Shooting two arrows at once | How to string a bow

August 18, 2019

I’m coming off of the exit. Which is always super fucking busy now. I’m on a motorcycle some asshole They didn’t feel like letting me through put my foot down to get around them and the back of my bike Hit my foot and pushed it forward and now I can’t tell if I broke my ankle if I just sprained it really bad So my foot is getting better although it looks worse [oh] oh My God, it actually feels way better So I notice there’s a gopro over the archery Target yesterday. I’m assuming you guys using those bows to shoot out of the target, maybe Some of you had to have strung those bows. because I don’t get my bow strung right maybe. I’m assuming. It’s been filmed Touching another man’s [bow] is like touching a man’s life So I had to take an uber this morning because I twisted my ankle on my motorcycle [and] I’m unable to ride I put my phone down next to me and I was like I won’t forget it And then I left it in there, and he came all the way back here to bring it back to me this is why I came here [5] stars for sure I dropped this morning today. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome, He didn’t have to do that What a guy? But he must know the feeling of being disassociated with his phone and like any mother wants to reconnect with their child But I’m gonna give him [5] stars right now wren is the engineer. He’s supposed to be good at this. Oh my God, Jake What are you doing? ‘dramatic music’ Is he pushing my bow against the ground? Okay. I can’t watch any more of this i’m gonna get Jake Jake can have a moment of your time Wren can i have a moment of your time? I’m going to teach you guys how to string a bow stop it. You’re doing it wrong already Hook around the end of the spring on it is facing up Like Jake. Jake is doing it right, now so that the limb without the spring that spent on this leg. It’s going behind Now keep that part up on your thigh And [now] Jake just get reach or it’s far to the end of the bow as you can Wren no, no, no no it’s a f**king mess Right now ma’ hands are slippery come on didn’t work like this last time Niko Oh, I saw how it worked last time What do you mean, get your boots on my bow Boots boots should never touch the tip of a bow why’d you give up? [what’s] up I? Swear to [God] what’s up, bow strung That’s how you string a bow, now Wren and Jake Hopefully no more of my bow on the concrete Against the wall those bows are ladies. We are ladies aren’t we. Oh, yes, Emily. We all certainly two of them treat them as such [it] was terrible shot, it was a bull’s-eye but terrible shot, bull’s eyelid [you] [guys] [have] a tournament going an archery tournament. It’s going to happen. Yeah bring my own bow for that [left] [word] very nice I’m gonna get up in you don’t ever say You try shooting two arrows on my bow? I didn’t try BOOM! It works I didnt know it was actually possible? All right, Jake’s like halfway redeemed. You’ll reveal all your demon you [haven’t] [hit] a bull’s-eye with this shot bullseye redemption comes another day All in a day’s work nice and smooth one of us, one of us, one of us

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