#ShootLikeMe: Olympic Champion Viktor Ruban – Ukraine ?? (S01E11)
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#ShootLikeMe: Olympic Champion Viktor Ruban – Ukraine ?? (S01E11)

August 21, 2019

I am Victor Ruban, Olympic Champion 2008 in Beijing I will tell you some specific things about my technique The main thing is the neck placement, like this It’s a feature of archery technique
in Kharkov My coach trained my like this in my childhood In every technique there
are the particular qualities In this technique we do the placement behind the neck The mistake many people make is just to hang on the thumb But its needed to keep the pressure in balance… so that it works during the push and pull of the shot It’s hard for me to judge if it is good or bad as only in my early childhood I shot in a different way, when I had just started to do archery For the rest of my career, I’ve shot like this and its difficult for me to compare what is better This technique is not
that different from the technique of any other archer Just the same, your left hand is set and you pull against it In principle, the rest is the same But if I pull the same as other athletes
do and place the thumb behind the neck I over pull and the clicker will click To not move the arrow from the rest, I move my neck forward and after that I fix my position back
on the end of the arrow Every athlete has their own technique and, for me, my technique is my identity

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  1. His technique is his identity? Well, the boy that stuck his thumb in the pie has now been identified. 😛 But really, I get what he's saying, because I'm attached to my technique too.

  2. "Hey,
    I'm Victor RUBAN, 2008 Olympic Champion in Beijing. This gonna be a review on my specific shooting technique.
    The only distinctive feature with it is the thumb anchor behind the neck.
    That's how you do it…
    I was taught it as a kid as this is the regular approach to my home city Kharkiv, Ukraine.
    Most common issue you may face shooting like this is to shift forward occasionally and hang round the neck instead of loading your shoulder blade properly.
    It's pretty difficult for me to compare the advantages of both techniques cause I've been shooting like this all along my career, except the very childhood 🙂
    However there are no other extraordinary things in it, you set the bow hand and draw against it just like other athletes.
    I have to tilt my head forward while pulling the string to avoid the clicker snap and then fix the release hand to my draw length.
    Every archer has their individual technique. I believe my technique is my Identity"

  3. He defeated a South Korean, so it says a lot about this technique. I'd take a guess that you'd have to be really comfortable with your draw weight to use his anchor point.

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