Sensazioni positive, parola di Chenetti | FISI Official
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Sensazioni positive, parola di Chenetti | FISI Official

November 19, 2019

I am very happy, as a coach and the athletes are also happy We have some test comparisons available with the summer races, they are a lot easier because the terrain is even and always the same, and the equipment is also always the same We try to conduct these tests in the same periods and with the same amount of training every year so the athletes are in the same conditions. So far everyone has improved I am very happy with training this year, we started well at the end of May with the rest of the team And we have carried out our training program as well as possible just as Chenetti had planned Now there isn’t long to go, we start training on snow next week and the importance of the moment continues to grow Let’s hope to take this positive feeling right up to the start of the winter The team environment is very important, we have an excellent relationship between us athletes, there is no envy, we all get on well, we are all on the same page with the staff and all this helps Of course you need a little luck, you need really good equipment and you need to be fit in order to achieve good results We are trying to get the athletes to push themselves beyond their limits Last year I had said the same thing but it wasn’t taken on board immediately or quickly enough But this year everyone knows that if they want to improve they have to push themselves beyond their limits And often these limits are down to personal issues, limits that a person inflicts on himself Even a coach who might think that the work he or she is doing might be enough but actually it is always better to be motivated when working The sensations are similar, despite all the hard work and the intense long hours of training, I am tired But after a rest and after eating properly I feel I can recover in time for the next session+ So my sensations are very similar, the only thing that has changed from previous seasons are a couple of variations in the training program and the amount of hours we have trained This year we have decided to increase the hours of training by quite a bit, there are about 60 hours more spread out over the entire year which amounts to about an hour and a half, or two, a week Apart from that, there are the times in the tests of this year which are decidedly lower which means I am improving Strangely we are better in Classic because we have Noeckler, who is a top athlete when he is fit, we all know what De Fabiani is capable of and I also think Rastelli can be a top athlete Pellegrino has improved a lot in Classic and his strength is the sprint uphill. So we are stronger in Classic and we have some ground to make up in Free

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