Secretlab Omega Series gaming chair unboxing
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Secretlab Omega Series gaming chair unboxing

August 29, 2019

Lafe what do we got in the box alright
so this is our first chair that we are going to be reviewing for PCWorld our
first gaming chair and so we’re going to start doing that and we’re gonna have a
collection of them we’re gonna do a big roundup of it and this is the one we’re
starting off with this is the secret lab omega and this is gaming chair it’s
really popular and I thought that’d be cool to start it off but typically it
comes in leather kind of like this polyurethane leather and this one is
actually this different type of soft fabric so this is this is different you
you know if you’re the copper guy it like spills coke and chips and stuff on
your chairs to the way now so yeah also Alayna you can definitely fit in this
box look you can see the Omega cookies-and-cream yes so they have a
larger one that’s called the Titan and the reason I got the Omega is I’m five
foot eight and yeah you would probably be better suited for there’s a smaller
one it’s actually called the throne yes it does yes and there’s all it comes
this one comes in cookies and cream and it comes in charcoal it’s around
lunchtime so I’m I’m ready for some cookies and cream so here we go let’s
see what is you know don’t rip up the slash yeah that’s the thing don’t rip
this up so here we go whoa we are now the owner of a brand new secret lab here
the ultimate seeding experience y’all cool though oh look at this
so you know none of that why don’t we do it so gives you an idea of everything
you need to do so I guess you could just like pop it down and
we’re just making this a whole afternoon with pizza and trying to figure out
where the allen wrench yeah this was like a game in itself and it doesn’t
look like a very firm doesn’t say like how long it takes to assembly does it
it’s not like I can’t okay yeah man I have no idea I’ve never owned or used at
gaming chairs though oh yeah so give you an idea here’s the cookies
and cream and you got the Omega here now these gaming chairs it’s almost
impossible to find them without all this cool stuff oh no I know right yeah two
logos on the back so I think you know this is kind of relatively you know so
you should idea this is the material that this made out is is a is a it’s 350
grams per square meter which is basically what comes down to like a
sweatshirt or something and so gives you an idea once again especially when
cookies-and-cream you don’t want to get anything on this actually give me more
of a beige but this is kind of great yeah God of War oh nice thing it’s one
of the things I’m worried about with this one is how long is this gonna know
it hold up after intense gaming and that’s usually why they make these
things out of polyurethane leather so what’s what’s the price on this guy I
believe that it is in the neighborhood of about three hundred and fifty dollars
yes and maybe it might be a little bit lower than that like 329 but I think 350
is the right price and I believe that’s just you know in the neighborhood your
thing one is but it’s supposedly really comfy so
yeah the nice thing it also has you know one thing that I’ve heard of the
criticism of these these chairs he has the lumbar support here but the problem
is it’s just a cushion you don’t you can’t like you know just to it and there
is there is also a cushion that you kind of put up here you know and you do sexy
tire on the back but the lumbar is just kind of a pillow that sits here the nice
thing is this this thing can apparently just tilt all the way back so you can
right yes what about those monitors setups were you like yeah like you’re
new and yeah that’s another thing to keep in mind with this fabric here oh
yeah yes exactly this memory foam on bar nice and they met the pillow same with
the pillow and see this goes up here and so you know this is what I was talking
about that there’s no way so yeah you could put that up there and don’t worry
you still got the logo on it yeah and I think this is basically how it fits if
you yeah exactly well they really affect everything in
here yeah cuz you know it’s funny they have this YouTube commercial where you
know and you might actually see in it if you’re watching this but a guy has this
box for this and it looks like the box is about half the size because no one’s
kitchen table and that’s it about pulls out this you know this people chair v
casters right okay I would host for what you said 350 yes we get feel as opposed
to plastic do not touch backrest reclining the
lever or removing from box all right I think this do not touch I just did right
with sharp in me mm there we go that’s because you know
they said that you can clean off way back in this thing and so that kind of
keeps it stable on things anymore yeah you’re gonna lean all the way back yeah
I would say this is the Maggiore oh that’s like the the thing underneath
what suppressor yeah that said yeah this would also be adding to that weight down
match really I’m taking over your job I’m sorry Oh too much work with Macworld
casters lovers and all your like basic this was
box you know do we know anything about the warranty oh this tells you how to
wash the pillows oh really nice the warranty is right down there well we got
their 2 year limited warranty how limited the only one would find out and
that involves reading the warranty don’t spill cookies and cream on your
cookies and cream it says you how to take care of oh wait it only tells you
how to do the leather yeah that’s interesting
yeah it’s gentle yeah yeah I love this keep pets away if your pet has sharp
claws aka a cat well we cannot ensure that even our her
vegan leather will withstand a good clawing Oh Oh apparently dogs have
chewed up the pillows as well oh that is a real thing I can see that really
delicious pretty Swank everything’s just cute raised yeah well
this is probably like a five hour job now I’m looking at maybe 40 minutes
that’s what I’m curious about we’re not gonna build it right now but I am
curious to see how long it takes and how easy it is especially if we get a you
know a couple in and these are all things that will be going we will be
talking about when we actually review these I’m doing a you know standalone
review of this and then we’ll do a roundup as well nice end it yeah if
there’s other chairs people want to know about let us know in the comments yes
and you know there’s a lot of good gaming chairs out there you know this is
actually one of the more understated ones but you know if you’re interested
in really some of those really cool you know neon green ones and stuff look let
us know yeah less expensive ones yes cool well thanks for doing this leaf not
a problem together looking forward to sitting around thankfully ‘no

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  1. This channel is going to turn into the "Alaina box fit challenge"! ???
    I ordered my TITAN 3 days ago and I received a email saying It should be delivered Thursday. Cant wait to set it up. Keep in mind these chairs are made for the size of people. The TITAN being the biggest.
    THRONE – 4'9" to 5'3" 130lbs to 220lbs
    OMEGA – 5'3" to 5'9" 110lbs to 240lbs
    TITAN – 5'7" to 6'4" 155lbs to 290lbs

  2. Sucks that the #secretlab #Omega series doesn't comes with adjustable Lumber support like the Titan, I would happily pay extra $50 for the feature instead of a lumber pillow

  3. The problem with gaming chairs is how fast the material breaks down. I want one with unpolished top grain leather that you don't slide around on, but ll last for years.

  4. i have the same chair, if you like soft chairs, this is not for you, chair is hard as rock lol, its ok not worth the price thou

  5. Secret lab has some of the best packaging I've seen of any gaming chair. That speaks volumes to a company that takes their products seriously.

    Having tested out their PU leather chairs here. I can attest that they are extremely well made.

    Comfort wise it's more preference but I like my chairs a bit more firm. But this isn't a hard chair compared to my DXRacer.

    But one concern I have about the softweave. Is how difficult it would be to keep clean? That's one advantage of having PU here.

    But I suppose you could always scotch guard it. It will be interesting to hear an update how well this holds up in comparison to the original.

  6. what a pointless video lol the extra 2 people providing unnecessary an mostly irrelevant commentary just made it that much worse. love the chair tho and im about to order one just debating between the omega and titan because im an odd size having a hard time deciding.

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