#Shootlikeme: Olympic medallist Jean-Charles Valladont – France 🇫🇷 (S02E02) [EN SUBTITLES]
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#Shootlikeme: Olympic medallist Jean-Charles Valladont – France 🇫🇷 (S02E02) [EN SUBTITLES]

August 16, 2019

Hello, my name is Jean-Charles Valladont I’m an Olympic silver medallist from Rio 2016 Today I’m going to explain my technique Really simply, the essential aspects for my shot It’s not really complicated, but I’ve got a very unusual draw With my bow hand starting higher and string hand a little lower There’s a simple reason for this: I broke my shoulder and I’m forced to start a little upwards so that the head of the bone in my arm fits well inside the shoulder cavity and allows me to remain still doing the shot So start like this, get to my face and once I’m on the face, I’ve got a precise goal and that’s to be regular in the shape and strength of my draw Until I execute the shot When I do that, it respects the integral T concept which defines the correct standing posture and correct horizontal posture, without movement until the arrow flies and hits the target The unusual draw gesture is very important for me but I have to be careful and limit it because I do not want a high draw which would be dangerous So I have worked hard to keep it as low as possible although it remains angled a little upwards It really allows me to bring the humeral head of the shoulder joint properly into its cavity because when I broke it, it came completely out and it now remains very unstable and this is the only way I can make it come to a complete stop and not go up and out when I draw So that’s why it’s so important for me and I why I focus on the T shape because when I do the T shape properly there’s really nothing that moves If I ever distort my body at the chest or shoulder level it directly impacts my arrow and changes the height and angle and makes the arrow go high or low, in the nine, or more So, again, that’s what’s really important for me, respecting that line especially after my injury Once you’ve tried archery, got the taste and the desire to win competitions to hit the centre of the target you should take pleasure in the sport at all times: accept defeats graciously, and victory, too That’s the prime advice from me Archery takes perseverance in training It is a sport that requires a fine, detailed technique so you have to invest time, not get bored and remember that if you do things correctly it will pay off and you will, eventually, reap rewards

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  1. I love how this edit catches the way the string moves after JC releases.
    It happens so fast we normally never get to see it . But thks to the filming choice and edit we get to see a bit of the effect .so much fun . Cheers

  2. Awesome. I had heard that JC draws like this because of an injury but now I know the full story. Such an impressive shooter, thanks World Archery!

  3. … nice video and impressive how Jean Charles compensate his shot execution to his injury .. question: may i know what finger tab he uses? thanks

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