Setup Wars – Episode 152 (ft Pirate Gamer)
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Setup Wars – Episode 152 (ft Pirate Gamer)

August 28, 2019

Alright guys, i’m excited to check out and see how the new season of setup wars… music I appreciate it you guys, giving me the chance to try something new But the people have spoken. Obviously, the new format sucks

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  1. I'm confused I have a 1060 6gb and I know that only has one hdmi port but these monitors are only vga and hdmi so how I'm talking bout Logan's setup btw

  2. i am thinking of getting a dell xps tower for my setup and i like streaming and gaming it has pretty good specs but tell me other pcs that are maybe cheaper and better

  3. I have a 10 years OLD dell potato lAptop with a case …….Every part of my device is not working but my laptop runs and work slowly slowly

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