Sen. Cruz argues Hunter Biden’s testimony is crucial in Senate trial
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Sen. Cruz argues Hunter Biden’s testimony is crucial in Senate trial

January 24, 2020

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  1. Repubs should be wary of Cruz now that he is asking for Hunter Biden as a witness. Why does Cruz offer that Hunter is essential to the impeachment hearing when his guilt or innocence is not needed to establish the validity or otherwise of the impeachment before the Senate. If he was, does Cruz not think that Hunter as well as any other witnesses that the Dems now want to call should have been done before the submission of the articles of impeachment to the Senate? No! Hunter should be investigated by the DoJ, a criminal investigation.

  2. I watched the hearing today. I also read the whistleblower complaint memo, and most of the testimony at the House Intelligence Committee website.

    There is a lot of very strong circumstantial evidence that indicates the the President probably is doing exactly what concerned the whistleblower, and the five other officials who either spoke too, or communicated directly with the President, or Guiliani.

    I want the Senate to try to determine the truth by subpoenaing witnesses and documents. If they do not do this, then this is a cover-up.

    In every single U.S.Senate impeachment in history, the Senate interviewed more witnesses than the House did.

    If they try to find the truth, and the President is innocent, that's great. What's NOT okay is to dismiss very strong circumstantial evidence while turning a blind eye.

  3. The president is NOT in danager of losing his office because there are 300 million guns out there in the hands of an enraged public who will NOT stand idle while their votes are tyrannically nullified. ALL those involved would be hunted, sought and most likely killed by citizen vigilante snipers, and that includes tyrants in the media too.

  4. Yes bring in the witnesses – ghouliani, parnas, NUNES, Bolton, Mulvaney, Duffy. And trump can certainly present any thing he has to support his innocence, but we already know he's got nothing and that's why you GOP boot-lickers have to cover up for him.

  5. So what's Hunter Biden going to say – yeah I worked for Burisma and trump is believing what Putin told him because Putin wants trump re-elected. Yeah, trump's easily flattered and Putin knows it and uses trump the twitler king. Bring in all the witnesses – but you won't because you can't risk the truth coming out.

  6. Cruz, you're a moron and fell for the obvious trap and started the chain reaction.  You could've just waited till after the election to investigate Hunter, but you got greedy.  Now instead of shutting down this farce of a trial, we'll be calling witnesses on both sides for the next six months.  Way to go you pea brained schlub

  7. Obviously, it's a criminal act for anybody to ask for an investigation into corruption by American politicians. American politicians wrote such a law to ensure the country could not end Leaderless with nobody sitting in the House of Representatives and Senate.

  8. Judge Andrew Napolitano, blows his mouth off all the time like he is the only one with the right answer. Never trust Judge Andrew Napolitano he doesn't know what he is talking about and his opinions our wrong over 50 percent of the time. Fact!

  9. lol and what would hunter say? is it illegal to be unqualified for a job and make money? why hasnt hunter been arrested for a crime? come on people use your common sense. hunter is irrelevant.

  10. Its game over…The choice is brutally spelt out in plain language by no-nonsense Texas Ted. What is the end- the impeachment or Hunter Biden? any sound person would pick to cease the first to save the second to avoid an eastern European styled retreat thereby losing both.

  11. No way Hunter is testifying or anyone else …. Why? Because BOTH sides are guilty in different ways – if the Democrats could have vindicated Hunter they would have in the House and Trump will invoke Executive privilege if they call Bolten – this entire impeachment is a stalemate.

  12. It has not been debunked! Democrats are criminal rats! Biden son being called to court in Arkansas as well! The hunter is indeed being hunted!

  13. I think the Biden's is actually irrelevant on this impeachment trial, but having said that, I dont think it is unnecessary for the republicans to also impeach Joe Biden from the senate seat. In which case then the Bidens should be called into questioning.

  14. President Trump, who has been served under the US Constitution, is not subject to impeachment. Democrats are bothering the nation and the people.

  15. Crux is a punk. tRUMP cracked in his wife yet Cruz is still punking up to tRUMP. Wow……..his wife should be mad as hell!

  16. Play hard ball and call the Schiff, the whistle blower, and Hunter Biden. Then deny all of the the witnesses the Democrat’s want.

  17. Bring the witnesses and Biden. The American people deserve to hear from every last one exposing corruption on BOTH sides ! Wake up people ! No party is truly better than the other. BOTH swamps need draining

  18. Crackhead Hunter's testimony will be much like Tron Carter's testimony before the Senate as depicted on Chappelle's Show (google that!)

  19. Um, Dems make serious strategic errors all the time. Their last smart decision was electing FDR. PS Judge Nap is almost always WRONG.

  20. According to the highly respected POTUS, Rafael Cruz was involved in the assassination of JFK. He needs to be subpoenaed, investigated and thrown in prison.

  21. His 🐎💩 Baloney is more Showboating & Disinformation…Let Rudy Giuliani testify under oath & Bolton , Pompeo speak also .

  22. Yes they did but the GOP has no balls or a backbone they will not call him an d let his dad go . I don't trust Rep. anymore then I do the Dems.. I think look out for each other.

  23. Judge I fo not trust you in anyway, shape, or form. Or Fox News that employers you. I only watch fox here, on YouTube, I don’t want to support Fox.

  24. Okay something is wrong with these people, Hunter Biden has absolutely nothing to do with this case, he worked for a company and got paid somebody tried to investigate him illegally for what he did for the company no cause it was against any law for him to work for the company or it was against national security but so the person can get dirt on him for his own political gains etc I can’t understand why he should be part of this Chaos doesn’t make sense at all and I’m not democratic just to let y’all know….

  25. Why dont they pursue this in a separate case if they have evidence? You wouldn’t be able to indict or convict Biden during the Impeachment trial anyway.

  26. Why? Does anyone think Biden will tell the truth under oath? He is his fathers son and getting anything but B.S. out of him other than pleading the 5th a pipe dream.

    Because he asked about the DNC SERVER that was supposedly hacked, which the FBI allowed Hillary's private company (involved in the dossier) to do the forensic hacking analysis. HOW DID IT GET INTO UKRAINE???
    Trump asked Zelensky to investigate CROWDSTRIKE, who claimed to the FBI that "the Russians hacked it". Comey accepted it wholesale, with NO investigation !!

    WHY is the DNC server in Ukraine? How is that even possible?
    What secret intel might be on that computer that the FBI was not allowed to look at, but could be sent to Ukraine?
    Why does Ukrainian oligarch KOLOMOISKY [" the wealthy person"] have the DNC server?
    Why is he involved with Burisma and the dossier, and falsely accusing Russia, with FBI complicity? [money laundering, weapons, missile smuggling, nuke material smuggling?]

  28. Remember ONE THING … Hunter Biden is NOT a FACT witness he is a MATERIAL WITNESS …. BS Judge the SCOTUS Chair DOES NOT make the ultimate decision in the SENATE trial WHILE IN THE SENATE …

  29. Yes I agree It is important to hear how Hunter Biden who had and has zero experience in the business of Barisma got to be a board member of this Company. Especially that he is not a significant character or a pillar of any community other than he was the Vice Presidents son.

  30. Hunter Biden is the center of all of this. Dems keep telling us to look elsewhere.
    I can't believe they're trying impeach Trump for inquiring about corruption, and the inquiry is the issue, not the corruption.
    And the left, Dems, and MSM wonder why nobody is listening to them anymore haha

  31. Two completely different type of witnesses. Hunter Biden is nobody. President Trump has a Constitutional right to executive privilege. Bolton testifying is a matter of national security. If you don't get the difference, don't bother replying.

  32. I don't think Napolitano is correct here. It is the Senate who makes the determination of if/who will be called as witnesses, not the Chief Justice. That will go for a vote for s simple majority.

  33. And then Pelosi's kid… and then Romney's aide… and the members of the 'Atlantic Council'.. and then George Soros… and then The sons of George Soros……. we can do this as long as the Dems like!

  34. This Trump Hating Lying  Migit  has absolutely no credit left  with us. Why do you insist in bringing him to your show and letting him to spread his lies??

  35. Biden will only muddy the Trump waters! Biden shoud be investigated but in a stand alone situation as the two issues are crimes of a different stripe and we know Trump is a Russian asset bought and paid for. Biden may or may not be but deserves to be under the same level of scrutiny as any other issue that stinks. Their is no rime or reason to mix the two issues unledd you admit Trump is a criminal and an admitted one at that!

  36. The weirdos on FOX so-called news are all so full of bs. Because it’s getting to the point now where they’ve told so many lies that they can’t even remember all of the lies they’ve told…just like ol’ Mr. Liberace hair himself. This country is swirling the drain…


  38. The Clinton crime Family has been doing the same thing for years and now suddenly Biden s are questioned about corruption??
    Support Judicial Watch, the Epoch Times and My President Trump!

  39. Trump said publicly that he would like to have his people testify if there was a fair trial. Well its McConnell and the senate that sets the rules, so if you wan't a fair trial you better speak with him.

  40. Curious to know, has anyone heard the reasoning behind Democrats thinking this has nothing to do with the Bidens???? I mean, isn't this about Trump's Ukraine call in which he was supposed to have wanted an investigation into the Bidens???? Guilty or not,, I cannot see how they say this has nothing to do with them. They are the whole reason this Ukraine thing got started in the first place!!!!!!

  41. Cruz just wants to change the target of the impeachment…'s classic Trumptard misdirection and goal post shifting.

  42. You lost me by bringing on 'Naps' Nonapologeto. He is an affront. He needs to come clean about his 'turn around' on Trump.

  43. Call Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. They could exonerate Trump. All Trump's defense needs to do is demonstrate that Hunter Biden personally profited from Joe Biden's actions in Ukraine. That would justify Trump's attempts to seek an investigation into the Ukrainian company by Ukrainian authorities.

  44. Something that first looks like an impeachment effort now become a possible high level corruption case by a son of a former vice president. I think Joe Biden is finish.

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