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Shockingly Weird Kids’ Games (GAME)

August 24, 2019

– Kids’ games ain’t what they used to be. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning. – Today we’re doing our first
official live video chat with the Mythical Society
for third degree members so join up now at
to be a part of that. – Yes and believe it or not, there used to be life before video chats. In fact, there was even
life before the internet. It was a dark time full of
scary things like books, face-to-face human interaction, and a noticeable lack of fruit ninjas. – Yeah without things like Pokemon, Fortnite and catfishing each
other, kids had to get creative and come up with games to
keep themselves entertained and today we’re about to find out what some of those games were. It’s time for ♪ Won’t you play with me ♪ ♪ These games are old you see ♪ We’re gonna get some information
on a game that was played hundreds of years ago and we’re
gonna be given two options on how that game was played
and then we’re gonna have to work together to choose which
option we think is correct. – And then after we make our guess, Mythical team members are
going to play the game. We get less than three right, we’re going to get an
old-timey school punishment in Good Mythical More. We gonna get hit with a hickory stick. – Okay. – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – Okay we have not heard any
of these game descriptions until right now along with you, so here’s the first one. It’s a game called hot cockles. Comes in the late 1700s, early 1800s and was a popular holiday
game, especially in France. It was best played with a group of people no less than four, okay, we’ve got four. – What’s the game play? Is it A, one player wears a blindfold, hops around on one foot trying
to tag the other players. When they tag someone they sing ♪ You’re a cockle ♪ ♪ You’re a cockle ♪ ♪ Fall about my wayside ♪ I just made up that tune.
– Yeah. It was great though.
– Or B, one player wears a blindfold,
then gets on their knees and puts their head on
someone’s lap while the rest of the players take turns
kicking them in the butt. They have to guess who kicked them. I like that version better. – I don’t know even know what a cockle is. – I think it’s when you
kick somebody in the butt when they have their head
in someone else’s lap. And they’re hot, you get hot doing that. – I thought a hot cockle was
something that would fly out of a fire, like as if you
were walking on one foot. Like oh I stepped on a cockle. – That may be the case and I don’t think that affects my answer. (chuckles) – All right fine.
– You think it’s you’re a cockle, you’re a
cockle, fall about my wayside? – I think so, I think it’s
something that will burn you. I don’t know why though. – [Stevie] I’m gonna need
a single answer, guys. – We can’t agree, Stevie, can you tell us? Can you just help us answer? – Let’s just go with B because– – Because that’s your answer, sure. – It’s gonna be much more fun to watch. – All right.
– I could be wrong but I hope I’m right.
– We’re going with B, the kicking them in the
butt, the head on the lap, this should be weird game. – [Stevie] The answer is B. – Yeah!
– Okay. I’ll give it to you, man.
– You wanna listen to me? – [Stevie] So let’s play. – Oh gosh, this is not gonna be awkward. (Rhett chuckles) – Is it a mime quality?
– Jen! – Whoa!
– Yes? – Good job. – Christine.
– He’s good. – Rhett. (all laughing) – Nope, not a player. – Nope.
– You were right, buddy. This is hot. (all laughing) – [Rhett] Here we go, all right. – It’s somehow more awkward than Twister. Which is pretty great. I’ll play that–
– Let’s move on. – I’ll play that later, okay. – [Rhett and Link] Round two. – Okay next game is called
are you there, Moriarty? This game was inspired
by the famous villain from Sherlock Holmes,
Professor James Moriarty and was created by
people living in England during the Victorian era. – Okay, our two options
of how to play this game are A, two blindfolded players lie down on their stomachs holding hands. – Lots of blindfolds.
– Okay. They ask, “Are you there,
Moriarty?” and then try to whack each other in
the head with a newspaper. Option B is all players sit
in a circle and balance a book on a candlestick. In hopes of conjuring
the spirit of Moriarty to knock over the book, they chant, “Are you there, Moriarty, are you there? “A specter, a kelpie, give us a scare.” Okay so is it more of a
seance, spooky thing– – That doesn’t sound like–
– Or is it a kinky thing? – That doesn’t sound like
a good children’s game. I mean I think that the, the
children of the Victorian era loved to wear blindfolds. I mean that’s just what I know. – That’s our understanding, all right. – I think it’s A. – A, I’m not gonna cross
you when you were right on the last one. A is our answer, Stevie.
– A. – [Stevie] The real answer is A. – Yeah!
– So let’s play. – Let’s see it!
– You got your flu shot this year?
(chuckling) – [Jordan] Never. (chuckling) I won’t let the government
put its bugs into my veins. – (laughs) Let’s do the left hand. – I don’t believe that.
– This sounds more fun. – Okay.
– All right, you ready? – Yeah.
– Are you there, Moriarty? Are you there, Moriarty? – [Jordan] Yes. – (laughs) Oh no that’s pretty weak. – [Jordan] Are you there,
Moriarty, it’s me, Margaret. (laughs) – Oh!
(Rhett laughs) – Are you there, Moriarty?
– Yes. (laughing) – Over the top.
– This is kinda fun. Can we stop?
– No go again. Somebody’s gotta get nailed, keep going. – Okay, go. (Jordan moans) – Your line is are you there, Moriarty. – Do a voice, do a voice.
– Are you there, Moriarty? – Yeah. (chuckling) – Okay.
– Wow. – Nobody got their head smacked. – I’ve got a new game for my kids. – Pretty disappointing.
– I’m learning a lot. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – Our next game is called
squeak, piggy, squeak. This game is another popular
Victorian era parlor game designed to keep the kids
occupied with no screens. It has been referred
to as oink, piggy, oink and grunt, piggy, grunt. – Oh I’ll take either one.
– Piggy is a constant. What are our options? – A, players get down on all
fours and surround a trough filled with water and one pig snout. Whoever can grab the snout first
using only their mouth wins and the losers must squeak like pigs. It’s like bobbing for
apples but it’s a pig snout or B, one blindfolded player, the farmer, stands in the middle of a
circle of other players. The farmer spins around
then sits on someone’s lap. Again, laps and blindfolds.
– Yeah. – Yes.
– We know what’s up. – [Rhett] Whoever’s lap they
sit on, that person must squeak like a piggy and the farmer
tries to guess who it is. B, of course, right?
– Yeah it’s B. – It’s gotta be B.
– It’s gotta be B. – Squeak, blindfolds and laps. – [Stevie] It’s gotta be B. – Yeah! – Hey don’t be disappointed. This should be great. – I’m so excited to be the farmer. Look at my piggies. – You know I will say this
is what my experience is going to any improv show. (chuckling) – Any suggestions? – This is nowhere near as
embarrassing as improv. (all laughing) – All right. – I like the arms.
– Whoa. – Spinning herself.
– You’re gonna play, let’s play.
– Oh I don’t know. – I didn’t see–
– No ball. – I didn’t see that in the rules book. – Rick Rick Rick Rick brick (laughs). – Jordan? – Yes!
– Woo! I win! – What was the wake, wake, wake? – I’ve never heard a pig before, okay? – Oh okay. – I don’t think they actually
oink though, you know. – Yeah.
– I think they make more of a–
(snorting, squealing) – But do they sound like an injured duck? – No.
(laughing) – [Jordan] I know I was wrong. – We’re on a roll. – [Rhett and Link] Round four. – Okay the final game is
called moosh the pooter. – Okay. – I’m interested. (crew laughs) It was originally created
in the 1800s in Ireland as a drinking game but
quickly became popular amongst children during the holidays. – Drinking children.
– It requires at least two teams of two people to
each, one boiled potato, Ireland, hello.
– Okay. – Referred to as a pooter
during pre-industrial Ireland. – Oh, that’s what a pooter used to be. – Right.
– Here are our options, A, one player, the pooter
keeper lies down on his back with a potato on their stomach. Their teammate, the pooter
protector, lies overtop them as to block the potato. The other team must lay on
top of the Pooter Protector and attempt to get them to
collapse and moosh the pooter. – Oh okay, squish the potato. – It’s a person, potato–
– Stack. – Okay whatever. Option B, two teams stand
opposite each other. They must toss a potato
back and forth to each other in whatever order they choose. Whichever team drops the potato loses and must eat the potato slash pooter. Nothing like eating a good pooter. – I think this is just an–
(Jordan laughing) I’m gonna move on.
(Jordan laughing) Leave that to the Irish. I think this is a hot
potato with eating it. – ‘Cause the smooshing, you know. I don’t wanna see them do that. – Right, well, I just–
– Unless they’re blindfolded. B.
– B, we’re going with B. – Queen sweep? – [Stevie] You were doing so
well, but the answer is A. – Oh it is?
– Oh whoa. You guys are gonna moosh that pooter? – Moosh it! Okay so Jordan has
volunteered for the bottom. (Rhett laughs) – Story of my life. – Oh man. – Okay and here comes the pooter. And who’s the moosher, no the protector. There you go, Jen. – None of this feels
appropriate to be doing at work. (Rhett, Christine laugh) – It’s just a children’s game. – Now you’re planking,
okay so Jen is planking but she’s–
– She’s a plank. It’s a lot of exercise on her part. – Moosh the pooter.
– My God. – Come on! Come on! (yelling) Yes! – Is this CrossFit? – Oh look–
– Oh, moosh! – I rejected it.
– Christine, moosh it. Woo! – It is mooshed.
– Spank that thing. – [Stevie] Hey guys, we
completely made this up. This is not a real game. (all laughing) – [Link] Okay so it is a queen sweep. – [Stevie] Sure, Link. – Yes!
– We’ll take it! – And you guys got to pooter moosh. (Jordan claps)
Everybody won today. – Feel free to eat that pooter. – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Rhett. – And I’m Link. – I’m Stevie. – And it’s time– – [Together] To spin the
Wheel of Mythicality! (Link laughs)
– Wow, that’s a spot-on impersonation. Congratulations.
– We’re all angry. – Heh. Click the top link to
watch us play something called Bullet Pudding
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where
the wheel’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Hey pin freaks. We’ve got some Mythical pins
for you at Also I’m calling for calling
you freaks, I went too far.

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