Shopping for Our Baby Sister Challenge!!!
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Shopping for Our Baby Sister Challenge!!!

August 24, 2019

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina.>>And Ronald.>>[Both] From Sis Versus Bro.>>And today we are doing the
Shopping For Our Baby Sister.>>[Both] Challenge.>>We made a list of ten
things our baby sister’s gonna need in her first
month of being alive. And we’re gonna have to use
our list telepathy skills to guess what is on that list
and shop for our baby sister. We can only get ten things. We can’t get 20 and just be
like yes, I have everything. But I have extra. No, that’s cheating. So you can only get ten things. And the person who gets
the most right on the list is gonna be the winner and will
get the Best Sibling Award. And the loser is just gonna be the loser. So plan is that we are
gonna go to Babies R Us. We may get some other, go
to some other baby store, but that’s the plan.>>Yes.>>Alright, now let’s see
who can nail this challenge. Let’s go to the baby store.>>I got nail, I got challenge. Let’s start nailing. See you at the store.>>Alright, let’s go.>>So guys, before we go to the store I’m gonna let you know
what’s on that list. But quietly, so they don’t hear. We have number one: pacifier. Number two: newborn diapers. Number three: baby bath tub. Number four: bottles. Five: wipes. Number six: newborn onesie. Number seven: baby blanket. Number eight: baby toy. Nine: diaper bin. And ten: diaper bag. You think they can do it? I don’t know. Let’s go.>>Okay guys, we are in Babies R Us and now we’re gonna do
Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who’s going first.>>[Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!>>Oh yeah! Okay, I’m gonna go first! Okay guys, I’ve got my stroller. Not my stroller. I’ve got my shopping cart and
now we’re gonna go explore the world of Babe Land. Alrighty, exploration time. I think first we’re gonna need a toy because like that’s kinda obvious. So, I don’t know which one to get. Um, what’s this? Hello, I have a key chain. What’s over here? Hello, I am a birdie. Oh, I think I like this one. The birdie one. No wait, actually, I’m changing. This one. The maracas. I like the maracas. So, I have my first item
inside my shopping cart. The little maracas. Alrighty, next thing, diapers maybe. Hmm, diapers. I think we need diapers. But, like, that’s, this is in Spanish. Six, five, four, I don’t understand this. I will just get like this, I guess. Second item, diapers ’cause
we obviously need diapers. They can’t poop on the floor,
if you know what I’m saying. So guys, I’m now in the
bottle drinking section. And I want to get a bottle for milk but I don’t know which bottle to get. I have selections out of this one. Or this one. Or this one, I’m just kidding. That’s a normal cup. I guess I’ll go with this. No, this one. ‘Cause it looks the best. Yep, no wait, actually. Nah, actually I’m keeping this one. Third item into the basket. Bottle for milk. Alrighty, I think I know what to get next. Over here, we need a food thing. ‘Cause babies are messy. But for the first month
we need like a small one, like this one. There’s three of them in case
like she rips them apart. So, fourth item: bibs. Alrighty, what to get next. What’s this? A flashlight, nah. She looks kinda older than I expect. Okay, let’s go this way. We got like one, two,
three, four items, okay. Wait, I actually change
my mind on the bibs. I think I just came across a better one. This one. ‘Cause it scoops up the
food that falls down. Put that there. No one saw anything. No one saw anything. Replacing bibs. Alrighty, next thing. What do I need? What do I need? I got like four things. Shoes? Shoes, I guess. Maybe some shoes, maybe
some sparkly shoes. Ooh, la, la, let’s take
those sparkly shoes. Fifth item into the basket, sparkly shoes. Okay guys, I’m pretty sure
the baby cannot be naked. It actually has to have clothing. So, I’m gonna get some clothing. Back into the onesies. Oh, look at this. I imagine her in this onesie. But it needs to be three months. Or one month. So, I don’t know, 16 centimeters, 68. Not 16, 62, 74, 70, 80, 80, 80. Cool Club? Oh yes, Cool Club, oh yes. Oh my goodness, I don’t
know which one to pick. I don’t know how big the baby’s gonna be. This one? No, let’s get a hat first. Look at one of these. Let’s get this hat. Sixth item into the basket,
a hat ’cause why not. I wanna get a wensie. Wen, wen, wensie.>>[Dad] Brah.>>Or this. But it looks a little too big. Long sleeve sleep suit. This is for pajamas. Aren’t these all for pajamas? I don’t know. Will she fit in here? No. Happy with Mommy, aww. From 44 centimeters. I don’t know. How big is she gonna be? This is 44 centimeters. I’ll just go with that one. Happy with Mommy. Sixth or seventh item into the basket. A onesie ’cause why not. Okay guys, I figured out the
next item has to be a pacifier. So, I went and found some pacifiers. But I have not made a decision yet. What’s over here? Oh, two pacifiers. Decent, decent, decent. I think this one is gonna be the best. Little princess, aww. Eighth item into the basket, pacifiers. Because we need some. Alrighty, I don’t know what to get next. I’m clueless. So guys, I’m over here
in the blanket section and I’m figuring I should get one. Which one though? This one maybe. This is warm. This is warm. Right here, this one’s cool. This one’s nice. That’s a pillow. I’ll get this blanket. Ninth item: a blanket. And I think the eighth
item will be a pillow. It’s $80. This is kind of a big pillow. So, I don’t know. I’ll get it. A big pillow. Tenth item: a big pillow. So guys, I think I’ve
got everything I need for this baby to live a happy life. So guys, now it’s Karina’s turn. Oh, oh.>>So guys, now it’s my
turn to go shopping. I got my shopping cart. And I got a list on my hand I made up while we were driving over here. So, first thing I got on here is bibs. I don’t know if we’re gonna need bibs but I’m gonna get it anyways. But I can put it back at the end if I don’t want it. Alright, so we got some bibs here. These things are really cute. But I want the ones that
are like more washable. So, we’re gonna start over here. We got these like flap ones. This is cute. But it has a little bucket
here to collect all the food. Oh, this one has a little pouch. It’s so cute, so cute! But I think I’m gonna get this pink one. Alright, there we go
and that’s number one. Number two is a crib. But I think that’s too expensive. So, we’re not gonna get that. Alright, blankets. And actually, we’re gonna skip that, too. Diapers, we need diapers. Diapers are necessary, very necessary. This one has five stars on it. So, I think these are good. Yes, it says extra and I’m extra, so. This says four plus. Okay, no, not four plus. No, okay. We need toddler, wait
newborn baby diapers. What’s that? I don’t know. You know what we’ll get? We’ll get these ones. These ones are good. We also need baby wipes. Baby wipes are very necessary, I think. Extremely necessary. Alright, and in the crib we’re gonna need a waterproof mattress. ‘Cause the baby’s probably
gonna pee himself. Pee himself. We need to get a waterproof mattress. But I’m pretty sure they
don’t sell that here. So, we’re gonna skip that. And that’s all on my list. So, I’m just gonna wing it now. I think we need a potty. Potties are necessary. Babies need to learn how to use them. Alright, potties are
actually very necessary. We need a bottle. Bottles are up there. We need a pacifier, we need a pacifier. I like this one, this one’s cute. Get pacifiers. How many do I got? One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Five. That’s five. And this is six. Some of the other baby bottles right here. These are like little sippy
cup but these are so cute. They’re adorable. So, we’re gonna get these. Is this glass? I don’t know if it’s glass. I think it’s glass. No, it’s not glass. Alright, that’s done. Alright, I kinda want to get one of these. They’re kind of expensive. We might want to skip on that. Okay, these ones are
getting more expensive. We’re also gonna need
to get some baby toys. ‘Cause I don’t want my baby to be bored. That’s a highchair. But these aren’t really like highchairs, like low chairs, like
hold on, normal chairs. It’s at a reasonable price. I think I’ll get one of these. It’s a mini highchair. Do newborns need to be fed? They already have breast milk. So do they need to have baby food? (“Jeopardy” music) I’ll come back to this if I need it. Alright, so guys, I have six
items and I almost forgot about all the cute baby
clothes that are here. Just look, they’re so adorable. Alright, so I’m gonna start right here. They’re literally the cutest shoes ever. The yellow and the pink ones. These are not very necessary ’cause I don’t think newborns walk. But a newborns feet are gonna be cold. They need socks. Alright, ‘kay, so that’s my seventh item. I might put it back
’cause well they’re socks. They’re not that necessary but kinda. So, I might put it back. Look at this cute elephant outfit. But I don’t think these are cute enough. There’s some other ones over there. Little socks, they’re so cute! Okay, I’m swapping these. I don’t want these socks. Boring socks, no thank you. Alright, what are these? Aww, these elephants. Oh, pink elephants are so cute. This is for how old? They’re zero to three months. Alright, we’re done. Okay, so that’s eight. That’s eight items. I only have room for two more. Okay, we need toys now. We need toys. Okay, now we’re at the baby toys section. I don’t know what we should get. This one looks kinda cool. It’s big, I don’t know,
uh, I don’t know, no. The unicorn is necessary for my child. Well not my child. Okay, that’s my ninth item. I have room for one more. Alright. Okay. Oh, this is really cute, this is so cute. I really want this, this is so cute. Alright so, do I want to replace anything? That was my tenth item. Do I need everything? Is this all necessary? I think this is pretty necessary. Alright, everything. I don’t know about the unicorn actually. No, no unicorn. Alright, we need more necessary things. No unicorn. We got one baby toy. Alright, we need something more colorful, ’cause it’s like a light pink. So we need something more colorful. So, I might go back to
right here actually. These, this is actually kinda cute. Like they have little
sea creatures in here. This is cute. Okay, I’m gonna get this one actually. These are bath toys, it’ll be fine. Alright, I almost forgot. Reminding me about baby
toys, baby bath toys. You need a bath. So, we gotta go find ourselves a bath. And see what do we not need. Alright. Wait, I think I found them. Okay, we got some baby baths here. Ah, look at the little baby grooming kit. Aww, that’s so cute. No, not necessary. We don’t need it, not
necessary, not necessary. Alright, this is such a cute bath. I really want this. But what do we have to replace? I have ten items already. Okay, potty’s necessary,
this is all necessary. What do we not need? Are we gonna keep the socks? No, we don’t need socks. Alright, as cute as they
are, we don’t need socks. The baby must be clean. The feet can be cold just a little bit. But a baby must be clean. I don’t except any smelly babies. Alright, so I think
those are my ten items. I think, yeah, ten items, alright. This is good, I think. I think that I got everything that I need. My baby’s gonna be happy. It only has one toy
and has some bath toys. But you know what? It’s fine. They can play with my toys. I don’t know, I don’t really have toys. Sure, whatever. Alright so, I guess we’re
just gonna check out now. Alright, let’s go.>>[Both] We are back!>>We got all our baby’s stuff
here and we’re gonna show you guys what we got for our baby sister. And who’s gonna get
the Best Sibling Award.>>Oh yes.>>Alright, I’m gonna go first. So, I now realize that I
shouldn’t have gotten a potty. I got a potty. But I realize I should have
because I have diapers. (crickets chirping) But you know, I could start
teaching her how to use the potty young, so we don’t
have to change her diapers.>>Yes.>>So, we got a nice potty. It’s really pretty, light
pink and it has an owl on it. So, your first item out.>>Alrighty, I got a blanket over here.>>It’s like quadruple, not even quadruple, but like ten times the size of her. She’s gonna be tiny Ronald.>>Well it’s, I don’t know. But I got a blanket here. And I feel like she will be cozy. She’ll be like I’ll
take the whole blanket.>>Well did you already
forget we live in Spain? It’s not that cold here. (laughing) She’s gonna be sweating at night.>>Okay, take your next item.>>Alright, my next item,
I got some bath toys. Bath toys.>>Oww.>>’Cause every little kid loves bath toys. I love bath toys, bath toys are awesome. ‘Cause I just love having fun in the bath. So, I got some bath toys in a little bag. She can be fashionable, as well.>>Nice. Next thing I got was a bottle. Ooh, la, la. A bottle for milk and water. So, enjoy.>>I got a bottle, too. But it’s an even better bottle.>>Is it like luxury version?>>The luxury version. Uh, where’s my bottle? Who took my bottle?>>Is it like automatic drinking sequence?>>I got a mouse bottle. It’s so cute, look at it.>>But isn’t that glass?>>It’s not glass, it’s plastic. It’s white with a little mouse. It has a pink sippy cup thingy. It’s so cute.>>Okay. The next thing I got was a onesie.>>That’s pretty.>>Did you get a onesie?>>Did I forget? No, I didn’t forget. No, I didn’t. I got a baby size, I
got four baby onesies. Four, four of them in a set! So, that counts as one item. E is for elephant. Oh, wait. I don’t think her name’s
gonna start with E. But like, whatever. (laughing)>>I got a bib.>>Oh, cute.>>Oh, yes.>>And guess what, I got a bib as well.>>The same bib.>>We got the same one, bib twinsies.>>I got diapers ’cause
who doesn’t want diapers.>>But how old are the diapers for?>>[Dad] Brah.>>I don’t know.>>Okay. And I got baby diapers. Well there’s a little baby on this guy. So, I thought it’s for babies. Like little newborn babies. So, I got myself some baby diapers.>>This, I got some shoes.>>Oh, you got the ones
that I really liked.>>Shoeies!>>But she’s not gonna
be walking in one month. So, it’s not very necessary.>>Still.>>Alright, I got some baby wipes. And baby wipes are very
necessary to wipe her butt, wipe her face, wipe her
hands, wipe everything. So, I got baby wipes.>>Okay, I got some toys. Some maracas.>>Maracas! She’s gonna be a little musician. Be like bluh, bluh, bluh!>>Alrighty.>>I got some toys as well. Alright, this is my toy for her. It’s super cute, it’s a baby bunny. It’s a little wooden bunny on a wheel. It’s so cute!>>Okay, next thing I got is a hat.>>A hat.>>Yes, a happy hat.>>I got something similar to a hat.>>What is it, like a cap?>>Oh no, I don’t have it anymore. I put it back, I just remembered. But, to go with the bath
toys, I got her bath. Because see, she needs to stay clean.>>Okay.>>’Cause I don’t allow
any dirty babies, no.>>Alrighty, this is my pillow. Is this a pillow? I don’t know, but.>>Babies don’t need pillows.>>I think, I think this
is a pillow, I don’t know.>>Okay. You don’t even know what it is. It’s like a second blanket.>>[Dad] Ronald, I think it’s a towel. (dial up modem dinging)>>It’s a towel. But can’t you just use a normal towel?>>Whatever. I mean like it’s a towel when
she like gets out of your bath to be like ah, I need a towel.>>But she can just use a normal towel. Alright, the last item
that I got are pacifiers. And these ones are super
cute ’cause they’re pink.>>Oh, I got pacifiers, too.>>You got different kinds.>>Little princess ’cause
she’s a little princess.>>And I’m gonna be the queen.>>Get that, it almost fell down.>>And that’s all of our items.>>Alrighty.>>And now, we get to see the list. And see if we got the correct items.>>[Both] Alright.>>[Dad] Okay guys, so let’s
check with the list now. Now first item we have is
a pacifier for a newborn.>>Yep, I got one.>>I got a pacifier.>>[Dad] Alright, we have a pacifier, good.>>One point for me.>>And me.>>[Dad] Another one is a newborn diapers.>>Mine has a baby on them,
so it’s newborn diapers. Ronald has a child.>>Whatever, they’re still diapers.>>[Dad] I think of Ronald’s
it says 15 kilograms.>>That doesn’t matter, it’s still diapers.>>They won’t fit on the baby.>>So!>>It’s gonna fall off.>>Whatever. Two points for me.>>No.>>Diapers.>>[Dad] Ronald’s are gonna be really big.>>I don’t care.>>They’re gonna fall off her legs.>>I don’t care.>>And poops gonna fly everywhere.>>[Dad] Okay guys, so
we have two points each. Next one, third item is a baby bath tub. Oh yeah!>>I got the baby bath tub.>>Ah, I didn’t think
that was gonna be on it.>>Of course, you need
a bath tub for a baby.>>[Dad] This is a third one for you.>>And two for me.>>[Dad] That’s right. Next one, we have baby bottles.>>Yes, I got baby bottles.>>[Dad] Baby bottles
guys, not toddler bottles.>>Oh, wow!>>It’s the same thing.>>[Dad] No, that’s a
cup for water or juice. You need baby bottles.>>This is a baby.>>That’s a baby on it.>>Yeah, it’s for babies.>>[Dad] Okay Ronald, so,
this is six months plus. Pretty good, I think you have a point, and Karina, maybe not this.>>But it’s so cute! I get a point for it being cute.>>Okay, three to three.>>[Dad] Okay guys, next one is wipes.>>I told you these are necessary. Extremely necessary.>>[Dad] Okay, four points for Karina. And next item, newborn onesie.>>Onesie.>>Onesie.>>This is 44 centimeters.>>[Dad] Yeah, sounds about right, I think. I mean, I don’t know
much about babies, but.>>Mine is zero to three months.>>[Dad] That’s good, okay.>>We both got a point, four to four. No, four to five, to you.>>[Dad] Okay, next one is baby blanket.>>This or this, I don’t know.>>This is a blanket. (laughing) I don’t know if this is for babies, it’s gonna suffocate her.>>[Dad] Okay, I think
the one you’re holding is the baby blanket. Is it?>>No, it’s a towel.>>But this is still a blanket.>>No, look at the material, it’s a towel.>>So, whatever, I got a blanket.>>This is a blanket, Ronald.>>[Dad] The big one looks like a duvet. I’m not sure. But the small one could be a towel.>>So, you got no blanket.>>[Dad] One point for Ronald.>>What? It’s a duvet and a towel.>>Five to five.>>[Dad] I think it’s close enough. Okay, next one is a baby toy. Alright, awesome, you both get points.>>Six to six. It’s close!>>[Dad] Alright, we have diaper bin.>>Diaper bin? (laughing)>>You can put diapers in it.>>That’s sorta not a diaper trash can.>>[Dad] Karina, you know
baby cannot sit on this yet.>>I know, but it can be a bin. It can be reused as a bin,
you can put diapers in it.>>Okay whatever, get it outta here.>>Point for me.>>[Dad] I don’t think
that counts, sorry, sorry. Next time. Okay guys and the last
item we have on the list is a diaper bag.>>No.>>We don’t have diaper. (laughing)>>[Dad] That’s not a diaper bag.>>This, it can be a diaper bag! Just take out the toys and
it can be a diaper bag.>>[Dad] Nice try, but no.>>Then it’s a tie.>>But, what about clothing? Did you say?>>[Dad] Uh, clothing
we had newborn onesie.>>Oh yeah, you said that.>>What about shoes? (laughing)>>He’s not gonna accept
your sparkly shoes.>>[Dad] A baby is not gonna walk in shoes.>>Wait, what about a bib? We need a bib, right?>>Yeah, a bib.>>[Dad] Not until she eats by herself.>>So guys, the points are six to six. That means it’s a tie. Because it’s a tie we gotta
take the Best Sibling Award and chop it in half because it’s a tie. Or we can break the tie. Comment down below if we do part two.>>2.0, duh, duh, duh!>>Or at the end of the video, you guys can have a vote in
the comment section down below. Who do you think did a better job? Was it me? It probably was me. Or Ronald.>>In your dreams.>>No, in my reality.>>Wow!>>We hoped you liked this video.>>[Both] If you did,
smash that like button. And we’ll see you all next time, good bye! (happy upbeat guitar music)

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