#Shootlikeme: Olympic Champion Marco Galiazzo – Italy ?? (S02E14)
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#Shootlikeme: Olympic Champion Marco Galiazzo – Italy ?? (S02E14)

August 13, 2019

Hello, I’m Marco Galiazzo
Olympic Champion of Athens and team Olympic Champion of London 2012
Now I’m going to show you how I shoot To start, the position of your feet is very important
then your posture your hand on the grip
and then the movement to shoot your arrow In my opinion, the most important part of my technique is the bow arm, the one holding the bow in my case, it’s the left one The more solid is the arm
the more precise is the shot You shouldn’t forget also the drawing arm
The fingers should be together and the release should be soft
not rigid To start archery you need
a bow the hand on the grip very soft
three fingers of the drawing hand should be like this anchoring always very softly
And then you aim and you release the arrow The bow arm should
always be positioned the same way The bow arm solid
and directed towards the target While drawing you should use your shoulder and upper back
it will increase your stability and consistency It is very important for the high-level athletes
to train their upper back muscles because this is the part that is used very little
in our daily life The shot concludes
with a follow-through and a very soft release That’s all!

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