SECRET SIRI TRICKS YOU HAVE TO TRY!!! (Hidden Siri iPhone Mystery Commands)
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SECRET SIRI TRICKS YOU HAVE TO TRY!!! (Hidden Siri iPhone Mystery Commands)

September 1, 2019

Shoutout to uddin_28 Here You Go *His Mum Coughs* Hello guys, and welcome back To another video Now this is usually the part of the video where i says a joke to get your attention and to keep you interested However today I just literally can’t think of anything Oh, well done. Th Hey, no. Why don’t you work on your own jokes rather than me having to do all the work for you, IDIOT *Awkward silence between Morgz and Savage Siri* W-What? Siri, come on, you’re embarrasing me now, Can you just, can you just tell me a joke, please Who cares If I am embarrassing you, your videos embarrass you more than I ever could. (Laughing that sounds like a donkey that smokes three packs of cigarettes every day) This isn’t going how I expected. BEEEEEP No, but seriously guys, we have got an awesome day planned today. I’m gonna be showing you a BUNCH of these cool different siri tricks. So, there’s a storm that’s currently in the UK I haven’t been outside yet, but apparently, it’s terrible Oh my God OH MY GOD Oh, god, it’s blowing me back OH MY GOODNESS So, yeah, apparently that’s what we’re dealing with today Conveniently, the storm is called Storm Doris That isn’t a very intimidating name but it’s pretty damn intimidating out there. But, yeah, siri, what should Everybody watching this do right now? Hello there. Everyone watching this should smash the like button down below as the like goal for this video is a massive one. 40,000 Likes. FORTY FREAKIN THOUSAND LIKES GUYS Siri said smash the like, So you got to smash the like button guys! Forty was it 40,000? 40,000 is the goal for this video guys. And one more thing, on- one more thing. Half of you have probably already guessed what this is gonna be, but yeah, screw it Hi there. If you haven’t seen this youtube channel before than don’t forget to smash the big red subscribe button down below. I mean, Siri said it so you gotta do it then you hit that big red subscribe button Smash the thumbs up button and then we’re good! I’m literally using Siri as a way to get likes and subscribers. what has my channel come to? Anyway guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but is looking pretty freaking dead right now look at these sides bro look at how long these are I’m getting my hair cut at One and it is currently 12:35

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  2. The white water is call oxygenation it happens when water has tiny oxygen bubbles is in water causing it to be white

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