Shoot ‘Em On The Run – Coyote Hunting
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Shoot ‘Em On The Run – Coyote Hunting

February 25, 2020

(wind whooshes)
(fire crackling) – All right, here we are. Mid mornin’, got good
friend Tim Spike Davis in huntin’ with me. He’s over on a gun. Just got a text from the
land owner of this place. They had seen a couple
coyotes out here this mornin’, so here we are, we’re gonna
see if we can get ’em killed. (coyote call howling) (man barking) (gun roars) Nice, Tim! Nice! He act like he’s lookin’
for another coyote. We’ll keep callin’. All right Tim let’s go
see what ya got here. Step it off there for my
call, guessin’ 10, 15 yards. – 15 yards. – [John] 15 yards. Your step’s a lot
shorter than mine though. Nice. Tim “Shoot ‘Em On The Run” Davis. Hey, you had to shoot him, man, he wasn’t gonna stop either. – He wasn’t stoppin’ so it
was time to pull the trigger. – [John] Awesome. You got him right before the
sun broke out of the clouds. – Throat punched this one. Good times. Oh man, beautiful pelt, female. Love Kentucky. – Yeah man. Good grief, right in the neck. Boy, it tore it up, too. Tim shootin’ my 243
from Hager Custom Rifles and it’ll sure put a daggone. – Yeah, put a hole in that thing. – Yeah, right there in
front of the shoulder. Right there where his
neck meets the shoulder. Absolutely chilled it. Big ol’ healthy. Big ol’ healthy female. – If you see on the front right leg there, she’s been in a fight so she’s a scrapper. – Oh yeah, it’s plum down to the meat. – Yeah. She looks like she’s had a couple chunks taken out of her so. – Well, it’s, one thing,
it’s breedin’ season here. She’s spottin’ some there
and it’s end of January so it’s time for ’em to breed and I’m sure that (mumbles) mate. Right there’s a pretty good
little spot in her too. I’m sure she’s been
fightin’ around a little bit and havin’ coyotes nip on her so. Congratulations, man. – Thank you sir. Well, thanks for takin’
me out man, it’s awesome. – Yes sir. Well, here we are, central Kentucky. Got my good friend Tim Spike Davis in from Illinois and man, we’ve
been makin’ a few stands. We had some luck here,
see ya on the second stand and no luck here’s to evenin’. This makes, what, our third stand of the mornin’ here?
– Yep, third stand of the mornin’. – We’re usin’ the brand
new call from FOXPRO, the FOXPRO X2S and,
man, I’ll tell you what, it’s doin’ its job. We started out with
some female sore howls, just let it run through its series, didn’t wait maybe a minute or so and went right into Mrs. McCottontail. Brand new sound from FOXPRO. I don’t know, we probably run it for about three minutes maybe and had this big ol’ beautiful. She’s got a great pelt on her. Come runnin’ right up here to the call. Tim dropped her on a trot. What, it was 15 yards
from the call wasn’t it? – [Tim] 15 yards from the call. – Can’t hardly beat that can ya? – No.
– Hey, congratulations. – Well, thanks so much, man.
– Yes sir. – Appreciate it, John. It was awesome. – Thanks for joinin’
us on Tooth & Claw TV. (wind whooshes)
(fire crackling)

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  1. Congrats on beautiful yote Spike! Especially since you didn’t get to make that shot on that white faced yote on the previous episode! It was also a nice addition to see the close up of the call selections used! Awesome job!

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