#Shootlikeme: Sébastien Peineau – France ?? (S02E13) [EN SUBTITLES]
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#Shootlikeme: Sébastien Peineau – France ?? (S02E13) [EN SUBTITLES]

August 18, 2019

Hello, Sebastien Peineau, from the French team The few most important points of my technique: It will be my grip hold I have a very particular position in the grip and on the palm of my hand that helps me being regular and group well. That’s a very important point for me, to which I really pay attention because if there is a slight difference on that I’ll have lateral deviation, right or left, sometimes it’s not that much but it’s enough to lose a millimetre and hit nine. Then, the second point that I pay a lot of attention to it’s my shoulder position, here, and of my elbow, as well as my release aid at the back so it’s really all the placement of my back unit. I’ve worked a lot on that, I’ve tried to find myself a lot and when I reach my position, I really need to anchor here between my index finger and my middle finger to place at my jawbone and then engage a little my elbow to the back to really have a sensation of strength in the bow, to feel strong in there and then keep a linear pull to have the best possible result on the target. So these two points about my technique are really important, and they’re the two most important. If I don’t place my hand correctly on the grip, there will be lateral deviation, I will also feel a lack of stability in my bow. Then, about my back position, if I don’t anchor correctly my release aid and my hand on my jawbone, and if I don’t move correctly my shoulder and my elbow to the back, there’s going to be a difference in my shooting timing. So if I don’t do that my shot will take longer, I’ll end up shaking a little, have a little less stability, and then it’s a negative spiral ending up in a bad arrow. Even if there are really particular points, my technique remains quite simple. I get to the shooting line, I set myself, I stand with my left foot a little more open than the right foot, with strong core muscles And then I put my hand correctly on the grip to have the left side of the grip in the middle of my palm, right here. Then I nock my arrow, I put my hand correctly on my grip, I draw my bow with a solid position, And then I only need to push enough on the grip, to push as much as I pull at the back, with my back unit, to give me stability for aiming, and then simply keep strong core muscles like that, standing, stable, and stay really aligned when I release. There are also little details that were refined over the years, but in the end it remains quite simple, A good position on the shooting line, keeping your body quite straight, with strong core muscles, and then draw correctly with good alignment, and have opposition in you bow, pushing as much as you pull. The most important thing when you’re a beginner is to really pay a lot of attention to these technical points and really work on it, as it will help assimilate these points and then you’ll do it almost automatically.

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  1. Merci infiniment ,car c est vraiment rare de trouver un champion dans n importe quelle discipline qui peux parler de ça technique d une façon prėcise et pro.sûrement ça doit être une personnalitė gėnereuse. Merci peineau

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