Shiva – Full Episode 57 – Teerandaz Robingood
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Shiva – Full Episode 57 – Teerandaz Robingood

August 20, 2019

Shiva, if I were to participate in
this contest, I’d surely win it. I don’t intend to blow
my own trumpet… …yet I’d like to tell you. Once, in my village, there
was an archery competition. And I hit a flying fish,
bang in the eye. Firstly, tell us, how
was the fish flying? Was she a bluff master
like you too? Let go, UD. Let’s go check how good
we are at archery. Yes indeed. We’ll have the privilege of watching
Adi’s archery skills today. Come on. Friends, friends, friends… Since
Adi is an expert in archery… …he’d go up first. Take this. Hey, Adi, you have
to hit the target. You don’t have to hold it. Help! Shiva! Help me. Let me go! Is that any reason to laugh? It’s not always that
one hits the target. Here, UD., it’s your turn now. Let me check now what you will do? Let me try too. Not bad, Shiva. You too can participate in
that archery competition. You just need a bit of practice. No, Reva, I don’t
wish to participate. We’ll go and watch as audience. Hmm! Get down. I am Good, the poor
man’s Robin Good. I take from the rich,
and give to the poor. That’s something good I do, right? Tell me.
– Yes! You’re doing real good. Since you said I’m doing a good
job, hand over whatever you have. You are affluent people. Why count?
Give it all. Let us go now. She’s wearing so much of gold… …a poor person might have
not even dreamt of it. Give some for them too. Damn! We’re robbed! We’re doomed! The archer for the
day, Robin Good… …has come to Vedas city, and
he has made up his mind… …that he would help the poor. He takes from the rich, and
distributes to the poor. Who is this Robin Good? One who has looted many overnight. Why do all the thieves of the world
find only Vedas city to plunder? He is an archer. Has he come
for the archery competition? Bhimsingh, don’t stop the car. He sure is that thief, Robin Good. One who calls himself the poor
man’s social service worker. Shiva, that thief Robin Good
is pursuing us. Grandma, I’ll be right there. Grandma, I’m almost there.
Exactly, where are you? We are about to reach the
Venus City Junction. Greetings, uncle and aunt.
I am Good, Robin… Yes, we know you are Robin Good. You take money from the rich, and
distribute amongst the poor. Aunt, don’t take it to heart. I cannot bear the poor man’s pain. And that’s the reason I do this. You are rich, you’ll get more. Rich! We too are poor now. Why do you sob for
such trifle matters? So what if these
ornaments are gone? You have enough at home.
Wear that. Uncle, let’s go to your house. Actually, just these few ornaments
are not going to really help the poor. I’ll come over to your house and
loot the remaining ornaments too. You’ll be able to come home only if
you manage to get away from here. Our Shiva is already here. Hey kid, don’t come near me. Shiva! Don’t call me a kid, uncle. Shiva! The name is Shiva. You showed me your expertise. Now, check mine. Bye, bye, everybody. No, Shiva! Let him go. The police will nab him.
You don’t endanger your life. Shiva, what are you doing? You might have heard about
Robin Good in the news. Yes, all of us have heard it. He’s using a bow and
arrow to loot people. Last night he tried robbing
my grandparents too. But I reached there,
and he ran off. These are the arrows he used. I have decided… …that I’d be participating in
the archery competition too. You refused earlier… …so what happened now?
– Robin Good is a very good archer. He will definitely be there
for that competition. I can nab him there. I’m making light and
accurate arrows, like his. Well, let’s practice from tomorrow. I’ll be your coach. In that case, Shiva would lose
before even participating. Yeah! That is amazing. Shiva, I think you’re ready
for the competition. ‘He’s the same guy who bashed
me up. What brings him here?’ Hey, child! Go sit there,
with everyone, and watch. Uncle, my name is Shiva, and
I’m not here as audience… …I’m participating
in the competition. Oh, no! Ladies and gentlemen… It’s for the first time that
I see such a young child… …competing in a
competition like this. A huge round of applause
for Shiva, please. Friends, we begin the
archery competition. In this round, one has to
aim at different targets. There would be static targets… …and moving targets too. Let’s start off round 1 now. And now, round 2 would begin. It’s Shiva’s turn now. Let’s see if Shiva hit’s
the bulls-eye, or not. I just can’t believe. I can’t believe that Shiva
has hit the bulls eye. I’ve seen such a young
archer for the first time. Now, it’s time for
round 3 to begin. And in this round, we have
only two participants. Shiva, and Santosh Singh. Hey! Most probably, Robin Good
is that person… …the one who’s the sole guy
left to compete with me. Find out where he’s staying. Check his room.
– He’s come from other city. He’s staying at Vedas
International Hotel. I’ll go check his room. You keep competing.
All the best! Round 3. Shiva, all the best! Yeah! Check. Check. Sir! What happened, sir? Friends, since Shiva and
Santosh Singh have equal points… …the trophy would be
given to both of them I’ll have to keep him engaged here
till Mr. Laddu Singh returns. Friends, it gives me
pleasure in announcing… …that Shiva and Santosh
have equal points… …and the trophy would
be given to both. No, this isn’t right. There’s no better archer than
Shiva in the whole world. You may have some more
rounds if you wish. They have aimed at
all sorts of targets. What contest should I give them? Give us a target
that’s moving away… …and one that the archer
pursues on his cycle… …or his motorcycle
and aim at. Yes! Very good idea. I am ready. I will prove… …that I am the best. I am ready too. Okay! Get, set. go. It’s unbelievable, but true! The way Shiva has
performed as an archer… …is something I’ve
not experienced till date. And so, the championship trophy
is being given to Shiva. Yeah! Shiva! Sorry, Santosh Singh,
you’re a very good archer… ..but I have nothing to give you. I have this trophy to gift Santosh. Nab him. He’s getting away. Friends! He’s the archer thief, Robin Good. We have found all the
loot in his room. Shiva is hugely responsible
in getting him nabbed. Three cheers for Shiva! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray.

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