SHIN GI TAI: The Perfect Karate Practitioner — Jesse Enkamp
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SHIN GI TAI: The Perfect Karate Practitioner — Jesse Enkamp

November 15, 2019

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  1. What if I practice my Kata, Bunkai, and sparring everyday, but lose time with my job, wife , and kids in the process?

    Am I still a perfect karate practitioner?

    I was a Karate Instructor until I had to go back to my "Normal" job. I wish Dojos were different, but unless you start karate as a kid, there is no way in hell you will have a survivable income involving Karate. Good thing Sensei Enkamp grew up into a successful Dojo that teaches dozens of other things besides Karate.

  2. I have seen so many martial artist but never saw someone as good as Jessie Sensei. To all of you who are his student; you guys are sooo lucky to have a sensei like him.
    In India we train under the street light but still we always try to show up for classes. So guys who are fortunate to train with him, never skip classes. He is the best karate teacher I have seen yet❤
    Lots of respect for you sensei. Oss

  3. So interesting that I proposed, straight away, my sensei to do it for the whole dojo !
    In less than 5 minutes, we would know a lot about our practice.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Jesse !
    As usual your videos are cristal clear and very practical.
    It's both a pleasure and an honnor to follow your path.

  4. First of all OSS(greatings) Jessy sensei..I always enjoy your explanation..this video is very helpful for instractors..PLZZ keep doing this amazing videos..God may be with you in your journey,???

  5. Could you please explain the athletic part for a kata athlete and how the Shin Gi Tai can be used against opponents here ?

  6. When is your next visit to Sydney, Australia. You've met my sensei before, but I really want to meet you hahahah. Very educational video. Oss.

  7. Thanks Sensei for insight. I've never thought of(Shotokan) Karate that way. I just realised that I am a "Gi" type, lol.

  8. Well done! I like how you went deeper into the fact that even if you do something well that you still have room for improvement. One of the biggest lessons in marshal art's is I think to be more critical of yourself and also be able to take criticism from others you trust. It helps you grow to be a more dynamic person. so not to look at criticism as something negative but to be aware of opportunity's to be more effective in everything you do.

  9. Thank you for sharing such great wisdom with us, Jesse. I've really assessed my own performance as a karateka. Keep up the great work.

  10. Hi Jesse-san! Thanks for the inspirational videos and the great workout ideas! Any clue on the location of the KNX 2020? I know… Wayyyyy too early. But I discovered your blog and channel just too late to join you guys this year, and I'm really looking forward to your one of a kind seminar.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  11. A Swedish guy translating Japanese into English. You cannot get anymore international than that. XD

  12. is shin(mind) your resolve and determination? like say you are doing a drill or an exercise and want to give up or get upset/flustered. i notice when i get flustered or upset that i can't do something, i end up getting worst throughout a class.

  13. Thank you for your video Jesse. I’m now hooked on your video sessions ha. I learn a lot from them. I’m trying to discover how to be a better karate-ka
    Each time I train. It’s my person challenge ????

  14. Quando um dia pensar em abrir uma academia, escola de karatê no Brasil ,e escolher Rio de Janeiro, vou está lá obrigado.

  15. Excellent video Jesse-san! Definitely Tai… Constantly working on control… Please send some shin & gi over! ?

  16. I'm sure you must know this kotowaza, it is often used in Kendo and Iaido, but very similar.

    気 き Ki energy/spirit
    剣 けん Ken sword
    体 たい Tai body/physical
    一 いち Ichi one
    "Mind, body, and sword as one"

    Might not be the best translation, but I always think of this kotowaza Everytime I think about 心·技·体

  17. I’d say almost every person o train with is totally lacking in the Tai department. It is actually extremely sad to see “grown men” who can’t see their own toes or perform 50 push-ups.

  18. The first thing I remembered is the Ryu Ga Gotoku/Yakuza game franchise as soul/mind, body and technique are the main attributes to level up haha. Amazing vídeo

  19. "When you do stuff to escape other stuff, that's not a good idea."

    Awww, now I feel rationally guilty about watching this at work.

  20. A perspective I would like to add, is that to me, shin isn't anything mental. It is the heart mind, aka consciousness. Most people believe they're conscious just because they're awake, but in reality they're only conscious when on drugs, on an adrenaline rush, or during sex. I'm talking about the consciousness developed through meditation or years of developing a certain skill. The consciousness that comes from the heart. If you're more centered in your heart and present in the moment during a fight, your reactions will be faster, your decisions will be better, and you'll see more of what's happening all around you. Shin, to me, is the lack of thought and strength of consciousness.

  21. Hi Jesse! First, great video as always. Second, how would you describe the Shin Gi Tai triangle for older Karateka where effort investments in Tai has diminishing returns not seen with Shin and Gi?

  22. Great video Jesse. In our club, we have a patch with three horizontal stripes that has a close meaning to that. We say that the three stripes represent Shin (mind), Ki (spirit), Waza (technique).

  23. Excellent guide for an instructor and martial arts fight choreographer/ stunt fighter in Cameroon. God bless you OSS

  24. Amazing that you find time to make videos so close to KNX, that must take a huge organisational effort! Thank you, I hope I'll be able to joing next year… Just give me a hint, will it be in Europe??

  25. Great video. I forget who said it but I was reminded of a saying. 10 skills equal 1 strength. 10 strengths equal 1 will.

  26. Petition to get Jesse a whiteboard eraser. All in favour, say I. No, but seriously, thank you for this. Shin gi tai is a concept that I've read about and wanted to work on for some time, this has given me even more motivation. So thank you.

  27. Excellent video. Just wanted to say thank you again for all of your time and effort in making your videos. I am always looking forward for them

  28. I just found this channel and think it's great, everything I've used in the street to defend myself comes from a karate base, as a smaller dude with long limbs it's an efficient style. will sub

  29. My SHIN (mind) was thinking about those triangles you are drawing as pizzas that would feed my tai (body) ?

  30. Hey sensei Jesse, I was wondering if you could possibly upload a video explaining your jr. belt system. I was wondering if you had more belt colors and a smaller amount of information per belt, or however, you organize it. I'm used to teaching at a fast pace and typically to older individuals and I'm needing some help with my kids class. Thank you for your time.

  31. Jesse, I think investing in a whiteboard cleaning cloth would be a great idea??? Edit: applying this technique into real life could also work really well when it comes to self reflection or assessment, I really enjoy these videos❤️

  32. Very good, I identified my worst point in Shin Gi Tai and now I know where intoduce my attention in work out. Thank you!

  33. I think this is one of your best videos. Make more like this one, it is VERY helpful! I will show this video to my sensei, he loves that kind of things 😀
    I realized I was using Shin Gi Tai subconciously in my every day life for several years now . Well, one never stops learning!

  34. Judo black belt here I’ve been wanting to get into a striking art to balance it out and watching your karate videos has made me interested in learning karate. Unfortunately being in the states is very hard to come by a legit karate school. Is there a curriculum or way to self teach. There’s a muy Thai place and kickboxing place around town which are both expensive but no karate. Should I just go to those schools or try and self teach karate. Asking for your honest opinion. And yes self teaching is the hardest path but with no karate school around (mostly mcdojos) it’s very hard to get effective training. I like the kyokushin style personally but with no one to spar with it’s hard. But can I teach myself basic strikes by watching videos and reading books? Thanks.

  35. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. I have found it very enlightening!! I did a rough self evaluation while watching and will work on a plan to bring more balance to my training.

  36. Super happy y'all love the video! <3 Visit my website to learn more Karate stuff:

  37. Nice video It's the first time I hear about Shin Gi Tai and if possible can you please talk to us about Ki the internal energy?
    I'll be very grateful if you show us how to use it.
    All my respect, Oss

  38. Just curious how xin yi ba 心意把 (heart and mind method or technique) is the most advanced level of kung fu, specially Shaolin Quan. Of course we are talking of the same principles and their balance. Very useful insight from the karate point of view. Thanks again.

  39. Oss Sensei Jesse, and Thankyou for that awesome video. But if you ask me where are my weak spots are, i've no idea where to start with, or which level is good or bad. I've the 5. Kyu and maybe i'm already good enough for the 4. – if i would start to train for it, ;)maybe i would get the next belt or even belts easily. I allways wait for the day when my Sensei is asking me, "don't you think it is time for the next belt?" – at that point i knew that i just have to show up to get the next belt. That is because belts have no importence in my eyes. I don't want just to have the next belt to look better, i want to become better. And if you ask me what i want to learn i say: my standings are all terrible my hip rotations are weak, slow, and adding no power to my techniks. and i dont want to talk about my flexibility. high kicks and such things are not a problem, but i feel limitations here and there. So how to select what is important, if you think you are bad in everything? :/ Oss Gakusei Ines

  40. Watching this video, I believe I'm heavily skewed towards "SHIN": I want to improve myself, but I am a fat bastard that can't even preform a proper mae geri without my gut getting in the way. And I'm generally too lazy to kick myself in the ass to make changes in my behavior. In conclusion, I just sent a text message to my wife and father to shame me if I haven't signed up at the local gym by the end of this month. (for the record: September 2019)

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