Self Filmed POV Archery Mule Deer Hunt – Solvid FIY
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Self Filmed POV Archery Mule Deer Hunt – Solvid FIY

August 11, 2019

after finding only young bucks and does
this morning I finally found a four point that appeared
to be worth a closer look I drove up in elevation where the
ice was thick and then walked three miles down the
ridge and back into the fog the fog lifted just in time as I got to the end to the ridge were I’d
last seen the deer up when a lone doe came around the knob, I
decided I better get an arrow knocked I hadn’t made it very far and another doe appeared from the same
direction as the first I then turned my attention to something
else and when I looked back this guy had made it out in the open I’m thinking he’s no doubt a shooter , and with that sway in the back could be several years old I was waiting patiently to make a move
when with the sound of a plane overhead he jumped up on the ridge it started heading my direction there’s absolutely no cover on this ridge
so I got down and got ready there’s going to be no way
to get a definite range on him so I just hoped he’d get close enough for
a good shot Bumber! I rounded down and used my 30-yard pin but it appears I should have shot for 40 It looked like the arrow went right underneath him but now I see a limp Upon closer examination, it doesn’t appear there’s any external injuries either I put the Solvid CamStrap back on and
made another move on this Mule Deer Buck but eventually he escaped to some
property I didn’t have permission to be on then I replayed the footage hoping he
was injured before the shot first of all notice the limp as he turns then you will see he didn’t duck the string as I had predicted as he’s coming in to begin with he’s
definitely hobbling on the back end and looks overall a little skinny of it’s unfortunate I didn’t get this buck, but
I’m confident enough to say that it was a clean the miss A clean arrow further confirmed it Its gonna be a long depressing hike out in the fog that’s for sure

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  1. Dam good thing you could tell it was injured before hand, I once missed a deer but had thought I hit it far back, when it was actually a clean miss all together I ended up making a crazy long shot at 90 yards because I had thought it was gut shot and just really wanted a second arrow in him if that was the case, but ended up spine shooting it at that distance surprisingly… definitely not the way I wanted to fill a tag and under normal circumstances I would never make that shot but felt I had to try with such a poor shot i thought i made in my head

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