#Shootlikeme: Olympic medallist Lisa Unruh – Germany 🇩🇪 (S02E10) [EN SUBTITLES]
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#Shootlikeme: Olympic medallist Lisa Unruh – Germany 🇩🇪 (S02E10) [EN SUBTITLES]

August 20, 2019

Hi, my name is Lisa Unruh and I am from Germany The most important aspects of my shooting technique are that I keep tension in my whole body especially core, in both shoulders, and have a smooth release and to feel the shot; that’s most important Why are these parts so important to me? Keeping tension makes my body more stable The more tension in my body, the better the shot is But there also shouldn’t be too much tension it has to be a mixture of tension and relaxation and that makes the shot feel good If someone wants to start archery and would like to shoot like me then I would say posture is most important because everything starts with how you stand You stand straight, with your feet parallel and the body totally straight Raise the bow arm and take the bow with three fingers with a solid grip position in the handle in the grip and, yeah, then it begins the tension in the body pulling the bow straight back three fingers, straight front arm but the body stays flat, with no movement the body stays straight it doesn’t go back or forward, but stays straight three fingers, string in the first line of the fingers pull straight to the face keep your head still and then it’s push to the front and pull at the back until your release the shot and keep the back hand close to the neck The best tip I can give is to have fun in archery… …and to keep the tension, not to stand too loose but straight don’t lose everything in the shot, keep straight and your tension

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  1. There is English subtitles! Just click on the 3 little dots on top right corner of the video. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Even as a male althlete lisa is probably my biggest inspiration, she is an absolute dream to watch shoot, i look forward to seeing her at every event.

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