Shooting apples off people’s heads with an arrow
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Shooting apples off people’s heads with an arrow

August 18, 2019

Hey, this is John with Archery Tag. We’re at
an Archery Tag event in Waterloo, IN Got my friend Doug here. Hey Doug, I see you’ve got a nice looking apple there. Looks pretty tasty…. Yeah, it is…uhm… You want to try to knock this off my head? I don’t know if you can do it! I think we should try to shoot that off his head! Let’s try it! Let’s do that! There you go! That’s how it’s done! So we’ve got another volunteer. Have you ever played Archery Tag before? Nope! And you’re going to let me shoot an apple off your head? Yep! Why? Because it sounds cool. Crazy people, I’m tellin’ ya. Okay, let’s do this! Ohh! See, we’re drawing a crowd! [cheers and clapping] Another victim! [music] Form a line to get the apple shot off your head! So is Daddy going to shoot an apple off your head? Yes! Are you scared? No. Ok, good. Shooting an apple off my son’s head now. Now my wife is actually going to let me shoot her! Talk about trust! …Okay. You know, if I hit my wife in the head she’ll never forgive me… See, now I’m freaked out! It’s my wife! She’ll make me sleep on the couch tonight! At least she’s not looking at me! There! Alright, now we got that out of the way! [music] Heeeeyyyyy! [twack]

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  1. Cool, but probably the stupidest thing you could do with a bow, but don't worry, I saw the fake arrow heads 🙂

  2. Its one of the several promotional videos for archery tag, which has spawned a new type of dodgeball. Yes fake arrow heads, but good ones that won't kill a watermelon.

  3. Currently our equipment is not available for retail sale, but there are many places you can play Archery Tag with your friends! Check out our interactive map at archerytag . com/locations to find a game near you!

  4. all they need now are red and blue paint barrels, one at either end so they can dip the tip in the teams colours so it's like paintball

  5. So it's ok to shoot a bow at a 45 degree angle? because I was told you have to always hold a bow fully vertical when shot.

  6. Notice the amount of arrows on the ground once the apple is put on the head and how many are left once they finally get the shot.

  7. just in case anyone thought this guy was doing it on first try every time, look at the arrows at 1:40 and the arrows at 1:45… took about 8 tries

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