[Shield Tactical Gloves – Armored Claw] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs
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[Shield Tactical Gloves – Armored Claw] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

August 26, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the Shield gloves from Armored Claw These are available in several colors: black Tan Green And OD The gloves are delivered in a simple plastic bag On the label, we will mainly find information about the size of gloves As well as information on the different materials and components used in their manufacture An additional label informs us that touch screens can be used with these gloves About the markings, an embossed Armored Claw logo is present on the top of each glove As well as on the tightening loops We also find on these the slogan of the brand: “Your first line of defense” At the base of the gloves, tightening loops allow to fix them to its outfit for example, or can help to put them on The glove is composed in part of Spandex, a breathable fabric, on the top Inside, it’s mainly synthetic leather that we find On the end of the index and the thumb, it is a special coating to allow contact with the touch screens which is present On the top, an impressive knuckle protection is present, it feels strong Velcro fastening loops are available on each glove for an adjustment to your morphology On each finger joint, there is additional protection stitched in the glove lining As on the Shield Flex model, I find them rather unpleasant Regarding the upper protection, it is really comfortable and you hardly feel shocks No worries of flexibility with these gloves, we encounter very few issues with movements and manipulations No worries either to use a touch screen, we even keep a minimum of precision to use the keyboard of a smartphone I was able to test those gloves on half a day of play in a slightly cool and wet weather These Shield gloves remain relatively comfortable to wear and perfectly fulfill their work of protection against shocks and cold There is still this unpleasant problem of finger joint protections when tightening an object But overall, I had a good gaming experience In conclusion, these Shield gloves from Armored Claw offer a good quality of protection and a very good level of finish Like the Shield Flex model, I’m still personally bothered by finger joint protections But these Shield gloves from Armored Claw remain a good product that offers great value for money Thank you for watching this video Many thanks to Gunfire and Armored Claw for providing the test copy If you have any questions about these gloves or if you have any feedback, do not hesitate to comment on this video Make sure you also subscribe to my channel and follow me on my social media so you do not miss any video, follow my news and show your support See you soon, in a future video

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