Setting up a Drum Bowfishing Reel with 3Rivers Archery
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Setting up a Drum Bowfishing Reel with 3Rivers Archery

August 14, 2019

3Rivers Archery
Your Longbow and Recurve Experts Hi, today we’re talking about how to install
a drum reel on your traditional bow. We have two different types of reels. A screw on mount, and a tape on reel. Now the difference between these two is
with the screw on one need to have a bow that has a front stabilizer insert. Very common on a lot of bows.
You can mount, as the name for it, stabilizer in there, but you can
also put a front mounted bowfishing reel on it. Like these drum ones. Now, the
way that it works for installing one of these. Is you take your reel, got all the
components, you’ll need some wrenches to work with it. You take off the back nut, lock screw, and washer. And that just slides through there.
Then, you slide these components back on. The washer, a lock washer, or lock nut. And you just start threading it by hand get it on there. And really you’re just locking it in place you can go… Go a ways with it. Got it there. And if you have to go ahead and do two
but not required Now for mounting on the bow,
take this what you want is, the logo going up right and what the reason for that is, it’s
really this line clip here. That’s on the bottom. That helps pinch the line in
place. Keeps it there so when you shoot it’ll get pulled off of there and go
spinning out. So when this line is on here you can attach it there, and
there’s a tie point on there. But you just screw it right into the front stabilizer. Now the reason
they have that nut there is sometimes it won’t screw all the way down, and what
you’re gonna do is position the way you want. So we have it, for good looks, and
like I said so that clips down there but you can do it any way you want. If you
want the clip on top. And then you using your wrench use that to lock it in place. Now to show you for the tape-on reel. Tape on reels are for bows one-piece
bows like this nice and smooth, but you don’t have the front stabilizer hole and
you don’t want to put one in there. Now there are some adapters that you can use
that will mount to your bow and take the place of that but this is if you don’t
want to do that you just want to use a reel. Now, as the name implies, you tape it
in place any tape you want to use. I mean and whatever you got laying around it
doesn’t need to be a super secure hold to it. But it needs to be there now oddly
enough this one has the line clip on top. So really personal preference however
you want to go about it. The best thing to do, is how you want it, is you want to
stay outside of the working part of the limb. Now, the working part of the limb is
where the riser fade-out ends and it’s just limb. That’s going to be moving, and
you don’t want the reel part of that, but at least you don’t want it to be going
on because as it comes now… You’ll be into the riser quite a bit. Since I shoot with an open grip, or even the light grip to it, I mount it as high
up as I can get away with. Now some tricks you can do with it is I mean this is just, this is light. You can bend it. You want a nice clean connection.
This needs to match against the bow. Cleanly. You don’t want it rocking it one way or the
other you want it nice and smooth against it. so your custom fitting
it to your bow. There we go. Now, I’ve got camo tape so that’s what I’m gonna use. Since you’re not using that as a reel as a pole force on it I mean, you know, you’re pulling a line and that it’s just holding line that it shouldn’t need a
super secure hold on your bow. But that’s really up to you on it. Now what I’m gonna do… Is put a piece of wrap down first. So it doesn’t scuff my bow. But as we’re just demonstrating it here. There we go. Now the biggest advantage to a drum reel
is the price. They’re very affordable. It’s gonna be hard to find a reel out
there for bow fishing that’s gonna be as affordable as one of these. So for
breaking into the sport this lets you know if you like it before you’re
investing a lot of money into a really good bowfishing reel. The screw-on one’s
probably the most preferred just because it leaves open more room for the hand
but if your bow doesn’t have that adapter and you don’t want to buy the
adapter itself to go with it tape-on is a great alternative for it. The
biggest thing note like I said just keep it out of that working limb. Now, for showing ya We’ll do it on this one. showing you how to put the string on. Real easy. There is a hole right here . You just tie it through there. And then you
run it over the clip here. And when you get towards the end you just put it
underneath that clip. That’s a tension fit clip. Very light spring steel here so
you can bend it so it’s not pinching the string. You want it where it’s got a hold
to it, but you’re able to clip it there so your string doesn’t untwine. But when
you shoot it’ll pull right out no problems . And any knot you tie in there. Whatever you prefer for it. But that’s it. That’s how you install a drum
reel on your traditional bow. I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery. Thanks for taking the time to watch this. If you enjoyed it, please give it a
thumbs up. If you really liked it, give it a share. And if you have any questions,
please comment below we’re happy to help. Thanks for watching.

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  1. if that tape on is not supposed to mounted on the working part of the bow then why is it designed like that? why isnt the bracket bent inward instead of outward? or a U shaped, L shaped, or whatever bracket that would have a non slip non smudge rubber bit that sits between it and the bow that then uses a 2 or so inch thick velcro strap to attach? not meant to be rude just asking whats up with that.

  2. I have had great success with today's industrial strength Velcro you can get at Wally World to attach. Look a lot cleaner and easy to remove. I put the "Fussy Side" of Velcro on the bow so it is not scratchy when spool is off. Have Fun!

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