Shot placement and reaction: High neck shot
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Shot placement and reaction: High neck shot

August 19, 2019

They expire quickly if main arteries are damaged Aiming high at the “gorget patch” I only shoot facing towards or facing away deer, not when they are side on Makes more sense to go for a high neck than a body shot in such situation Stable position is a must though… Very little meat damage I would not neck shot the stag from this position, long hair neck, where is the spine? Just below the chin Clean venison In 90% cases I go for heart/lung anyway…

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  1. I have just watched all three of the shot placement videos, I must say this is excellent educational material for young and novice hunters and you should be congratulated for posting them. Thank you

  2. Witam chciałbym się dowiedzieć jakim programem pan obrabia filmy oraz jak dodaje napisy głównie mi chodzi o te np co strzelił pan tą łanie.Darz Bór

  3. nice videos about shot placement. One the last shot here – isn´t there a risk that the bullet will go through, tumble and hit the back of the animal when the animal is standing straight at you???

  4. Great shots, what was the distance and caliber you used? This is a big advantage over top shoulder shots as they drop dead on the spot, but the distance and orientation of the animal is limiting. I was successful with side lower neck shots at up to 150 m, they drop dead on the spot too.

  5. I must ask, why do you never go for head shots? I was always taught to try and line up my shots to the space between the eye and the ear, because it resulted in instantaneous death and practically no wasted meat.

    Nice shooting, by the way.

  6. В самом последнем выстреле рядом стоял огромный рогач.Но ты выстрелил в самку зачем?

  7. I have been hunting for years. Killed a total of 5 deer. My dad is always talking about what each caliber will do, especially now as we are going into rifle season here in mid Missouri, but neither he nor I realized how little difference in shot placement it takes to change the way the animal goes down. Thank you for the insight. I will keep it in mind.

  8. Im glad you dont like headshots, here in the states we frown upon it for the unethical ways the animal can die from a poor head shot.

  9. Got a white tail in the neck Sun. morning with 223. Same situation, head-on shot. I have some really great rifles and I'm a fairly decent shot (former Army sniper). Calling certain calibers or shots to take as unethical as a blanket statement isn't fair. What I can pull off and what the hunter with less experience can make happen isn't the same. All hunters/shooters are only as good as their level of skill, (and to a lesser degree, their equipment) which they get from experience, which is only obtainable through practice.

  10. Hi Roe Stalker. I've only ever chest shot deer. I have been considering neck shooting. Would you always advise high neck not low and as you said, you never shoot side on due to being unsure of the spine. For a roe that dosent have the mane of a red stag would you consider side shots or not. Also shooting straight on so close to the head, are you not ever concerned that you could pull the shot and shoot only a few inches up and you would be taking off their jaw…? All the best from the UK! Cheers Chris

  11. I hunt deer with shotgun slugs. I always do neck shots. less waste of meat due to trauma. plus too many people waste the heart of the animal.

  12. I don't get shooting the small bucks?
    Let them grow to mature animals unless there are so many bucks you want the dominant ones to flourish

  13. when the animal bleeds out his mouth or nose from shoulder shots, is it positive con that you hit the lungs? Also is there any concern for touching these wild animals with bare hands like the fur, blood, insides? Can't these animals have rabies or virus or something that can infect you? wether its a rabbit or dear or bear or any animal commonly hunted.

  14. I always have gone for the high shoulder shot, it puts the deer down fast and they don't have to suffer as much as with this shot.

  15. good video mate!

    i live in Finland and i hunt moose here. i have thougth about taking shot like this but my worst fear is that bullet changes direction before damaging the spine and only wounding animal badly. so i prefer to wait until target animal turns and shows its side where are big vitals, lungs and heart. as you may know shooting from front to chest will blow guts quite badly.

  16. Nice shot but just a little inhumane kills , I rather just shoot them without watching glasb for their last breath. But I appreciate the neck shots that way your not distorting the meat I like the ones you dropped right it their tracks that ay from where you shot them you don't haave too look very far for them thank you for sharing your tactics.

  17. Alter geht's noch warum denn immer auf den Kopf oder in den Träger….. das ist unweidmännisch so etwas macht man nicht … Haben Sie Ihren jagd Schein im Lotto gewonnen 😠

  18. Hunting most of my life and taking shitty shots and misses and direct hit with perfect shot placement, as far as i'm concerned, the neck shot is the best shot placement, you don't ruin as much meat as taking a body shot or lung/heart shot

  19. Great video bro thanks a lot this is very helpful you have no idea. What grain and brand off 223 ammo are you using?

  20. Great video, proof is in the results! You obviously train, most American hunters from my experience in the field with them call going out the weekend before opening day shooting a few rounds at target and calling it good while spending the rest of the year never training. Boggles one's mind and they wonder why they missed or fired 3 to 5 rounds at a deer under 100 yards, gut shot or any other poor placed shot. Not that I haven't had my bad shots either but with training it helps increase your success of better placement where you want to hit with confidence. Seen it many a season.

  21. I have yet to shoot a deer personally but having seen a few accidental gut shots while trying for heart I am convinced neck shots the way to go.

  22. You took the doe instead of the buck. Were you out of tags for bucks or is it a part of a population control plan?

  23. Excellent Shooting I remmember the last couple of Videos about shot placement! High Shoulder Arwa dropped them in there 👣's I shot a little buck last year about 60yards hit him in the neck and he dropped in his tracks but he was realzelent because he didn't die after 1/2 hour he was still alive until i put 2 more rounds into and he finally expired he was 1/2 way it seem he was enjoy his deer life.

  24. Não é todo dia que agente ver um cara atirando assim nessa distância em um veado, e ainda um tiro específico sempre,você atira sem no mesmo no pescoço da caça, muito difícil!
    Ainda mais em um veado!
    Que rifle é o seu, você é um atirador de elite cara, valeu!!!

  25. Front on neck shots are great spinal taps em down instantly.
    From side i like neck shots too but just in front of shoulder basically where the point of axis is for th3 neck so if its feeding that point wont move as the rest of neck and head does.. instant drops on those shots. Go the neck shot 🙂
    Benefits from front allows some up and down error and side well.. u wont miss

  26. thats where I like to shoot my deer to . awesome shooting . that was fun . I hunt with a 223 single shot myself tho . gets them all the time .

  27. Great shooting! Neck shot is of course the best if undisturbed/calm roe. In my area they are always acting very skittish, which making a neck shot difficult to manage. I’ve done all my roes (12) right behind the shoulder, the ”classic” way. Thnx to you, I’ll be training at this placing, onwards. It will give me more options and possibilities👍 Thanks for sharing.

  28. Somebody help me with this… so I shot my buck and dropped him. Went up to him he was still alive then killed him with a neck shot. But to this day still never found the mark of the first shot. It had to be the back but I couldn’t find it

  29. Nice shots!
    My Father did this a several times and it worked always great. BUT some day the buck turned just a little bit at the moment the shot broke. So the neck (bone) was not hit. He only hit the trachea and the animal did not go down! This was the last time he did this and i would never try!

  30. The last one was hard to watch , only becouse there was a huge buck u could have taken , but u wanted the doe instead

  31. Once you told me -You never shot to the neck ! Did you change yours mind ? A ? Anyway excellent shots . I use 223 rem for roedeer

  32. That was my preferred shot back when i hunted a lot….shot probably 3 or 4 dozen with a .222 bruno fox….nice thing about placing the shot there is that with fast expanding bullets you either hit it and kill it (due to so much important stuff in such a small area) or miss it entirely…even a shot that wasn't center broke the neck due to hydrostatic shock

  33. Never do a neck shot on a grazing deer. They might move their head from when your brain says "fire" and untill the bullet connects. An alert deer as in this video is ok. But consider the amount of meat damage you can do to the fillet and legs if the bullet travels downwards.

  34. I know this works really well I shot a botton buck 3 yeara ago at 70yards at 6:45am just before first light hit it in the neck and dropped it , It hit the ground like a sack of potato s

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