#Shootlikeme: Atanu Das – India ?? (S02E09) [EN SUBTITLES]
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#Shootlikeme: Atanu Das – India ?? (S02E09) [EN SUBTITLES]

August 12, 2019

Hi, my name is Atanu Das I am an Indian archer and I represented India at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games The most important part of my technique is my anchor I believe that to be a good archer you must have a good anchor point because a good anchor point leads to… …a good release. And that’s it! There are three main points to think about when shooting The first is the hook on the string and then the grip in the bow and then the release of the string So hook, grip and release – all three are important To make all three of these work you need the good anchor point in the middle Perfecting those three steps and having the good anchor point gives you great shooting form So like I said, the hook, grip and release are the three important steps So here’s the process: First thing is hook Make a good hook and grip, set your grip and then directly to anchor When I get to the anchor I prefer to use my shoulder muscles as they are big and the action consumes a lot of energy So I feel, that by making these three steps correct you get a good release – and your arrow goes close to the centre Like this With these parts, and a good shot The arrow will hit close to the centre Thanks for watching my #shootlikeme video Please like it and make comments and share it Bye!

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  1. On va sûrement le voir au jeux lui ? son niveaux est comparable à Jean charle valladon une performance ?

  2. I'm more interested in what the finish on the whole riser is. It looks like Cerakote in a gun metal or something, but it's got all of the proper Hoyt decals still on it. I wonder if he got it refinished, and then added those. Really cool looking color scheme. I wouldn't have painted the cut outs.

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