Sexy Half-Korean Actress Korean Archery
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Sexy Half-Korean Actress Korean Archery

August 12, 2019

today on twoplustwo traditional korean archery we are down at the handgun we’re gonna be learning some stuff about district green archery and there will be three challenges in this video so you have to watch it all the way through and of course we are joined by a lovely Korean actress Leah Hakim toxin but first a few words from our instructor inácio salon tenens hospital known kakai dangoon become al segi Cumbre winnin assassin in de parícutin Chun Kuen since in Syriana Alan Alan day Kang Jae Joong Halcomb erotic is from the children Hamilton happy do arm carries on tango queen coupon also given Braille hydrocal ah which are okay you win the rose on Stensland such as their social denim body cat tongue series over top if I cut it back it’s optional to tap apologizing on de sabadell back Crutzen so cook yeah yeah it’s okay the poor go geeky go Nana and the Yogi’s otaku yoga engine as you look it up okay you great yeah to kill nozzle with a tacit at Evo Evo I’m the sucker entangled interpreter but lemon the king okay yeah we go under you look at okay they’ii even a piezo vampire chakra walk there are two throwing event the arrow crows oh boo panic attacks Anita row Camille go can I talk about a chicken burger and chakra to them Toto Toto Toto uh harder is that language interpreter okay and anyway said Oh Boudreaux aiming should set off full draw a vieng should i forgot how to hold it already or no alright guys we just learned how to shoot an arrow and now we’re going to start our first challenge whoever can get three arrows in the yellow the fastest not me okay is going on wrap my finger here ah oh I just learned I don’t remember like this what the heck this does not bring you peace this brings you anger I’m a disgrace to my country songs I mean okay so I don’t know if this challenge is for you they’re all the way to in poetry all the way to here I was gonna come off like that what do i what do I do it all the way oh wait what are we going to chin touch it I can’t get out boom yellow oh channel the heart of Robin Hood oh maybe not Robin Hood maybe Legolas what tough I don’t understand boom – boom play huh what am i frickin Queen Katniss Everdeen why do we keep going my way got my ah Jamal sounds coming out Oh ginger my ancestors were not arrow shooters nothing is really good ah my cabin the cabin huh why doesn’t it count so close Katniss Everdeen Oh everything oh wow god this ever did he had to save the world six you know my parents used to make fun of me saying I was like Nakada any sport who’s wrong oh I’m a date when you start being humble again Oh have a Dean don’t think evergreen Princess Leia save the world Oh oh my god 15 so for this challenge where you should shoot 10 shots the white border is 1 point black is 2 blue is 3 red is 4 and the yellow is 5 whoever gets the highest score wins this one good huh I was holding the bow wrong and it killed me boom with this I fucked up my aiming whoa all right this is this is not gonna do it oh I think this is my fault eh oh man oh man is this a Sun right humble be humble right oh wait no bad grip die grip all about for my friends all about the forum mother ah huh that might be a red we don’t know bad grip Cochran what oh my god oh there it is vomit early wins I just won I just won Oh still gonna fuck me so over there is Lea and she was an apple ahead and I’m going to shoot the arrow forehead but don’t worry it’s not the real layer it’s a picture the rules of the game if there’s a fatal shot was in the heart the head the eye game over arms limbs non-vital limbs and stuff she’s okay it’s okay people we can let off but the aim is for the Apple but for this game we only have five shots let’s do it see I don’t kill you I’m sorry channeling William Tell come on baby she’s dead Ryan live for fun Liz that I oughta might refer you didn’t kill her she’s alive it’s just her hair she’s alive I didn’t lose yes um he didn’t kill me so I’m gonna not kill anyone either it’s gonna go great I’m sorry happy okay I missed okay I didn’t kill anyone that’s okay I’m safe checking the height what the heck I hate this game this game Legolas be with me you know what though I wouldn’t care if I hit by my jock is secretly inside I hate him you know why cuz he gets all the pretty ladies here in Korea everybody ignore me what do I do tail is ass oh look at that almost hit the camera Oh way uh-oh you’re hit me in the groin sir last shot let’s see if I can kill by my jaw gonna go to kill Oh No he was on the level of the Apple it looks like nobody killed nobody so we’re all safe but nobody wanted this challenge game over boom first time doing archery mm-hmm how was it was it bad and gun shooting know obviously archery is not my forte you started so well though you know sighs I did so on I ended so horribly God knows I’ve attained no one no one got killed no one that was a near miss just right I was like and the hair we thought we killed you but no you’re still alive I’m alive and well everybody if you thought alia was super sexy and super funny super awesome – check out our channel Lea Kim TV and if it doesn’t come up just put Lea Kim Thompson it’ll pop up yeah all the links are in description down below as always if you want to come and try out you down hanging will leave a link to this location it’s just something he’s not using a closed car park but you’ll find in a way thank you very much for joining us on this episode of TwoPlusTwo like the video share it because it makes you laugh subscribe and if you do subscribe click the gear icon and check the bus to get notifications for all our videos and stick around for sipping the next episode coming up right now

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  1. yes i thought leah kim was super sexy, super funny and super awesome!!!!!

    Im gonna be one of those people who asks for hee to be on the show again. she was entertaining and your interactions with each other are so cute =)

  2. +BapMokja and Haeppy for ur first time, I personally thought u guys all have great archery skills <3 👍

  3. Haeppy was on "I'll kill ya" mode
    Archery isn't as easy as shooting, now I know that you with an arrow aren't dangerous.

    Depends on the weather hahahaha

  4. During this video only Leah's thumb was injured during this making =D Lel~
    Where did you guys shoot at the intro seeing the target is behind you guys xD

    @2:47 no band – aid

  5. Didn't know her, but love her! Gotta like a girl who can let out a good swear! My grandma be like… "It's not pretty in a young girl's mouth" and I be like "FUCK THIS! Love you grandma, but that shit be sexist!". If you don't like swearing, that's one thing, but don't tell me I can't swear because it's not "ladylike"!!

  6. Archery seems to be harder than shooting a gun but also looks like a lot of fun
    I wish we had something like this on my city

  7. Now that's a real archer teacher, teaches you to draw on the right – not like the dumb archer instructors in movies that teach to draw on the left. So much wasted movement to draw on the left side of the bow

  8. definitely gonna try this on my visit to Korea next year…

    look forward for the Laser Skin Treatment video ^^

  9. I just thought to myself that i'd be cool to try shooting (after I saw your video) AND archery..and look what we have here! This was enjoyable as usual! Also she seems like a really cool person. I think she's been on The Genius…? correct me if I'm wrong

  10. Oh my GOD this and the gun one were hilarious, you're all really funny and Leah seems awesome =) Also Haeppy I feel your pain… I tried western archery one time and held my arm wrong, I hit myself with the string so much that I was bleeding by the end D=

  11. Awww poor Haeppy but kinda helps when you pay attention to your setup before firing. Been like 15 years since I done archery.

  12. No more reaction videos? im gutted.
    That was the reason I believe most of us subscribed to you guys 🙁

  13. You don't?! Ohh…so that's why I don't see them anymore😕but just wanna let u know that it was so fun watching ur reactions 🙃👍🏼

  14. Originally came here for the reactions, but I totally get why you can't do them anymore. You guys still do so much interesting content though, still really enjoy the content.

    Great guests too!

  15. So, are you guys just done with reactions??? It's been forever since you guys did a reaction video.

  16. Its weird to see how tall BapMokja and Haeppy are, or more how short Koreans usually are, when I saw the actress on SNL she was so tall especially when she stood next to Shinee's Key.

  17. way to go bapmokja!!! winner of 2 out of 3. pretty sure she said evergreen at one point haha. she seems fun.

  18. That's some really light bows! But I guess it's a lot safer when the arrows travel way way slower. Either way a funny video, nice to see you exploring Korean culture.

  19. Leah is hilarious. I will go subscribe to her. Archery looks like so much fun. I think id have fun learning it.
    Haeppy, lol you arent ignored i promise. you know me blowing up your messenger 😋

  20. 근데 한강공원에서 국궁체험하는건
    한강공원측에서 허락 맡고한거??
    사람들 걸어다니는데 잘못쏘면 다치는거잖아…
    저런것도 있었나 신기하네..

  21. You guys aren't doing follow through. Hold the bow there until the arrow is completely away. If you don't, it can seriously affect your aim

  22. "I think this is my forte, aww man. Is this a sign" * shoots and arrow doesn't even remotely come close to the board* Shes so funny XD

  23. Safety guys. She should not shoot without her hair tighten up. Heavier draw weight can rip off her hair like a strip of paper.

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