a load of cash to be on
the same colour bike as them. Louie Patrick Aguila says,
“It’s the rider, not the brand”. – Ooh, yeah, I see that, a role model. They follow ’em as a role model. – MountainMatt says, “For me, it’s about “the rider’s personality
and not the team”. – Again, role model. – Yeah, absolutely. Also on the Dirt Shed
Show comments last week, we had one from Lydon Brewster said, “I give up putting my
bike in the Bike Vault”. Oh, don’t.
– Aw, don’t. – It’s hard to get in the Bike Vault. – It is so hard to get in. – There’s a lot of luck involved. We’ve had some people put
their bikes in 17 times. – Wow, send the email on
a Wednesday or a Tuesday. – But they got in, so make
sure they send them in. Go on, don’t give up, Lydon. Justin Flynn says, “Techno
Hacks And Bodges needs “to be put on Neil’s phone by secret” and and we won’t tell him.
– We were discussing that. – And then when his phone rings, it would be our Hacks
And Bodges techno song. – Yes! (evil laugh) – And lastly, Chris Morrisey says, “Does anyone know if
Neil is still part GMBN, “or is he just part of
the new E-Bike channel?” He’d hate to see him leave. Don’t worry, dude, he hasn’t left. – He’s still there, he’s still there. – He hasn’t left, he’s
just working very hard. – He’s just very short and
he can’t get up to the table. – Yeah, he’s actually
here, he’s just down there. – Neil!
– Neil! – Jump!
– He can’t get to it. – Is there a First-Try Friday? – There is! – How are you gonna follow that? – Oh, my, this guy, Evan,
from North Carolina, he introduces himself the
best way I’ve ever seen in the history of First-Try Friday. – It’s all about the intro. – Look at this. – Hey, I’m Evan Weinstein, coming at you from beautiful North Carolina. Got a little bit of a cold, but hey, I’m still gonna send it. This is my First-Try Friday. – [Martyn] Look at his pee. – [Blake] Oh, dude, oh, there’s a big gap. – [Martyn] Wow, yeah, new jump. – Yes. (claps) Well done, well done. – I’ll tell you what, man, that was the gold standard of First-Try Fridays. Like a charismatic intro
and a big old bootin’ gap. – All you viewers can learn
from that because that was, I don’t even know if I
have a big enough star for that, it was just so good. – Try. (Blake gasps)
(clicking sound) – Oh, it’s (clicks) now, isn’t it? – For 2018. – I was expecting the (blows raspberry). – Oh no, that’s 2017, that’s old. – Right, okay, it’s time
to get off of this nonsense and get into something serious. Let’s get over to Doddy who’s been looking at some tech for us this week. – First up is this bike hook and it’s a Revive Dropper Seatpost. So this is not like all
of the other dropper posts on the market, it’s a
little bit different. So the Revive post comes
in the usual sort of sizes and has three drops, 125,
160 and 185, which is huge. Now the thing that’s really
cool about this and the way it differs from all the
other posts on the market is it does not have an IFP design. So that stands for
Internal Floating Piston. So for example, the
Rockshox Reverb post has an IFP on the inside, has
four seals, and has separate air and oil chambers that
are divided by that piston. This post only has two
seals, the air and oil are mixed inside, and if
you do get that problem of air finding its way
into the inner tube, which makes it so bouncy at the top, which some of you might have
noticed on some previous posts you’ve had, you’ve got a simple
reset valve on the top here. Nice little feature, that. So what do you think of this post and the fact that you can
sort of tune it at home? Let us know in the comments below. ♪ Hacks And Bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks And Bodges, Hacks And Bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks And Bodges ♪ – Do you know what?
– That was good. – It’s good but you can’t beat last week. You cannot beat last week, that was– – It’s gonna be hard to do. Unless you’re a music maker
out there and you want to try. – There you go. – There’s a challenge.
– Have a go. – Let’s get into Hacks
And Bodges this week. I’m gonna start with Ted Poo-lay, who I think has sent in this to the wrong, I think this should
have gone to GMBN Tech. This is the bit where Doddy talks about like your different man caves. – [Blake] Hack And Bodge. – [Martyn] But I do like
it, Hack And Bodges. – [Blake] Hack And Bodge. – [Martyn] I like it, Ted, he’s turned his outside toilet into a
bike maintenance shed. – [Blake] Wow. – It actually looks like he’s just got a spare wheel in there,
but it’s good effort. – That’s pretty good effort, pretty good. – Doddy needs to see this, man caves. – He does need to see that, he does. Right, I got one from Kleeve. Look at this. (laughs) – [Martyn] What’s that called? – [Blake] The patch should be
inside on the inner tube or– – [Martyn] But what he’s
asking is, like because where he rides, the stuff
inside your tubeless tyre, the lube, it all dries up really quickly. So he just shoved that
patch over and he said, “I don’t care what you
think, it got me home.” – Well, there you go.
– It worked! – Now that’s a hack,
that’s a hack, not a bodge. That’s a hack because it got you home. – That’s a bodge, dude, that is a bodge. – I still think that
should be on an inner tube. (Martyn laughs) – It’s a good one. Right, I’ve got one here
from Chris Anderson. Prepare yourself to be disgusted. – Okay. – (laughs) Look at this. – What, what is that? – [Martyn] Well, apparently Chris said, “I hope you like it, guys. “My friends and I were left in a garage for a couple of hours with a scooter and a bike and tools for what we needed.” – Okay, well, I can see that, but you could have just got
rid of the scoot bit and just left the front
wheel and took that bit off. – It’s just wrong, Chris. – It is wrong.
– It’s just wrong. – Try it without the
deck on it, ’cause that– – Do you know what I think of this? (picture clatters) That’s what I think of that. – That went through the windows. – It was horrible, it deserves
to go through a window. – Right, I got last one, last one. Look at this, Velcro man. – Does that, I’m worried
about that, would that work? – Well, he’s got a very
expensive mobile phone, sort of Fruit Fun! with loads of Velcro.
– Velcro, and loads of Velcro. – And he’s gonna stick
it down on his top tube. Look, on his top tube. – Actually, you know what,
Velcro can be strong, so that’s actually a really good hack. Like because we all want to be able to see our phones when we’re riding. I like it, I like that. – Okay.
– It’s a nice job. – I would like to know if it
can take an absolute vibration. – Good GMBN sticker there as well. – Mm, good spot, well done! – Like punch to the sky,
Hacks And Bodges this week. – Yeah, it was brilliant!
– Loved them. Not the scooter.
– Some things that made me feel a bit ill.
– Yeah, the scooter. – And other bits that just
made me smile, and a toilet. Can’t beat that, have you
got a good Hack And Bodge? Send it in to [email protected] and we will receive it gratefully. – Yes! – It’s Caption Contest. Look at this picture,
Blake-man, that is horrible. (Blake laughs) That is just horrible, honestly. That’s last week’s photo,
what did you guys have to say? Well, our first potential
winner is Henry Langrish, and he says, “I mean, slopestyle riders do wear quite stylish stuff now a days”. – Well, mm. – Can you see Andreu Lacondeguy in that? No.
– No, I could not see him. – Here’s another one for you, Chris Ward, “When Blake misunderstands the meaning of attempting the Trans-America Trail”. – Oh.
– Trans, Trans-America. I’m getting the bottle ball ready ’cause we’re gonna have a
winner of this in a minute. And this last one is from
Beach Bum’s Garage and he says, “When Strava says you are
queen of the mountain”. – Ha-ha, yes!
(Martyn laughs) Ooh. – Go on, you pick a winner, ’cause it’s your stupid self is in the dress. – I think the Trans-America
one’s pretty good. – Okay, so Chris Ward, you are the winner of a GMBN bottle without the horn, I’m afraid.
– Sorry. – ‘Cause this is the Bike
Vault (horn toots) horn. But well done, good winner. Let’s take a look at this
week’s Caption Contest photo. – [Martyn and Blake] Oh, my goodness, me. – What are you gonna do with that? Where do they get this stuff? – Hide it. – Uh, they’re called
traitors for a reason. Brilliant, brilliant. Yeah, let us know in the
comments section down below your caption for that and
you could win yourself a GMBN bottle just like this one. Remember, it doesn’t come with the horn. – Doesn’t come with a horn.
– Does not come with a horn. Do not complain.
– That’s a special one. – The horn is not included. Your Edits!
– Yes! (Martyn snaps fingers) – This week’s contender, not contender, winner is Eric Gallagher, he says his friends call him Fanny MacAskill. – Fanny MacAskill?
– Fanny MacAskill. So a bit of trial skills
on the way, I think we’ve discovered another
potential star, here we go! Oh, nice manual.
– Nice manual. – In North Berwick.
– Wow. – Fanny MacAskill, bit of a 180. Go on, go on.
(Blake gasps) – Clip the curb, yes!
– Ah, yes! – Nice! – He was pretty good, actually. – He’s got some skills, I can see why, I can see the connection
to Danny MacAskill. Nice little 360 off. Ooh, a skate park? That’s a skate park, actually. – Is he gonna flip? Whoa!
– Nice! – Actually, that’s pretty good. – Nice little fakey back, I like that. – Nice, air on the quarters. – Yes, needs to work on
that air on the quarter. – Somebody’s gonna do trails like that. (playful music) Yes, look at that!
– Stop-eater manual. Can we see another stop with it? Yeah, like it. Out of frame, whoo! Now you know what, right,
this edit is really good. – He’s got some skills, this boy. – Really good, right? And I wanna be serious
just for a second, okay? I know I’m not serious
very much. (snaps fingers) Lights back on, man. Thanks, Gee. I wanna be serious for this section. This video is really
great, I love it, right? And now I remember seeing
a video from a little kid in Scotland a long time ago, right? Looked a lot like this
video, homemade, some tricks, basic but you could see he had potential. His name was Danny MacAskill.
– (gasps) No way. – I remember seeing that, and he was 14 or 13 years old, right? Dude, it could happen for
you, keep practising . I love that video. Follow in the footsteps
of Danny MacAskill, he’s a good guy to follow, and who knows, you could be a star of the future! But for now, you’re a star of Your Edits and I think you’re probably gonna get– – More than 24, at least. – About 1.9 million views, I think. I think.
– Think, you think. – And I should know, I should know. 1.9 million views, that
isn’t gonna happen. But good luck and thanks
for sending it in. If you’ve got a great edit
and you think you could star in this bit of the show and
get millions and millions and millions of views, send
it in to [email protected] The email address is just there. I don’t know what you’re
waiting for, I really don’t. – Right, Fails and
Bails, probably my most, second-most favourite bit
of the show, but not for you viewers who send in
your videos of you crashing. But anyway, I’m gonna kick
it off with a little teaser for you and this is from MTB
Allen, check this one out. – Right, let’s have a look.
– It does end in tears. – Oh no, he’s hauling,
this is gonna be bad. – A big jump. – Don’t hit, don’t get, ahh! Aw, separated shoulder. – That’s what happened. – Really got you in the mood? – Yeah, that’s Fails and Bails, run VT. (playful music) Here’s to bang-ba-ba-bangers! – And Shout Outs! – Oh, it is to bangers this week, I’m gonna send you all the
way to Wind Hill Bike Park. I ride this so much, we as
a channel ride there a lot, so we like this bike park, so
go over, give ’em some love. – Yeah, and they have got
some massive jumps there. – Yes, they have.
– Great profile to follow. I’m gonna do a shout out this week. I have been absolutely
loving the YT videos that have been released recently. We had the Young Talent vids
coming out before Christmas, some really diverse videos there. And now we’ve got the
team videos coming out. Aaron Gwin, Andreu Lacondeguy,
and Valentina Hall, great videos, pick any one of those three. But I will say that the Aaron Gwin one is quite inspiring, the
guy is rapid, rapid. So go and check that out. – I’ve got one more shout
out for you, Ben Deakin, good friend of mine, he does
this crazy end-of-the-year edit where he travels around the world a lot. So head over and check that video. It’s pretty funny and cool. – Like it, right. Let’s get straight into
the Bike Vault this week. ‘Cause I’m quite excited about it. I’ve seen a few–
– Yeah, I’m very excited. – Pretty amazing bikes.
– The horn is needed. – The horn is needed,
I’ve got it just here. – You wanna control it
or do you want me to–? – Uh, I do, do you
think you can handle it? – No, not this week. – Right, okay. (mechanical grinding) I’m into the Bike Vault. We’re in, Blake, we’re in, Blake. First bike up is an
Orbea in the wintry snow. It’s in Ohio.
– Ohio. – It’s in Ohio, Benjamin, Ohio. ♪ Ohio ♪ – What do you think, nice or super nice? – That’s nice. – Really, nice?
– It’s nice. A harsh Blake Samson this week. – Sorry. – Okay, nice, sorry Ben,
I was gonna give you more. (Blake gasps) Oh, hang on a minute.
– Oh, okay. That could be a super nice to me, that’s a Rocky Mountain Fat Bike. – You can’t just give it a
super nice just ’cause it’s– – It’s a Fat Bike! For all those haters out
there, give this thing a super nice so they can hate on it. – Brad Nack-er gets a – I love it, yes!
(horn toots) super nice. – Dazzle me. – Brian Glo-ver in Las Vegas. – Oh, Las Vegas? – Yeah, I think that’s a– – That’s a Scott Genius, I
think it’s super nice, that. – I think the pedals could
have been at three o’clock. I’d have preferred drive-side. – Oh, okay. – But Brian, (horn
toots) it’s a super nice! – Oh, there you go, you just got in. – Em-er-ice Kets in Blackwood
Ranges in Victoria, Australia. – Oh, wow.
– KTM. That is nice, it’s nice. – Look at the background. – That’s nice, it’s really nice. It’s a nice bike.
– It is. – Next one, John Holloway. – (gasps) You don’t get to
see many of these evil bikes. And that is very
color-coordinated with his spokes, his sprocket, his graphics,
his stem, his grips, his saddle, his saddle post thing. That’s a super nice. (horn toots) And he’s got a push-shock on it, whoa! – Super nice, like that a lot. – That is nice. – Okay, Joshua Hen-len in Oklahoma. – Wow, I like what he’s done
with all the old tyre rims, down tube, stop it from scratching. – Do you remember the old film “Oklahoma”? ♪ When I take you out in my surrey ♪ No.
– No? Okay, never mind, obviously not. – That’s a nice bike.
– It’s nice, it’s nice. Sorry Joshua, no super nice on that one. – Oh, wow! Scott USA.
– That is a retro here. Lars Anders, how ’bout this
retro still doing duty. – Well, that is super nice. – It’s super nice even
though it’s got bar-ins. – Oh, yeah, look at
that, you’ve got bar-ins. – It just goes to show a bike with bar-ins can get super nice. (horn toots) – Okay. – Next one is from Nathan Door. – Look how clean that trek, really? – That bike has never been on a trail. That bike has never been on a trail. – My brother’s got this bike. – Trek Purpose, I say that’s nice. – Really nice bike to ride. – I say that’s a– – That’s a super nice. – No, it’s not, he didn’t go
his pedals at three o’clock. – But, wait, they are– – Oh, I don’t think they are. – Okay, sorry, mate. – Nah, it’s super nice,
just kidding. (horn toots) – [Martyn and Blake] Oh! (horn toots) – Oh, there’s a dog! – The dog and the bike! Super nice! – Okay, apart from the
dog and his tongue out and he looks stoned, but
the bike does look good. – Pat De-la-cruz in
Florida, you’ve got yourself a super nice, but mainly
thanks to your dog. – Stoned dog. – His dog does look stoned. – Whoa! (gasps)
– My God, it’s a BTR Ranger. – Yes! – That is well good. – That is very nice. – BTR Ranger is North
California, Phillip Chapman. It goes without saying that
is a super (horn toots) nice. – Yeah, he’s a very tall guy as well. – You look at the size of it. – Oh my goodness. – It’s snowman, if you need
a snowman, I’m not sure. – It’s a snowman and a Fat Bike. Is the snowman riding the Fat Bike? Is he even stood there a long
time and he left his bike. – I think if the snowman had been on the bike, that would have been genius. I think that’s a nice Fat Bike. – That’s nice. – [Martyn and Blake]
That’s a nice Fat Bike. – I like the graphics. – Do you wanna give it more? – No, it’s nice. – All right, Scholar Wrestler,
you get yourself a nice– (mechanical grinding) And we are out of the Bike Vault. Great Bike Vault.
– That was a good Bike Vault. See I wasn’t up for it. – Oh, I did like that a
lot, yeah, very, very good. If you think your bike
can get in the Bike Vault, and it can, believe, you’ve just gotta believe and obviously email it to us. Send it to [email protected] and we will take a look at your bike,
I cannot wait to see it. We do look at loads of them, we do. But we can only fit so many
in the show, don’t give up! Send your bike into the Bike Vault, it’s part of being the gang
in a Dirt Shed, I love it! (Blake laughs) What a show it’s been this week, loved it! – That’s been the best
of 2018 for me, by far. – At least. (Blake laughs)
At least. – Right, coming up on the
channel for next week. – Yeah, a video I’m really
looking forward to is how to ride within your comfort zone,
that’s gonna be really cool. – Yeah, but then get
out of that comfort zone and then into the
progressive stage of riding. – Yeah. – Got one, how to ride a pump track. – Oh, nice.
– It’ll be a good one. – Yeah, good vids coming up this week. If you wanna see some more videos from us, then why don’t you click
just here where you can see GMBN Tech’s first weekly show, Doddy absolutely smashing it, love that. – A lot of information going on in that video, definitely want to check. Click over here on how to
get ready for winter’s ride. – Yeah, and you can hit the old globe to subscribe, don’t forget to do that. And obviously give us
some thumbs-up, likes. And we will see you next week.

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  14. cheers to another great dirt shed show, I tried watching the gcn show because I wanted to see how pathetic theirs was, and it was so incredibly boring…im so glad im a mountain biker not a roadie

  15. Why do fat bikes always get a super nice. Its just like the trail dogs. A shortcut to supernice. You need to prove you have the skills to have a super nice

  16. Guys, what do you think of Intense going direct sales and chopping a massive 30% off their prices. Canyon are leading the way, but Felt and Scott are also heading to direct sales also, chopping out the LBS. If it means the price inflation of recent years has gone into reverse then I’m all for it. Have Bike companies realised the vast majority can’t or won’t buy bikes at £5000+? Fingers crossed they have, when £10k bikes (looking at you Intense) are down below £7000 .still a fortune but a lot less of a fortune, then it can only be a good thing. More price cuts please bike industry.

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