#ShootLikeMe: Olympic Champion Ku Bonchan – Korea ?? (S01E12)
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#ShootLikeMe: Olympic Champion Ku Bonchan – Korea ?? (S01E12)

August 16, 2019

Hello! Rio 2016 Olympic medallist Bonchan Ku Two-time gold medallist! The most important thing, I think, in archery is the aiming, from beginning to the end Because during competition, when I feel nervous often the aiming point gets a little bit down, lower so, at that time I will keep telling myself that I have to make my aiming in the same point from beginning to the end to make fewer mistake arrows and make the score good After tuning the sight during the practice I go to the competition I make the technique and shot strong, from start to finish and keep that aiming point the same In windy conditions it’s much more difficult to keep the aiming point but I try to keep it strong pointing around the 10-ring and make a strong shot to keep it there I don’t think I’m a special archer I’m a lucky guy The most important thing in archery is to have self-confidence everyone who does archery has to have that self-confidence believe in yourself believe in your equipment believe in your technique and you will get good results

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  1. I find it interesting that he didn't even adjust his sight during competition. That's a real "lucky guy" there. 😀

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