#ShootLikeMe: Paralympic Champion Zahra Nemati – Iran 🇮🇷 (S01E08) [EN SUBTITLES]
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#ShootLikeMe: Paralympic Champion Zahra Nemati – Iran 🇮🇷 (S01E08) [EN SUBTITLES]

August 19, 2019

My name is Zahra Nemati I represent IR Iran I am here to compete at the Hyundai Archery World Cup in Shanghai, China Since I confirmed my participation in the Olympics I have been trying my best to boost my performance and gain some peace in order to have an easier time in Rio both in the Olympics and Paralympics I have been doing sports since I was a child and after an accident I wanted to get back into sports I was lucky I got familiar with archery and I found it very interesting that I could compete against people with no physical impairments I like competing with them, too I found this really appealing I don’t use any special technique just for people that shoot from a wheelchair It is a little more difficult, for sure because we are unable to use our back and waist muscles and we don’t have good balance It makes shooting a bit harder as we are unable to use our legs The only difference in technique is… …that we work more on our waist muscles and on our balance in the chair so that we can shoot better I am not aiming at a certain ranking in Rio I am looking for efficiency to do the best job and to… awaken champions in the minds of many people I am highly motivated because when standing on the line with other people I never feel that I have any physical impairments I feel that we are in the same situation, we are equal So I’m not after any result in the Olympics I want to do a good job shoot a good score …and awaken the champion in the mind of so many people in the world

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