Sheffield United 3-3 Man Utd – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES
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Sheffield United 3-3 Man Utd – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

November 29, 2019

Hi Ole, at 2-0 down things going very much against you, what you thinking on the sidelines because it had been a particularly poor performance to that point, would you agree? Very, very poor different performance and to be honest with you, I’m thinking back to Everton of course that team gave up and this team didn’t and that’s.. so when we turned it around it’s a great answer to get from the boys, that yeah we did play badly first half we didn’t win any challenges we didn’t stick to what we had planned but to be able to shake them fears away what it look like fears first half, when you’re 2-0 down and don’t give up, do you don’t expect them to give up but last year we did this year we don’t we didn’t, so it’s a massive massive difference in that respect So your overriding is possible? Now yeah, yeah that’s.. even though the big part of this game is very negative and you disappointed with it but that’s football for you and to have the character to stick in there and turn it round to 3-2 and we could have had four.. was great and then you’re disappointed at the end that you don’t hold the lead You talk about the Everton game a lot of the players there are still here now how have they changed mentally and what have the new players contributed with in that respect with the mental… I think you could see there, you can see you know we bring young players on with Mason and of course Brandon scores the goal, you got three lads that we’ve signed that’s made a very very good impact so for me the boys will have learned a lesson from the seventy-first minutes and 95th or whatever 94th whatever they scored but the biggest part of it must be the way they’ve had the character to stay in the game and turn it around And Phil Jones got a lot of stick in the first half, you changed him, what was behind that and what do you think about his performance? Yeah we’ve had too changes and we had to go for it second half, we had to put another attacker on and I could have changed 11 players at halftime that’s.. so simple really apart from the keeper cus David kept us in it.. you wouldn’t and he would have saved in the last one not for a slight deflection on Harry’s thigh as well so, no that was a tactical thing but today wasn’t about tactics it was about the desire that we lacked in the first half and they had in the first half, challenges you know football is you’ve got to earn the right to win the game and we didn’t have any right to win a game after 70 minutes Would you’ve said that was angriest you were at halftime then? Just saying there you could change them all? Angry, disappointed I don’t know what kind of emotions you want to say but you had to wake them up you had to do something about it and I I think they.. the way they’ve turned it round, the way they.. it changes so much in people’s, a player’s head a young players heads, so you remember these boys are young and when they get the belief after the first goal Dan James first time it probably went past Stephens and put a great cross in, fantastic finish by Brandon suddenly you see we’re on the front foot we’re on the on the up, the boys trying things that they leave the fear away And just on Mason, he took his goal very well, he’s been threatening that coming off in games, how pleased were you with his impact? He’s a goal scorer I’ve always said it and I did an interview this week about number of minutes you need to make an impact and he definitely made an impact today I thought but the way we’ve turned this bad 70 minutes into a positive feeling is good Hello Ole, can you just talk us through the team selection, the changing system, why you felt you had to make that change was it to do with Sheffield United or the players at your disposal? and then obviously your subs changed the game in a positive way but Axel coming on as well at the end what was the thinking behind that? Ah there’s different reasons, obviously we’re light in midfield because Scotty’s away.. we could have could have started with Jonah in there, this play there for England but we decided that Sheffield United.. we’ve played well in a back three this season, Chelsea away Liverpool at home, we thought that was a good way of.. but it wasn’t about tactics today, it was about the desire first half, getting first to the ball on the front foot tackling, winning challenges that’s sometimes tactics is just thrown out the window and today it was all about the desire first half Ole, you’re talking about the lack of desire, how worrying for you is that, because they’re playing for Manchester United, they shouldn’t be lacking desire to.. They’re young, the boys are young and it’s not a lack of desire in the the word desire.. it’s maybe.. that confidence in themselves you know Andreas and Fred in midfield they’ve never played together before but the way we came out after they scored the second goal was was excellent so I don’t doubt them wanting to win sometimes young players don’t really know how to win challenges like this and we must have learned a lot today, I’m sure they have How do you go about changing that from here then? Play like we did in the 7, 8, 10 minutes when we scored, just released the fears, play with with belief, confidence, they’ve come through the Academy most of these boys and you know when Mason comes on plays with no fear, Brandon’s great goal it’s something that you try to teach them but they.. along the way in the Academy you don’t learn these.. you don’t play these games in the Academy, they would have learned a lot by these 90 odd minutes and this all, so there will be some pluses as well

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  1. Look mate I’m not being funny but you need to start being ruthless with these players give them a reality check stop coming into these press conferences and giving us bullshit fucking name and shame the cunts Fred and pereira are not strong enough and good enough to play in midfield it’s simple January is your chance to go out and sign some fucking quality in the midfield because we’re lacking creativity

  2. Ole , sorry but you are clueless. Why did you go back to three defenders? You should have kept Martial. you lost 2 points we could have been in fifth. We need to play more attacking football, this is why you wee hired after Mourinho was fired.

  3. Switching to a back 5 when we were on top of them. That's not a Utd approach, or the approach of a manager who'll push us up the table. That's a weak approach that no amount of quality players can create success out of.

  4. Fucking stop smiling and laughing every time we lose or draw. It's embarassing. He's embarassing and the worst manager in the PL.

  5. Absolutely the best fit bleed united, united dna, eat sleep shit united manager. Ole fukkin in! Give him 30 years permanent contract ffs….

  6. I support you Ole. The only issue was I thought Martial should've stayed on and maybe take Rashford off. Other than that good fight .

  7. This team didn't, we should not have been in that position from in the 1st place, let's stop finding excuses…

  8. I like him a lot.. But he is too nice, i guess.. United needs a leader.. Someone the squad fears and adores at the same time!

  9. gj with the subtitles but you only really need to do it if the person speaking is hard to hear like when they have the printer like sounds in the background or the cameras making those loud noises or the questioner is quiet or not speaking english. how i would do it personally is condense the question to one sentence embed it in the video itself, not in cc and keep the text on the screen until he's answered the question and then put the text of the next question on the screen when the next question gets asked. sometimes when they ask a question the manager will talk for like 10 minutes about one thing and you kinda forget the question, it would be nice to see what the question was that they were answering on the screen at all times.

  10. Always gives excuses…reasons..but the same problems repeat itself…I don't see any reason why man Utd should keep Solskjaer any longer

  11. did he say today was not about tactics ? So he goes to some matches not thinking about tactics ? And this happy look like he has just won the league WTF with that ? What a clown of a manager….

  12. Ole pls be honest because your first half tactic game is shit as fuck, be more honest if you want fans to support you

  13. See when u fixed Cm Cdm prblm the team look good current cm and cdm causing lot of presure to our cbs …our midfielder is a joke

  14. Put Jones in for his first match of the season when he's used to playing in a back four..then play three at the back and wonder why he struggled.

  15. Don't be so harsh to Ole, Sheff Utd is in a good form now, Chelsea and Poch's Totthenham also got draw result.. at least Man Utd is not defeated by Sheff Utd like Arsenal. #GGMU

  16. Massive mistake taking martial off and going defensive again. Amateurish and strategically inept. He’s actually pleased with himself here, wtf?

  17. The only young players we had on for this game was Williams and Greenwood. Why does he keep making excuses for everyone else when they’ve been playing 1st team football for years now. Woodward and the whole coaching staff have got to go!

  18. Ole is trying to be mr.Niceguy to his players, opposite of Jose who throw unperforming player under the bus.
    But his method doesnt seems to work too.
    Man, under performing players need the hairdryer treatments ?

  19. Manchester had the audacity to fire the first coach who got them 2nd on the league and won them a European trophy. They deserve all punishment coming their way

  20. I can only think of two people that think Phil Jones should wear a united shirt. Ole, obviously, and that guy off the Goonies that bangs the pipes and shouts “you guys”.

  21. Today wasn't about tactics? Wtf is Ole on about? He shows week after week that he is inept. He exposes himself constantly. He is a fucking joke of a manager

  22. Ole is such an underdog the football world loves to see him fails as a United manager at the biggest football club in the world that's why we love him so much and desperate to see him be a success

  23. "it wasn't about tactics today" yes it was you fucking muppet
    First half you played 5 at the back with 2 CMs and we couldn't create anything
    Second half you take off a CB and bring on a third offensive midfielder, there's more link up and we suddenly score 3
    But you then take off the only player that can hold the ball up front in Martial to replace him by a CB to play 5 at the back and you concede a third

  24. i am so sick of his comments pretending to be cool he is almost shiting in his pantes just leave you are joke of a klovn

  25. Solskjaer throws players under bus after latest tactical error:

  26. That's poor form with the chants of "your getting sacked in the morning". Ole obviously needs more time at the wheel. At least another 3-4 transfer windows. He needs to get his type of players in, you know, ole gooner solksjaer type. Give him time and he'll take Manchester United to where they deserve to be.

  27. This Guy is an absolute joke. Should have never got the job and should have been fired towards the end of last season when given the job. He’s got no idea what he’s doing and he’s not good enough for a 4th tier team let alone Man Utd. He’s a freakin’ joke. He’s lost all my respect as a former United player because of his greediness. He knows he’s a million miles away from being anywhere as good to be in a united dugout yet he still hangs around. If he really loves United as he claims, he would kindly resign and walk away. If I didn’t know any better, I would actually believe he’s got only one mission and that mission is to completely ruin our team. What a joke. That’s why he was a sub all his playing career. He needs to go, like last season go.

  28. "I could have changed 11 players at half time". Throwing his players under the bus. Why weren't they fired up for the first half?

  29. after 2-0 we played without fear and we score 3 goals.
    after we score 3 goals you pull out our most tactical attacking footballer and you bring on a young defender to restore the fear
    wow nice job

  30. Man is such a clown, Everton had the same amount of shots but were more clinical. Turning it around from 2 down is different to 4. Ole saying he could have changed the whole 11 but then bailing himself out by saying it was not down to tactics is hilarious. Shame he cannot see his tactics are awful to none existent. Listening to him go on about tactics not being important is mind blowing

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