Setting up the SideKlick Draw Check with 3Rivers Archery
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Setting up the SideKlick Draw Check with 3Rivers Archery

August 12, 2019

3Rivers Archery, your longbow and recurve
experts. Hi. I’m Johnathan Karch from 3Rivers Archery. Today I’m showing you how to install and use
the Sideklick draw check. Now draw checks are used to make sure your
drawing your arrows to the same point every time. Helps get the shot routine down. Helps you fight target panic. And really build that muscle memory. So you know when you hit full draw you’re
at the same point, and also you’re not collapsing because when a draw check engages or a clicker
as they’re also referred to, makes a noise so you know when you hit your anchor you hear
that click that it’s right where it needs to be. Now if you collapse afterwards it’s going
to de-click or make a noise. Just to show you that “I went less.” The importance of drawing the same on every
arrow really comes down to accuracy. You know that everything is at the same point
when you release. And keeping that accuracy, that repetition
will really improve your accuracy. It comes with a few parts here. The actual Sideklick, which you can put straight
to the plunger hole, or as we have here the adjustment bar. And then you can mount it to the plunger hole
of your bow. Now you have one that goes straight through
it there, you have dual that allows you for different adjustments. This longer bar allows it because what you’re
going to have it do is it sticks out past the bow. That when when your arrow’s coming back the
metal in the point goes past it and the magnet’s going to engage. And we’re going to show you that here. Now for installing it’s very simple. Comes with an Allen wrench for installing
it. And all you’ll do here is put that right through
the plunger hole. And we’ll have our adjustments here so you
just want to put it just there and I can move it around, that way I can make sure I have
it right. And we’ll take you up on the range and show
you how it works up there. But what I’m doing here is sliding the arrow
right by where it would be nocked and how it sits on there. Now this does mean the arrow is slanting closer
to that, so we’ll need to adjust for that. Now it comes with a little popsicle stick
here, that’s for setting that distance between the two of those. What we have here is that it’s too close,
so what we’ll do is there’s a set nut in here and we’ll back that off, and just adjust where
we have to be. Basically what you’re looking for is an 1/8th
inch or less. Now that’s really close. I’m going to leave it like that because I
know that once this is actually on the nock that’s where it’s going to be a little further
away. So I’ll take this on the range and show you
how it works. On the range now. Going to show shooting one of these arrows. What I’m going to do is just come to regular
draw and shoot. But I’m going to slow it down a bit just so
you can get a focus on here and watching it in action. Let’s do that. And that’s it. That’s how you install and use the Sideklick
Draw Check. I’m Johnny Karch with 3Rivers Archery. Please give us a “like” if you enjoyed the
content, share it with friends, or leave a comment below if there’s any question that
we can answer for you. Thanks for watching.

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